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Message From The Angels: Believe, Receive, Guidance Never Quits

Message From The Angels: Believe, Receive, Guidance Never Quits

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We say this every week. We love you so much. We love you because we love the light that lives and breathes within us all.

You are one with us in that light. We love you because you are the courageous souls who came to earth to expand love beyond what it has been before. We love you for a million reasons, but the most important one is simple. We love you because it is our very nature to love, and when we are true to our nature, we feel goo

When we love you, dear ones, we love the light within us all.

We focus on all that is beautiful, good, and true about you, so you can more easily do the same. We maintain the vision and, more importantly, the energetic blueprint of all you desire. We see the life you want as if it were happening now. It is your only job to believe and receive.

Suppose you are in an airplane. You see a car on the road below you. You see their past, present, and future possible paths. Imagine you are in communication with this person. You hear their desire for a specific destination. From your position far above, you see this destination right now! You know the path to it! You see their future right here right now, and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you can guide this person to their desired destination if they are willing to believe in and receive your assistance.

You get excited when you see this soul receiving your guidance. You love them. You want to help. You want them to have what they want. As a human being, you might get frustrated if they ignore your instructions or don't believe in your love. As an angel, you would always try to reach them with utmost love and devotion. You would understand that their reception is sometimes clouded. You would never give up on this being that you love. If they passed the destination, you would lovingly steer them back toward it. If they went the wrong way, you would not chastise them; you would only send them loving impulses to guide them back to their destination.

If they didn't believe in your love or guidance, you would sit quietly and, with all the love in your heart, focus on their joy, destination, and celebration. Never, as an angel, would you need acknowledgment because you love. Never would you feel frustrated because you love. Never would you give up because love never quits streaming through open hearts, and our hearts, dear ones, are wide open to create an ever-loving stream of guidance.

Your only job as a human being is to desire, believe, and receive. Most of you have mastered the art of desiring! Many of you intellectually believe in our love and assistance. Most of you are still learning to become better receivers.

When we speak of receiving, we are not talking about it in the way you would receive a coin placed in your hand. Instead, we are referring to being energetic receivers, much like a radio tuned to the station would receive a broadcast, or a phone tuned to a signal could receive the call. In order to receive what you want to receive in your life, you must be attuned to it so you can receive its signal and our signal, before you are able to receive the actual thing.

You can't see a television show until your TV is recpetive to the signal. You can hear a broadcast until you radio is receptive to the signal. You can't hear you friend on the phone until your network is working and your phone is attuned to the frequency of your friend's broadcast. Likewise you can't receive somethig in tangible form in your life until you are attuned to its signal, and our signals of love.

We don't require your belief or your reception. We want you to have what you want! You are on earth to summon pure life force through your desires and to allow love new expressions! You came to expand love into the physical universe in unique and beautiful ways, and we always support that – no matter which forms you choose as an expression of love. Whether you want to pay a bill, find a new and more flattering outfit, meet a lover, or feed the poor, this is how you choose to give love form in your life, and we begin to guide you the moment you have the desire.

The problem with doubt and disbelief is not that we stop guiding you but rather that you miss the signals. For example, if you ask for love but don't believe in the universe's ability to provide it. You might spend a great deal of time explaining and talking and thinking about how you have never had love. As you attune to the lack of love, you will miss every loving signal we send you. If a radio owner doesn't believe in the signal, they won't even turn it the radio on. Even if they do believe in the broadcast, if they tune into AM, they cannot receive FM.

For example, if you feel unloved and doubt the universe's ability to provide love for you, you might walk down the street with your head down, heart withdrawn, pondering your loneliness. While feeling unloved and doubting you will find love, you miss all the happy, smiling people who want to share their joy. You miss the gorgeous blue sky that helps you experience the majesty of creation. You miss the sign in a coffee shop offering free samples, enticing you to come in and meet the love of your life. You ignore the dog that runs up to you trying to provide you with love so you can meet his owner and strike up a loving conversation. You glance up for "no good reason," see someone you are attracted to, have an urge to talk, but then tell yourself, "What's the use. They're probably taken." If you doubt what you want, dear ones, you will miss the signals that are all around you.

Likewise, suppose you have a large bill. If you doubt the universe's ability to provide, tune into fear, feel lack, or desperately try to figure out how to pay it, you will be so lost in thought and worry that you can't receive a helpful new idea. You might miss or dismiss that little voice that says, "Call a friend. Go out for coffee." The friend could give you some good ideas. You might resist the idea of borrowing money or using savings to pay the bill. You might ignore the desire to explore a hobby that could become an entirely new income stream simply because you feel you cannot play until after you pay.

You will relax as you learn to desire, believe, and receive. You will think of what you want with joy, anticipation, and a sense of adventure. You may even let it go entirely, relax, and enjoy your life, truing that what you want will arrive in perfect divine timing. You may allow yourselves to explore interests that sound enticing, visit friends, do things out of the ordinary that appeal, or sit in peace. These things are all things your logical mind might talk you out of doing, but if you genuinely believe and are indeed in a state of energetic reception, you will be honoring the signals of your own good-feeling guidance.

Your brain is designed to be receptive to your desires if you give it a clear direction. Ask, "Dear brain, what would it feel like to have what I want?" "What would it feel like to be with the love of my life?" "What would it feel like to have work that I love that pays very well and makes me excited to awaken each day?" "What would it feel like to have my loved ones feel better?" Don't try to imagine the feelings. Ask. Wait for your brain, the most incredible tuner in the universe, to find that frequency you requested. Wait for the feeling. Then, dear ones, bask in the feeling. Attune it as often as you can, knowing that the more you tune into love in whatever form you wish to receive it, the more you will hear our guidance, and the sooner you will reach the destinations you desire.

The creator moves the stars in perfect orbit, orchestrates entire ecosystems, inspires your body's cells to maintain balance, and will –  if you become receptive to your desires – inspire you on a joyful path to their realization.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I have really been tuning my tuner lately! Of all the unexpected joys, I had so much fun making a coloring book that I put myself in a vibration high enough to be positively bombarded with more ideas than I can accomplish in a year! I've got other fun projects in the works, fun little things that I will let you know about as I get them done. It may take time, but I'm enjoying the journey and loving the creative process.

I got so involved in creativity that I wondered if and when I would get my tax info to my accountant. That isn't my favorite job! Every year, however, I tune into the desired outcome. "What would it feel like to wake up one weekend and want to do my taxes?" Thoughts start arriving in response. "I do like being organized. I like order. I like having my files all closed up for the previous year. I like knowing where I stand. I like my accountant." I go on like this a bit, let it go, and like clockwork, I wake up one weekend enthused and ready to go.

Usually, I complete the task after three days of locking myself in my office and focusing intensely. This year, without thinking about it, I manifested a much more fun experience. I was energized on the tax task for 12 hours when I suddenly wanted to play around with AI image generation. I'm teaching myself "prompt-crafting," which in plain English means I'm learning to think like a machine and give it words in the hopes that it will generate images I have in mind. I have laughed myself silly in the process. Sometimes it gets things right, and other times you get really odd images like "Christmas reindeer" made of crocheted ugly green sweaters or "beautiful angels" with wings coming out of their heads! My inner geek is having a heyday with my inner artist, and I've been enjoying loads of late-night fun.

So on Saturday, I did taxes. Sunday, the computer and I made over 2000 attempts and finally produced some beautiful images. Monday, I did taxes. Tuesday after work, I finished the newsletter and completed a little children's story I hope to release if I get proper permission for the character that popped into my head. Wednesday, I did more taxes after work, and on it went.

There was no logic to this order of events according to human reason, but my spirit was having a blast! I got more done in less time with more fun than ever before. This flow, grace, and ease, which I had been intending, all came from the seemingly illogical but super-fun project of making a mandala coloring book! Talk about spirit-logic being different from our own! I would have never imagined all this.

Even more important to me, this energy and flow are allowing me to help loved ones going through some tough challenges. I get to help my clients with a happy heart, make time for friends, and enjoy more creativity – all due to a silly but fun coloring book. I did as the angels suggested and desired, believed, and received.

I desired. I wanted an outlet for my creativity, to offer something more to help others enjoy light-hearted fun while promoting good vibes. I wanted to experience greater flow and ease in my daily life. I believed. I knew spirit could figure it out even if I had no clue. I got receptive. I wondered what it would feel like if all that was accomplished and tuned into those good feelings often. I expected a fantastic solution and ideas to appear. I looked forward to the unfolding of my desires.

So when you ask for something in your life, give up trying to figure out how, when, who, and what. Stop micro-managing the universe and just start to dream, and feel good. Fantasize. Imagine. Tune into the feeling you want. And then enjoy your day. Focus on what IS good. Focus on what feels better. Nip the weeds of doubt before they sprout and grow bad seeds.

Whether you feel like a surfer riding the waves of goodness or like someone who fell off the board and is being buffeted by the waves, you can always redirect your life. Desire. Believe. Receive by attuning to the good feelings associated with what you desire. Like a surfer getting back on the board and waiting for the next wave of opportunity to ride, you can re-align yourself with universal assistance and wait for your next wave.

After working with angels for so many years, I know how loved and supported we all are. I can feel when I'm in a receptive mode because I expect the outcome and don't need to worry about when or how it comes about. Sometimes I catch myself in impatience, which is just doubt wearing a mask! Sometimes I see myself wavering in my reception. We're all working on learning this 5D understanding of reality. Still, in those times when you genuinely desire, believe, and become receptive, you will feel a flow of love and grace – no matter the circumstances around you – that is almost unimaginable.

You deserve this. We all do.

Here are a few tips to help you believe and receive:

1. Look for evidence that people succeed even if they start without "necessary" resources

One of the biggest killers to desiring, believing, and receiving is our tendency to think we must have the resources we feel we need to get what we want.

Many of us learned to believe that if we didn't know how to do something or how to learn, we couldn't do it. We learned that we had to wait if we needed more money or access to capital. We watched others give up on their dreams because they didn't have "enough time" or "enough support." These lack-based beliefs still feel very real to many and thus become a significant obstacle to desiring, believing, and receiving.

Happily, many people, especially the younger generations, are longer buying into these beliefs. Thousands of younger people are making money without resources and prior knowledge in their new fields. They're making time to do what they want despite raising young families. "Progress, not perfection" is a new mantra for this amazing group. They're figuring out how to do things that they didn't even know how to learn! They are tossing out the old "no pain / no gain," mentality in favor of the "want to / can do" mentality. Good riddance old beliefs! Welcome better ones!

The universe does not follow our rules about necessary resources. I don't have extra time until I get so passionate about something I don't need much sleep. I don't have extra money until I need it, and something weird happens, and resources flow into my life. I don't know how to figure out many things, but somehow the angels manage to get a phrase to google into my head, or people who already know what I need find their way into my life!

We need to stop telling the Divine what it can't do so we CAN desire, believe, and receive.

2. Ask yourself, "Why not me?"

Go to story page and search for a category you are interested in manifesting –  like love, health, good skin, whatever! Read the inspiring stories of how others have manifested what you want and then as yourself, "Why not me?"

There is only one answer. The ones who got what they wanted dared to desire, chose to believe and got receptive through various means. That's it. The universe is impartial. Why not you?

3. Keep Calibrating your Tuner so you can keep being Receptive

Keep paying attention to your feelings. When you feel generally good, you're tuned into every good desire you have! Talk about how good you feel. Focus on how good you feel. Think about all that is good. Go over and over it. Ride the waves of goodness when you're in that space.

You're slowing down all your manifestations when you feel bad (angry, frustrated, sad). Soothe and comfort yourself first. Take baby steps and look for little things to feel good about. It may take time, but you can turn your tuner back to better feelings. Be easy on yourself, and whatever you don't criticize yourself. You're always doing your best. Sometimes just being kind to yourself can turn things around.

When you feel generally good but have one manifestation that you doubt or can't get receptive to, just focus on feeling good. That always elevates your vibe and raises you above fear and doubt.

The more you pay attention to your feelings and readjust them, the more receptive you are to all you desire. I think of those old-fashioned radios (like the one I thought was SO advanced in high school!) You'd tune to a station but if the dial got loose, it would release itself to the static around the station. you'd have to tune back in periodically! We're not much different!

It sounds too simple. Desire is usually pretty easy. Believing we are as loved and supported as we are is sometimes a stretch. Remind yourself often. "I am insanely loved whether I've earned it or not."

Last but not least, learning to receive as a radio would receive a signal, by broadcasting the frequency and being receptive to the response is a 5D skill we're all learning. Don't get discouraged. Keep tuning into what feels better, soothing, kind, and wonderful. Look for reasons to feel good and do your best to focus only as much as necessary on what doesn't.

We're not "good" or "bad," "better" or "worse" for doing these things. We just give ourselves a much better experience of life, love, and the things we desire to create. And, as the angels remind me often, Happier people make a happier world.

Have a blessed week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
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