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Message From The Angels: Things Are Not As They Seem

Message From The Angels: Things Are Not As They Seem

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Things are not as they seem. We are not talking about people fooling or trying to exploit you. We are talking about the massive stream of love flowing and growing despite all appearances. 

In the unseen realms, your human race is taking a gigantic leap in its evolution. Love is flowing as never before. You might say, energetically speaking, that the baby has been pushed out of the birth canal after a long period of contractions. Humanity and your mother earth have given birth to a new torrent of love by calling for it in your prayers and intense desires these past few years. You have collectively prayed as never before, and love is answering the call. It doesn't look like love in many ways right now, but things are not always as they seem.

You bear witness to the disruption on your planet. We see the evolution. You are grieving the physical transition of so many dear souls who have left the earth suddenly. We greet them as they expand back into an unbounded love. You feel pain in your body. We see streams of love flowing into you that sometimes push up against areas of tension or physical blockage. You feel antsy and anxious about change. We see you in the eternal dance between head and heart, striving to drop into your hearts and trust the journey.

You are having a human experience, seeing through human eyes, and evaluating through your human conditioning. This can be very painful at times. As you learn to see beyond the world of appearances into a world where invisible loves streams unceasingly, you learn to dance in harmony with this flow in a way that feels better, creates better, and allows better into your life.

Many of you feel far less tolerant of bad behaviors and situations you've endured up until now. Your soul is calling you to better – either an improved attitude and/or an improved situation. We never want you to suffer through something you don't enjoy. We would instead advise you to look for the good here and now and, as well, focus on your heart's true desires. For example, suppose you have put up with someone yelling at you for years, and it still bothers you. You can start to focus away from the destructive behaviors by looking at their good points or your own. Or you can completely ignore the bad behaviors as if they didn't exist.

You shift your vibration as you give less attention to what bothers you and more attention to what pleases you. You'll be more open to guidance and ideas for improvement in this new and improved vibration. You may receive the courage to walk away from something that doesn't work. You may be inspired to speak in a way that encourages a kinder response. You may receive an inspiration to ignore unkindness and see only good.

The inspirations will vary from one person and situation to the next. Nonetheless, when you find a vibration that is either neutral or more loving than the previous annoyance, you become open to receiving guidance. The actions you are inspired to take will be tailored to guide you on your path of least resistance and to lead you in the kindest way to what you desire. Your guidance will have nothing to do with changing the other and everything to do with empowering yourself.

Some of you are feeling new passions, new directions, new interests, or renewed interests. You feel your soul beckoning you forward with joy. Listen. Learn what you are interested in learning. Follow up on the ideas that feel good to you, even if they seem illogical. Spiritual logic involves doing what gives you true delight and expecting life to work as you continue to listen to your guidance dynamically.

Some of you are finally admitting to yourself that you need rest. In your silence and downtime, you will reconnect with your heart and soul and find those new directions emerging naturally as you stop trying to force yourself through life.

Be gentle with yourselves. As you move through this period of incredible expansion, sit, breathe, and receive our love. We never waver from love. We are aware of your circumstances and feelings but intentionally focus on the greater you, the greater life, and the life you wish to experience.

An example might be helpful. Imagine you have a young child screaming and angry because they want a cookie. You know that a cookie on an empty stomach will give them a sugar high and then a low, and based on prior experience, they'll become tired and cranky before dinner. You know that they want to feel good. They want nourishment for their body, love for their soul, and tastes to delight the senses. They want to feel energized and happy. That is their more profound truth, although right now, at this moment, they perceive all these wishes as a strong desire for the cookie!

If you give in to the screaming demands, you will teach them that they can manipulate life and others through lower-vibrational behaviors resulting from feeling powerless. This might work temporarily, but as you can imagine, such behaviors will not serve them as adults! You love them. You want more for them. You want them to know the universe wants to meet their needs and desires in a better way than the seeming superficial solution. You want them to feel empowered, loved, and satisfied.

So you pick them up and hug them. You acknowledge that they want a cookie. You tell them you understand, and you have something even better. You tell them about the wonderful meal that you know they will love. You talk about making their favorite dessert! You let them know in every way possible that while you love them and understand their need for the cookie, you have all they want and more coming to them very soon.

If they are willing, they will listen, anticipate the meal, and release you to cook it! If they insist on the very understandable childish demands that things go their way now - if they don't believe you love them and want them to have an even better experience – they will delay their glorious dinner and delicious dessert!

So too, your soul, your guardian angels, and the Divine hear your cries, but we also know the totality of all you desire. Sometimes we can give you the "cookie," and it will satisfy all you want in that arena of life. Sometimes we see so much better. In all cases, we witness and have compassion for your feelings. We know where you are now. We hold our focus steadily on the future in which you will have all you want and experience levels of love beyond what you'd ask for. We look for openings to guide you on the path of your least resistance. Like a wise parent, we will comfort, love, and soothe you as much as you allow. By our very design, however, we cannot respond to lower vibrational demands when you are asking for a higher vibrational outcome. We hold the frequency of the outcome and guide you toward that.

We don't dance in the density, dear ones. We invite you into your own light.

If you want to heal your body or emotions, we are here to help. Stop focusing on the pain or grief for just a few minutes each day. Sit, breathe, and receive our love while you dream of relief first and ultimately feeling wonderful.

If you want abundance, stop the ongoing worry and focus on lack. Handle what you must now, then intentionally shift your focus towards something better. Count your blessings, and remind yourself of prior "miracles." Let yourself sit in silence each day. Think about how abundance would feel and trust the ideas that will come quickly. Many tell us they can't stop worrying, but we lovingly disagree. You stop worrying every time you watch a good movie. You stop worrying every time you have a fun conversation with a friend. You stop worrying when you kiss your dog. You stop worrying when you focus on your grocery list. Whenever you focus elsewhere on something better, you stop worrying. You simply have to make that choice...often over and over again.

If you want more love, stop talking about how you were not loved, are not loved, and cannot find love. We understand you want human companionship and love. Of course! You are designed to connect and enjoy the radiant Divinity of one another shining upon you! You are designed to shine that light upon another. We want this for you if you want this for you.

You were not designed, however, to expect another to make up for what you perceive is lacking in yourself. Another person is not responsible for making you feel safe, beautiful, and good, alleviating your fears, or ridding you of loneliness or boredom. Dear ones, would you want someone else to ask this of you? If you wish to love, then focus on love – loving life, receiving the love of the grass under your feet and the warmth of the sunshine. Receive the love anywhere and everywhere that it is given freely. Give the love where you authentically can. In that stream, you cannot help but rendevous with more and more love! A person in love with life is loved by lovely others who are too.

We desire that you have all that you want for yourself and more. We will not waver from that frequency of love you wish to experience. We will not sway from our understanding of the love beneath all things. We serve you best by holding the highest vision for your life and guiding it to you as best we can and as much as you will allow.

Your world is in a considerable state of transition now. It looks chaotic, and from the human perspective, it is. But whether your world is rearranging, you're cleaning your closets, emptying your pockets, or dumping out the contents of your purse, it is a fact that chaos often precedes greater order.

Things are not as they seem. The world of energy is loving and impartial. It responds to your every loving vibration with as much as you will allow into your life. As you become more authentic with yourselves and life, you allow more love to flow. As you accept where you are, you allow more love to flow. As you dream of more loving realities, you allow love to flow. As you allow others to experience according to their choices, you allow love to flow. This can only elevate your experience of life, the experience of those who wish to benefit from it, and the experience of love upon your earth.

It really is quite simple. You are encouraged to seek soothing and good-feeling thoughts and activities, even if that means ignoring destructive behaviors, turning away from doomsayers, and flowing love to those who insist on being negative. Even if you must be in uncomfortable situations and around unpleasant people, you can focus on the flow of love to you and outward through you, silently observing the conditions and beahviors while flowing love.

As you do this, you begin to witness life through the eyes of your soul. You start to live in love and be open to love and release more love into your own life and world. Things are not as they seem. Only love is beneath things, in the core of all hearts, and in all situations. You allow or resist it, but it lives, breathes, and flows unceasingly whether you experience it or not. You can experience it whenever you look within, look to the unseen, or even look around you and notice the good.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Things truly are not as they seem. I have been living in two words for decades now. Daily, I bear witness to the pain of death from our human perspective and simultaneously hear and feel the bliss of souls welcomed home.

When I feel aches or pains in my body, I don't like it from the human perspective. When I see through my soul's eyes, I notice how various thoughts create different emotions that tense or relax multiple spots in the body – creating either ease, discomfort, or illness. Once I see the pattern, I can sit, relax, and breathe into the areas of discomfort, allowing the flow to once again healthily inform my cells.

In others, I have seen the human diagnosis of a fatal disease disappear quickly as souls opened to love again by looking forward to a future they're creating. I'll never forget one lady at a conference with fatal cancer. The angels had me ask her what she would do if she lived. She had no answer. She planned to die since she was told she would die. There's no stigma in death. Sometimes it is the path of least resistance. In her case, however, she vehemently wanted to live. So the angels asked her what she wanted to do if she lived. Again, silence.

Then they had me ask her, "If you could live and change only one thing about yourself, what would it be?" Immediately she answered with humor, "My Jewish Guilt!" "Bingo!" the angels replied. "Your guilt is killing you. If you want to live, you have to imagine living without guilt. You have to imagine doing what you want to do without guilt. You have to imagine not feeling guilty for feeling good while others suffer. You have to imagine releasing the guilt for not worrying about your kids." She looked almost shocked. Life without guilt? Could she do it? They asked her to consider the option because they said love was knocking at the door, and it couldn't get in because guilt was in the way, and if she couldn't get rid of the guilt, the love would carry her right out of the body into the guilt-free realms of love! Oh my gosh! We both stood there, stunned by their response.

Considering their response, she was in a neutral space for just a few seconds when inspiration suddenly rushed into her mind. "I've got it!!!" She seemed excited. Whereas a few moments prior, she was emotionally resigned and hugging death's door, this beautiful woman came to life. "I AM GOING TO GIVE UP GUILT AND TEACH JEWISH MOTHERS NOT TO FEEL GUILTY!" Woah. A force of love was rushing through her that could only come from the Divine. She started to talk eagerly about how she'd do it. She got animated, humorous, and feisty. The energy of her cancer lifted right then and there. It was remarkable. Death was not trying to "get her." Life was calling, either on this side or the other. Joy was calling. Her cells felt the rejuvenating rush of loving energy washing through them, creating her miracle. Things are not as they seem.

Sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes death is the door to the more that a soul is calling for. This isn't a story often told, but it is worth telling. I know and love author Niki Brown whose son left via suicide – something that feels tragic and terrible to our human hearts. As she learned to connect with him in spirit, he told his story in a far different light. Furthermore, he told her he wanted to write a book in which she would share the story of his trials, tribulations, triumphs, and ultimate death, and then he would offer his own view of the very same from his perspective in heaven.

Plagued by voices that would cause many to consider him psychotic, he and his mom later became aware of the influence of souls who had harassed them in past lives. These lost souls were more than willing to match any lower vibrational thought of this young man. In time as he developed his spiritual awareness, he was able to love these souls into the light and quiet the negative voices. He didn't leave the planet out of mental torment as many do. He left because he had a moment of seeing the perfection of life, knew his purpose was fulfilled, and without thought, got up and helped himself out of the body. It is his story, but also about life, death, the eternal nature of our souls, our love, and how things are not as they seem. I couldn't put it down. If you're interested, it is available here in the US amazon store either physically or on kindle, or you can look it up in your own country. The title is "The Child I Lost Found Me" by Niki Brown.

So often, I have seen how embracing the unseen energies can change lives. I have seen women who were emotionally abused housewives suddenly turn into profound mystic channels as they released old resentments and resistance to love and focused on their own interests. I have watched as families, once divided, suddenly came to a new harmony when only one person took responsibility for their own happiness and demonstrated they could all live and let live. Things are not as they seem. 5D reality operates differently than the 3D rules we've been taught.

I've been tending to my vibration strongly these past few years. I didn't know it would become so important to manage my energy persistently, but I'm glad I did. I'm following the trail of joy-crumbs to wherever it leads... like the coloring book, and a few other totally unrelated and fun projects that have suddenly caught my fancy. Other than my taxes, which are actually fun this year since I got organized last year, I'm not sure what is to come next. I have so many ideas and they're all fun and exciting to me. I feel like I've come to life again in a way I've not felt in ages.

It serves us to look for love where we can find it, even when there are so many bad behaviors.

It serves us to believe in the universal abundance even if we’ve unintentionally vibrated into lack.

It serves us to believe life is eternal, especially when we see and feel the sting of death.

It serves us to look for love from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. Growing up, I learned, "Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and the door will be opened." This is vibrational truth. I want to seek love, not darkness. I want the doorways of light to be opened in my heart. Despite the apparent chaos, we can all access these beautiful realms of love, one choice at a time. Things are indeed not as they seem.

Here are a few tips to help you look beyond the obvious to find and harness the invisible flows of love.

1. Stop obsessing about what is wrong

If you look through human eyes, there's a lot wrong with the world. There's a lot of unloving behavior, dishonesty, greed, disaster, war, disease, and on it goes. You could spend a lifetime focusing on it, fighting it, and feeling like it just grows bigger. It will in your reality if you pay it that much attention.

What if we obsessed on all that is right, all the possibilities for evolution, change, solutions, harmonious relationships, etc? I know that's not the current reality in many cases, but someone has to obsess about the good. Einstein was obsessed with solutions. Tesla was obsessed with solutions. Edison obsessed on figuring out how to understand and market Tesla's obsessions and add his own spin on them! A man in our very recent history was obsessed with how to help people like his son who had a unique medical profile and, as a consequence, came up with groundbreaking technology that will change our world. (More on that in future newsletters!) Disney was obsessed with his imaginary characters and the joy they could bring people. Henry Ford was obsessed with improvements in transportation, and the Wright brothers obsessed about flight.

Thank God, so many bright minds have been obsessed with possibilities, solutions, and "what ifs" in a positive way.

In your own life, you may have a car to repair or a bill to pay. It is easy to obsess about unfinished business, but why not obsess about what you'll enjoy when you do finish?

You may be lonely and obsessed about being alone, but why not obsessively dream about all you desire?

An entire portion of two countries lies under rubble now, with thousands dead. That is horrible, tragic, and unthinkable from our human perspective. We could easily obsess about how it should not be. But it is. And the people there know that the only thing to do is help where they can, do what they can, grieve, and move forward. It is the angels' wish that we obsess about how cities can be rebuilt to be stronger, safer, and cleaner, with the world's cooperation. It is the angels' wish that people obsess about how to teach the children who are currently without schools and how to feed and shelter those in need.

The point here is that there is a lot of junk to focus on, and it is real in the human sense, but we get stuck in it due to our obsession with it. We tune into the problem and stay there. We can tune in better. We can tune into the good, into solutions, into possibilities.

I once told the story of getting stuck in mud that was like quicksand. As I focused on fighting it, I sunk deeper! As I stopped, relaxed, and waited a bit the thought about how to get out came. I was a young girl, and my friend and I had slipped into a mud pit at a construction site. We made it out, but it was a great lesson on the futility of fighting a problem!

What is, is. Let us obsess about the good in life or how to make life better

2. Don't Tell God what Can't be Done

The angels like to say, "Stop telling God what can't be done," when people argue for their limitations. I hear it all the time, and I've said these things, "I don't know how, so it can't happen. I don't have the money, so I can't have this. I need to be smarter to figure this out. I don't have the staff. I have no time." Truly I've said these things too. The angels' response is always the same in one way or another, "Stop telling God what can't be done!" "

We assume too much about what we need to make what we want work out in our lives. We give up if we don't know how to get there. That would be like saying, "I want to take a trip but don't know how to get there, so I can't go." The Divine knows the folks who fly planes, drive Uber and give directions. Likewise, the Divine knows how to get money, guide you efficiently, present helpful people and ideas, etc. It is sheer human programming that makes us think we must have it all figured out to make a dream come true.

Let the unseen work on your behalf, and please don't ever tell the Divine what it can't do. It can help you, but only insofar as you are willing to allow it. If you tell God you don't have enough money to have what you want, then vibrationally, you get back the equivalent of a human saying, "If you say so!!"

That is my humorous way of looking at it, but if we don't believe, we can't receive beyond our belief!

3. Put the unseen to work!

The angels used to tell me often to stop answering my own prayers unless I was wildly enthused about the actions I was taking. I used to ask for help and then wrack my brain trying to figure out how to solve my own problems. I'd lose my keys and go crazy searching the house. I'd have a hefty bill, pray for help, and then juggle finances for hours. I'd have a personal issue and go nuts trying to figure out how to smooth it.

Now I put the unseen to work. I feel into the solution. How would I feel if the problem were solved? I give up trying to figure it out, which rarely feels awesome, and instead, I do things that feel better. The universe is on it. I know it. I trust it.

I lose my keys too often. I now say, "Ok universe, you know where they are. I want to run errands soon, but if there's another path you're guiding me towards, I surrender. Then I do something else and find my keys. I lost my glasses last night and was running around half-blind without contacts when it occurred to me to tune into that great feeling of finding something. Absentmindedly I went to pick up a book and noticed the glasses that had fallen on the floor.

It works for big things too. When I was tired of being an engineer, I imagined going to bed happy, waking up grateful, and making a living doing what I loved. Look where I ended up! I love my work :)

So instead of agonizing yourself trying to figure out something you can't solve this second, give it to the universe by tuning into the feeling or your desired reality, then LET. IT. GO. and focus on something more fun.

This flies in the face of all our erroneous conditions, and it works!

Things are not as they seem. We seem solid, and yet we're energy interpreting reality as solid. Death seems horrible, and yet the deceased are in bliss. Lack feels very real at times, but we can tap into the eternal truth of Divine abundance. The unseen contains all potential, and when you focus on what you wish to experience, you will eventually see it show up in your life!

Enjoy the unfolding adventure, and have a blessed week,


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
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