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The Angels - Getting In Your Flow

The Angels - Getting In Your Flow

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is time to let go of your expectations for yourselves, your future, and one another. It is time to create instead, to dream. It is time to drop into your hearts and listen deeply to what feels right, good, and loving to you in a given moment, then do that, focus on that, marinate in those thoughts and actions.

The world, and everyone else in it, is quick to offer you a multitude of ideas, opinions, and suggestions for how you should live your life, solve your problems, and manifest your dreams. The problem is that no one else lives in your body. No one else has your exact mind, nor do they know the deepest desires of your own soul. No one else can dictate to you what is best for you. People can offer suggestions and ideas with which you may resonate. They can also offer many with which you don’t. What you do, how you choose to think, and how you feel as a result, is all up to you.

There are so many streams of thought upon your planet. Some people are happily seeing the end of your pandemic. Others are seeing the potential for it to go on forever. Some people are truly done with the fearful energy of the pandemic, while others will hold onto it forever. Does this mean the world will have a pandemic forever? Absolutely not. Does this mean covid will be around forever in one mutated form or another? Absolutely yes. So, what to do dear ones?

There is only one answer… Do what feels right, authentic, and loving inside of you. Do what feels uplifting and inspiring, safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy. Do you feel like staying home and ordering in? Then do it. Do you feel like going to gatherings and hugging people? When you are inspired, guided, and permitted, do it. Choose. Learn from your choices. Make new ones. In this fashion, you find yourself in the stream of life that you, yourself, have directed.

The Divine offers an endless stream of love to every aspect of creation from the smallest components of your cells to entire galaxies and universes. The Divine coordinates the dreams and desires of all creation. All beings, from the smallest components in your cells to the vast galaxies are consciousness and have needs for their continued existence. You have the free will to express your desires as well. If you can imagine, the Source weaves all dreams and desires into streams of grace for every particle of consciousness on the planet, for every system, and for every being.

You, dear ones have called forth a very unique stream of love and grace from the Source – one that you can either float with or struggle against. With your desires – both explicit expressed and those subtly wished for as a result of seeing the things you don’t care for – you have directed the unconditional love of God in a stream that will guide you, if you line up with its currents, towards all that you’ve asked for.

You do indeed have to go with a flow, but not just any flow… your flow, your unique, perfect, individually designed, and constantly updated flow!

It is easy to tell if you are aligned with your very own stream of grace. When your energy is flowing with your stream, you feel good. When your energy is resisting your stream, you feel bad.

Imagine yourself in a river. If you are floating unimpeded, the ride is exhilarating or gentle and peaceful. You are carried easily downstream. If the river is blocked with boulders, or if you try to cling to the trees on the banks, you’re fighting a mighty current. You’ll wear yourself out, bang yourself up and maybe even feel as if you are drowning. You know these feelings in your own life. You know the exhilaration of being “at one” with the flow of love. You know the pain of hanging on to something that was once a part of your life but needs to be let go. You know the frustrating feeling of obstacles created by fear and doubt. And you know the drowning sensation that ensues when you focus on what is not working in an endless eddy of frustration. Dear ones you can feel your relationship to the stream that you, yourself, called forth.

So how do you get back in the flow that leads to all you seek, when you feel you've strayed? The answer is simpler than you might imagine. Right in the moment when you notice you are feeling bad, frustrated, angry, upset, sad, worried, doubtful, or any other unpleasant emotion, imagine yourself in that stream. Try out thoughts that feel better. Flow love towards anything you see in front of you. Do something that you enjoy as soon as possible. Relax. Release the obsession with the problem by focusing on something that feels better. Give yourself permission, as you would do with an upset child, to distract yourself with something better for the time being. You’ll know when you are aligned with the stream again because you’ll feel relief. You’ll start to feel energy moving through you. Maybe you won’t yet feel positive, but you’ll feel better.

Dear ones, surrender to your natural desire to feel better. Surrender to your natural desire to focus on more pleasant things. If reality “sucks” as you might say, stop facing reality. Focus forward. Find the stream, by searching for better thoughts. If you can’t pay a bill and you’ve done what you know to do, focus on a better thought, “The universe has access to infinite possibility. I am still here, alive, and have paid many bills I didn’t know how to pay.” Or “Wow, look at that sunset. Gorgeous. For just a moment I think I’ll sit here and give thanks for all the beauty around me.” Worry might try to grab you again. People might tell you to be "more responsible," but dear ones, respond to your own hearts first! The stream wishes to carry you to your solutions.

There are many streams of thought in your world now. There will never ever be one right one. The common denominator in all of them however is love. Choose to love yourself enough to do what feels best now, to think the thought that feels best now, to take the actions that feel inspired and joyful. Free yourself from the bondage of pleasing others and floating down their streams, and instead find and align with your own, one better feeling thought and action at a time.

Many small currents join to make a stream. Many small streams join to make a river. Then, dear ones, many rivers travel, as you travel, back to the Ocean of Love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

There’s a teaching story that goes something like this. Two monks who have taken vows never to talk to or touch a woman, come to a river. There is a fast-moving current in the river and a woman from the nearby village is struggling to keep her footing while trying to cross. One monk decisively picks her up and puts her on his back. He carries her across, wishes her well, and sends her on her way. He turns forward and comments on the beautiful scenery, feeling very happy and content. The other monk is aghast and berates the first one for miles to come. At long last, he turns to the first monk and says once again, “You broke your vows! You picked up a woman! Have you nothing to say.” The first monk smiles and replies quietly, “Yes, I put her down back at the river. You are still carrying her.”

This speaks so eloquently to how easy it is for us to stray from our own stream of grace by obsessing about the things that bother us. We all do it at times, however, when we obsess about something unpleasant in the past or focus on something we don’t like right now, we miss the grace in the moment. There is a powerful, beautiful current of love available when we shift our focus to anything more pleasing.

As the angels discussed about a month ago, the greater the flow of love, the greater we feel the wobble when we focus on unpleasant things... and there is a huge flow of love coming to our planet now. I used to joke that if you walk in a trickling stream, and get off balance, no big deal, but if you walk in a rapidly moving river, the slightest wobble can knock you over. That's why everything feels so intense lately.

A thousand times a day we have the opportunity to wobble right out of our stream of grace, but happily, as we practice new levels of focus, we learn to easily get right back in it.

I promised myself at the beginning of this year that no matter what life presented, I would commit to focusing on feeling good the moment I possibly could. At first, it was really challenging. Now it's getting easy and even fun. When someone is nasty to me, I still feel the punch-in-the-gut sensation briefly but immediately flow love towards the first thing I see or turn my attention to all the kind souls in this world. When my car acted up, I felt a brief sense of frustration but then shifted to appreciate this vehicle that I love and the fact that it has its problems in the most convenient way possible!

Some days when I look at my in-box and feel a sense of complete overwhelm with all the people needing help, but then I take a breath, remind myself to do what I reasonably can and give thanks for the ability to help. When a big bill comes up, I may have a breathless moment, but then remind myself even if something goes on the credit card I’m truly blessed to have "problems on paper” rather than “real” problems like so many who live without adequate food, water, and shelter.

Sometimes this re-focusing is not easy and takes repetition, sometimes it feels as if someone else is trying to grab the steering wheel of my car and I have to keep pointing it in the right direction! However, it is coming a lot more naturally and easily after several months of diligent practice.

I’ve made re-focusing a game actually. Flow and Grow and Glow and Go! How fast can I feel good? I flow love towards the first thing I see. I grow because I’m getting stronger at mastering my mind. I glow because the light increases the more I focus on love. I go forward because inspiration starts to hit!

This may seem all like a bunch of fluff. Many would still tell me to face reality. I am. I'm facing the reality I’m creating, not the one the world hands to me. I’m facing forward, not backward, nor standing still. I’m facing the good that awaits when I don’t cling to the “bad.” The reality we want to face is up to us. There are an infinite number of realities in the Divine mind.

It is true that we still have a pandemic going on in the world, but I'm focusing on a world of well-being. As a result, I have no problem washing my hands, wearing a mask where required, and feeling free where not. I’ve taken advantage of lessons learned in quarantine to change my work style, order groceries when I’m too busy to shop, and thus have more time to help people who have contracted covid in my nightly prayers and energy work.

When you’re “selfish" in the sense that you take care of your own stream and your own joy, you are a bigger light for others – either energetically, overtly, or both.

I’ve even used the stream to heal physical conditions. It took a really good fall while leaving body mid-step in February. My knee was banged up badly. From the moment I found myself on the floor, I did my little game. Flow and Grow and Glow and Go! I flowed appreciation for the fact that I was alive, and got re-aligned, I grew by focusing on the fact that I knew I’d heal. I ran light into the area and glowed. I was able to walk fairly well in spite of a baseball in my knee that is healing perfectly in spite of the fact that I never bothered getting X-rays. I didn't’ feel like knowing how bad it was. I knew it would heal.

My choices are not necessarily your choices. You have your own stream. You have your own manifestations and desires. You have your own guidance, and your own thoughts and things that feel good. I offer my stories, not for you to use them up as ideals on your path but rather to share what works for me and the processes that help me shift to get back in the stream. If they resonate, enjoy. If not, you will find your own stream.

There are a lot of opinions flying around these days. That's a good thing. Just make yours matter most in your own life. Make your own feelings your own priority. Then, and only then will the world operate in true harmony, for the Divine knows which streams run into which rivers, and ultimately where they will re-enter the Ocean of love.

Here are some fun ways to align with your own stream of grace

1. Play my little game - Flow and Grow and Glow and Go

The minute something doesn’t feel good. Stop. Randomly pick the first object you see or the first person you think about. Begin to flow love towards them. See how many wonderful things you can say (either verbally or in your head) about this person or thing. Point out all its wonderful qualities. Get a little silly with it and soon you’ll find yourself in love, literally – in a stream of love.

This is growth! It helps you master your ability to focus on the frequency of love. The more you do it, the easier it gets and the quicker you can shift your vibe. You’ll glow with light and then, from this higher, happier space, you can trust that guidance will come and you can go forward on your path enjoying your day, while waiting for further guidance.

2. Imagine the stream.

Imagine floating on a beautiful stream of grace. Some of you will want it to carry you forward quickly because you love change. Some of you will want it to meander gently because you like more gradual change. Whatever works for you is perfect. Imagine you are floating on a raft on this stream, enjoying the ride.

The next time something upsets you, imagine you're stuck in a little whirlpool swirling around without forward motion. As you let go of the thoughts that upset you and focus on something more enjoyable, your raft begins to move out of the eddy, back into the current.

Gently feel the stream starting to carry you once again as you choose kinder thoughts and currents of love. Imagine floating downstream again, being carried to answers and solutions.

3. Throw your problems in the stream

If you have a physical body of water nearby you can do this literally. If not, you can imagine it.

Either literally or in your imagination, see yourself holding a pile of debris that represents your frustration, doubt, worry, fear, or other dense energy.

One by one, either literally or in your imagination, throw the twigs, rocks, and other debris into the stream. Watch or imagine them floating out of sight. This is symbolic of giving your denser feelings to the love that can carry them away from you.

Feel lighter and freer each time you do this. When you’re done, imagine you get on a raft and allow yourself to float downstream gently and easily towards all you desire.

The higher the vibe, the happier the feelings, the more relief, comfort, or kindness we can bring ourselves – the more we begin to align with our personal stream of grace. You'll know you're in it by your feelings. You'll know when you're not as well. Little by little, one thought, one choice at a time to be kinder and more loving to yourself you can get back in your flow.

Once there, you'll feel good and you'll see your miracles happen, as you allow the beautiful currents of love emanating just for you, from the Source, to flow you towards what you desire and to flow what you desire towards you.

Love you all!

Ann Albers and The Angels
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