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Archangel Sophia Talks About Earth’s Upheaval and Inner Love

Archangel Sophia Talks about Earth’s Upheaval and Inner Love

Hello, dear ones. This is Sophia.

I’m very happy to speak with all of you in this way. Tonight I would like to speak along the same theme as Metatron and Michael. Your world has been in great upheaval lately. Although there is always trauma and crisis on your planet, there are a much increased number of crises. There are weather problems, and infighting within governments, struggles between countries and their governments, and struggles among the people within a country. The earth is in great upheaval, reflecting the upheaval that all of you are experiencing.

Michael spoke at length about the need for all of you to go within to experience the light, beauty, and guidance within your own being. I would like to take it a step farther. As we have all spoken about many times, you each are the embodiment of love. Your world, although it doesn’t seem so at this time, pulsates with nothing but love. It Is important that each of you, especially during this time, begin to get in touch with the tremendous fountain of love that is constantly pouring through your own hearts.

The healing of all of these difficulties among each of you and your countries starts first with each one of you as individuals. Learn to turn within and become established in that space where you constantly experience love. It is so exquisite, so ecstatic to be there. And when you live in the space of love, all of your encounters pulsate with that energy.

 Now functioning from that space of love doesn’t make you a “goodie two-shoes”. It doesn’t mean that you only see the world through rose colored glasses. What it does mean is that love is pouring through every cell of your being to everyone you encounter and to mother earth–your planet. When you are in a state of love you may still be a bit fiery with someone, but it is in accordance with the flow of the light and it always turns out for the best. But if you come from a state of anger, irritation, or negativity, with other people without that love pulsating through you, all they will experience is your negativity.

The language of divine love is so much more powerful than words. Let me give you a very simple example. Perhaps many of you have a dog or have had one. Dogs can learn a lot of words in whatever language their owner speaks. But have you ever noticed that your dog will come to you, respond to you, no matter what name you call them? You could have 20 different nicknames for that dog, but if you call a name from your heart, from that space of love, they come running with their tails wagging. That’s because they respond to your love much more than your words.

Many of you might say, “Well that’s a dog. Dogs are different than people.” I say to you–not so much. Contemplate your communications with others. Let yourself really remember how it felt when someone said nice words, but their energy was cold or rejecting, versus when they teased you or ignored you, but you felt that love. That love is more powerful than any language or words.

So if you can learn to rest in your inner space of love, I guarantee you others will begin to feel it. Then when you interact with them, their hearts will open at least a little, and over time more and more.

I say to you–light travels on love. They are intermingled. They are one.

And when you express your open heart without judgment, without possession or neediness, other people feel it and it affects them powerfully–even without them knowing it. Over time they will change, and their hearts will begin to open. Even the rustiest of hearts begin to blossom when exposed to divine love.

And the easy thing is, divine love is in every single one of your hearts. It lives there. It never ever, ever leaves you. It’s you that forgets where to look. It’s right there waiting to surround you and embrace you with its luminous ecstasy.

Let yourselves learn to spend more time within so that when you go about your daily lives each day, you carry with you the sweetness that you experience when you touch that space. It is so beautiful. It is so divine. It is ecstasy. And when you have touched that, even for a few moments in your meditation, you carry the memory of that experience and its energy with you through the entire day.

 People may not be aware of it, but they will feel it and over time they may ask you what you’re doing differently. You seem so happy. You seem so relaxed. Or even, “Are you in love? You’re glowing.”

That’s because the radiance of that light begins to shine through your eyes, in your speech, in your movements, in your responses to others, and they feel it. So while you can’t go out and change the world today, you can begin to change your own self by going deep within.

I encourage each of you to focus your attention every single day, to make space every day, to go within.

Meditate.  Become very quiet.  Let your mind move aside, even for a few minutes.

When that happens, the radiance of your inner self–of that love, will shine forth, blazing in its place.

So go within. Feel that love. And revel in its delicious beauty.

Let this be your resolution for this year 2020. Even if you’ve made many other resolutions, consider adding this one because if you’re concerned about the state of your world, this is the one thing that can change it.

Change your own inner state.

Become immersed in your inner love and you will begin to experience that same love everywhere.

I send you all my love.

I am Sophia

Sharon Davis - I’ve been a serious meditator as well as a lightworker, a Reiki master and a nurse.  Over time, I found myself experiencing contact with various spirit guides which eventually led to direct contact with Archangel Metatron. He has extremely subtle and very powerful energy. Communicating with him has brought immeasurable joy, love, and understanding into my life. Source

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