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Archangel Metatron: The Harmonic Portal


2014 - 2038 - 2075 - Anchoring the 3rd Coming

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greeting Masters, I am Metatron, Lord of Light ! This day we speak of the co creation, of the Harmonic Trigger occurring in Year Two of the New Earth. It is an especially important and timely message. We speak of the Portal of Harmony and of the Cristos. We speak of 2014, of 2038, of 2075. We speak of the NOW.

The Portal of Harmony

An extraordinary Harmonic Portal is opening in Year Two of the New Paradigm of the Planet Earth. It is the ' Harmony Portal '. As we have told you, it will initiate on the March Equinox of 2014 and flowers into exquisite full potency on the April Solar Eclipse and follows in peak potency thru the June Solstice. It is an utterly astonishing coded energy that will plant the seeds of World Peace.

It is appropriate is it not, that this will initially be received in the 'Cristos Umbilical', the (expansive) Vortexial Portal of the Temple Mount in Israel. It will then be anchored and relayed to specific major infinity points across the earth and globally envelope the planet. Indeed it is a time to quest, to gather; a unique time to receive and project what is given. This phase offers an opportunity for the seeds of world peace to be anchored & planted in areas of conflict, especially the Middle East....and certain Master Code Carriers are called to be present, called to return....for many of these are ones who walked with the Christ two millennia ago.

It is a sacred path, a soul contract. Others are Earthplane incarnate Sirian-Pleiadean Star-Seed, a collective of what may be termed 'Gridwerkers', and are called to both anchor and calibrate vibratory resonance of the new energies of the Sacred Ark below the Temple Mount, and coordinate with other versions of this extraordinary transdimensional device located in other geo-infinity points on the earth.

Seconds, Thirds & More...

But the 'Harmony Portal' is much more. And what we share here may astound some of you, comfort others and offend the rigid orthodox and naysayer.  It is what Christianity refers to as the second-coming, but as we have shared this immaculate energy has manifested on the earth many times.

Jesua ben Josef represented the 'humanity' pattern in completing the full process of mastering duality ...  but he had incarnated many times before. Yet from the stance of your present religious - historical perspective the Judea incarnation is considered as the first. The 'second-coming' is actually the third from this view. The second occurred with Paul of Tarsus, who received the Cristos energy and is responsible in many ways for the advance of Christianity throughout Europe and the western world. Yet even what was given in integrity was adjusted to the understanding capacity & mentality of the time.  A time in which few were educated.

Year Two of the New Paradigm, 2014 is indeed the preparatory phase, the requisite formatting & anchoring of the frequencies for the Return of the Cristos....the hallowed and prophesied return of 'Sacred Truth', embodied.

But to be clear, this is NOT the deviation, not the caricaturized mythic figure associated with the fear-based dogma of organized patriarchal religion. For indeed the charlatans & merchants of distortion, corruption and pretense will be again spewed from the Planetary Temple. The new Cristos Avatar will not be born in a manger, but there will be some appropriate & natural correlations to the Judean drama. The Avatar will not proclaim to be a savior, rather a way shower. A teacher of the Truth that man can realize their 'God -Nature' in higher self and learn individual responsibilities of their reality creation.

2038 - A Year of Destiny 

2038 is a year of destiny, and it will occur. It is beyond probable reality, and you have made it so. It is a year shown in the Great Pyramid and it is now in place and in progress. It will represents the completion of the New Firmament, a further movement into crystalline nonpolarity. The arc swing of duality lessens as the time approaches. 2038 represents the '3rd coming'  

The true Cristos Avatar energy will return after 2038 and be in full service of unconditional love to humanity by 2068 and be mission-completed by 2075.

By this phase in linear time patriarchal and other such organized religions will be in virtual shambles, and the Avatar will not embrace them. No ! Rather will the Cristos undermine their charade and hypocrisy, and advocate the individual relationship of humanity directly to individual higher self as primary God-source. The time of condemnation myths and fairy tales has passed. God self will be taught. The new Cristos Gestalt will represent the absence of what you term as 'evil', and the truth of co creation. The truth that you create your perceived reality through projected belief.

Only Now in the New Earth

The 'Portal of Harmony' download & up-shift could not have occurred in pre ascension planetary resonance. The potent coded portal comes not by chance at this vector and time, for it is calibrated now to the expansive dimensional fields of the New Earth.

In the dawning of the 2014 Aquarian vibratory field, in the 'Portal of Harmony' the codes will be received & anchored and the stage set. It is the download of an exquisite coded energy of coherent light, which is up-shifted to influence and pattern the currently transitioning paradigm. It is an offering and template enabling a higher knowledge to a humanity of more advanced frontal brain intellect.

Accordingly the misconstrued concept of original sin,  unworthiness, and the  myth of a vengeful angry God with  fears of devils and hell fire that were programmed in so many of you can  be diminished. The dogmatic distortions of control thru fear that were taught by governing political bodies (in the guise of religion) for several millennia can no longer serve.

Fear is the great destroyer. Fear was indeed interspersed with half-truths in mimicry.  Tainted truths are not truth. Dwelling in fear, you will attract it to you. It is the Law of Attraction. Believing in evils, you will of course perceive them.   And belief & perception you create, you project into manifestation the reality you experience.

The Harmonic Trigger

In the Harmonic Trigger, all shadow is being removed. Revealed in light, and light is truth. This light will in time absolutely transform your world. 

The new energy, the Cristos insert will ingrain the essential truth & knowledge that humankind in mass & individually create reality according to the nature of their belief. Period !  Have we not told you that he Earthplane is a purposed illusion? A special ' University ' in which you have chosen to learn responsible creation?

Service for the Code Carriers

So those of you that have been called to visit and receive within what is termed as 'power-nodes, sacred sites & vortexial-portals, are being called to service in the Portal of Harmony in 2014, Year Two of the New Earth. It is the Harmonic Trigger. If you thought 2012 was the end, we would tell you otherwise. 2012 was the beginning...your work is not done! Pick up the gloves ! You are beckoned, the clarion calls for those of such mettle and heart to continue.

The Mission

Those of you called to Israel, will feel the draw, but you must go in fearless clarity & coherent theta resonance.  You are the front bearers of this quest and courage is requisite. Faith is required. You cannot move into theta clarity whilst looking over your shoulder. You cannot anchor the codes in 3d or doubt. Fear will not serve. As such the quest to the Holylands is filtered. It is not exclusion rather an appropriate matching to vector.

Some among you will be called to go to other specific sacred sites, infinity points and receive, and anchor the distribution of the Harmonic Trigger across the depths and heights of the globe. And indeed this is of equal importance.

The Harmonic Trigger is about humanity rising above the 3rd dimension of duality. It is about ascending to the 12th dimension, and indeed the matrix of the planet expanded to 12 in 2012. Now is your call to duty. It is humanities time to rise above duality in theta coherency and co creates the World of Peace.

Masters, we tell you that a powerful sense of well being is essential. We understand that for those of you rigidly fixed in 3d consciousness that forming an unyielding belief in good without a belief in what your religious texts refer to as evil seems illogical.  And rooted in 3d, you would not be impeached for such a conclusion. 

But rising into the 12th dimension requires an understanding that polarity-duality does not reside above 3d. Expansive thinking is needed.  An individual explaining his or her reality can only explain what he or she knows.  

The New Earth allows for enhanced theta coherence obtained in pineal exploration. It opens new concepts. It is possible because the magnetic (polarity grid) has diminished, and is replaced by the Crytos (144 Crystalline) Grid of integral field, of nonpolarity. A new world is opening. Humanity can now explore higher states, higher dimensions much more easily....but effort is required.

Different Attributes of Higher Dimension

Dear Ones, dimensions have differing attributes, varying conceptual boundaries. Just as scuba divers know that physical laws differ in an aqueous field, so does the intra-dimensional traveler need to understand that each dimension has differing attributes. 

The conditions and situation in each dimension absolutely vary. Expansion is not only possible, it is required. Again, such differences will challenge the intellect.

Imagine a world of nonduality in which only good exists.  It may indeed offend the 3d logical brain that requires concise answers and descriptions that coincide tidily with your accepted beliefs & parameters of mainstream 'science'.  But you must rise above brain to enter higher mind. The savant, the serious student of reality must expand and realize that physical senses sending neurons to frontal 3d brain will tell you things, which are not accurate, not entirely true. In pineal a higher caliber of sensory perception occurs.

You of rigid concept will in fact see exactly what you expect to see in most cases. It is a mental 'Catch-22' that is a wide reaching conundrum ... even affecting the results of many of your 'sophisticated ' scientific experiments. Human physical senses perceive a reality that is a result of expectation & belief.

As we have stated, and herein re-emphasize -- Dwelling in fear, you will attract it to you.  Believing in evils, you will perceive them. In belief & perception you create, you project into manifestation the reality you experience.

The Path Not Taken

It is the dawn of a new paradigm. New roads are opening that beckon travel. It is the path least taken. Your world has not yet tried the experiment as yet which would release you. The New Paradigm will open the way for the return of the Cristos, and it will be a refreshed message.

The original message was stepped down even by the messengers in order for it to be understandable to the somewhat limited intellectual mind set of the time. But the message Christianity as you have known it since the 3rd century AD until today is a distortion of the original message and its precepts. The original concepts were misunderstood, changed...and as such, hardly given the chance

The new message, the expansive understanding that will be given offers new potentials to transform your world. It will be based on co creation. It contains not only the seeds of world peace, but the energy of personal transformation for each individual. Transformation to co creation is in theta field brought into the 12th dimensional paradigm. A valid and vital resonance that can be achieved...a frequency that is nonpolarity ... in which only 'good' exists.

And Masters, it is time to receive the codes that allow for this shift. 

For if these concepts are embraced and followed individually and collectively, then by 2038 and forward, the evidence of humanities collective senses, and we refer to physical senses, would find no contradiction. They would fearlessly perceive the world and all existence as positive & good. And thus create it as such!

This is the road not yet taken, the experiment that has not been tried, and these are the noble truths that you must learn. For those of you who find a world without fear & evil to be logically absurd, you still perceive in 'old energy ' and are not quite ready. Or perhaps better stated you are stuck in 3d duality.

Shadow is being removed by light, and light is truth. This will absolutely transformyourworld. The new energy, the Cristos insert will ingrain the essential truth & knowledge that humankind in mass & individually createrealityaccordingtothenatureofbelief. There will be an understanding of your true cosmology. Your extra terrestrial heritage and multidimensional nature will become clear. There will be no claims of a Savior required to rescue the righteous.

Humanity will learn that abundance is self created by removing the mentality of lack and lingering false belief in pious 'poverty vows' as a means of purity. Religious organizations that require money for penance & tithing for acceptance will fall to the side. Spirit is not short of cash.

There are those among you who say that everything happens as it should. Take a look at the world around you and reconsider.

If everything happened exactly as it should there would be no need to 'karmically' reincarnate.

In the Portal of Harmony, in the umbilical of the Temple Mount, seeds of change are coming. These are codes that allow for Spiritual rebirth on a Global Scale. It is an energy that is synergistic in redesign and symbiotic in redefining fearless relationships on an individual and mass scope. This period will offer in the near term a catalystic opportunity for World Peace to be seeded in areas of conflict, especially the Middle East. This is the Portal of Harmony and the Trigger is the Eclipse and Solstice.


It is time to take responsibility and consciously creating the world you desire, in good, in pure goodness.  Dear Ones, 3d will not disappear, and the ability to master 3d is in facing its challenges & rising above it, with feet planted firmly on the ground. It is not about wearing rose colored glasses, or escapism ...  it is about mastering each level of the curriculum. It is about learning and moving forward. It is time to try a new path. One without fear.

Earthplane life is a highly purposed dream that can be composed in harmonic movements called 'lifetimes'. You are the composer and conductor that create your succint & beautiful symphony.  And in the finished product there will be not only the credentials of growth and accomplishment, but the knowledge from higher stance that the laborious construction of the symphony was as sublimely exquisite as the finale.  And from that higher plane, you will look down and see that there was a reason for everything.

That time is coming and it beckons. 2014 is the entry of the Portal of Harmony ! Do you hear the call?

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved. 

And so it is...And it is So...


The above channel is copyrighted © James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved 

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