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Archangel Metatron: True Love Is A Frequency


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

True love is a frequency.  It is not passion, it is not romance, and it is not sexual.

How many of you have truly, fully manifested the joy and abundance you desire?

We will answer that. Very very few. So if it's so clear why isn't it easy? You see to manifest your desired creation, you must do so within a part of the brain beyond the personality ego aspect. Yet in order to access that part of the brain, in order to access the Divine Mind, one must master the personality ego aspect. 

There lies the missing key ! And Dear Ones, there are no short cuts, there are no by passes, there are no cheat sheets! There is but one way, and it involves WORK ! It requires discipline and devotion, and those must be applied in love ! That key is impeccability. Dear Ones, the closer you get to light, the stronger you attract the dark. It is in a real sense spiritual physics & etheric electromagnetics. Pure positive energy has the greatest attraction to what is termed in duality as 'negative' energy. Masters, you chose your paths, you selected your seeming obstacles in order to grow.

In higher aspect that which seems 'negative' is in truth is the illusionary aspect of polarity 3d-dimension that allows you to learn responsible creativity on the road to Mastery.

So you must have the wisdom, the humility, the strength and discipline to transcend it. There is another law of physics that you must understand, and that is when you achieve the crystalline vibration, called impeccability you rise above magnetic duality attraction and enter a field called zero point. That is blissful detachment. You are on the Earthplane to learn creation, responsible creation. You have a great teacher called cause and effect. On the path of Mastery you will in time learn to manifest your reality in co creation.

When you learn to replace the 'love of power' with the 'power of love', you will make a quantum leap. But Dear Ones, love without strength is incomplete.

Life can be difficult, and that is a great truth. But it is often when you are in a state of conundrum that you achieve your greatest growth. You transcend your challenges, overcome your obstacles only when you face them. Masters, each of you in higher self, plan the challenges you meet.

Always Honor Self & Others....and always remember: It is wrong to impose your will on another, and it is wrong to allow another to impose their will on you. Self respect ties into self love, and self love is imperative in spiritual growth.

Loving others does not mean apologizing when someone steps on your foot.

Earth is the 'University of Duality'. Choices must be made. Study is required. But when you graduate you will realize physical life on earth is a purposed illusion. And when you ascend, as you all will in time, you will look down and realize there was a reason for everything. That reason is the science of LOVE.

Seek growth. Mind is the Builder.

Seek the Light - Be Honest - Review Your Life and Calibrate - Put Your Best Effort Into Everything You Do - Encompass and Live Your Beliefs - Remove Fear and Doubt - Remove Anger and Control - Love Yourself - Love All Life - Nurture Others - Be Detached - Create Your World.

I am Metatron and you are Beloved.


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