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Lord Metatron: You Are the Invaluable Creators of Love and Unity


Greeting, it is I Lord Metatron,

I come to you from the collective Christ Consciousness of the vastness of your being. Recognize that you are an immeasurable consciousness that has a powerful purpose. Humanity has begun the resurrection of itself from a dense separated state into a unified expression. This cohesive state of being is based in a powerful creative energetic of the element of love.

Love has the capacity to create unity rather than division. Love can never be separated from its original Source so therefore it always replicates in unity and love. This is such a valuable concept that all who are embodied must experience it so that each individual can personally know his/her unity with all creation. In this unity consciousness experience there is no doubt, only the knowing that is gained through the experience.

It has taken many eons of Earth time for humans to achieve this state of awareness of themselves as creator beings who are valuable assets to all of creation. Many of you have awakened to this consciousness and have taken your place as way showers. You are beginning to hold a coherent Christ Consciousness within your physicality because you have started to experience the love and unity that is within the very core of your being.  Your ability to reflect a divine image that is based in unity and love is irreplaceable.

Changes in the world of form must be done from within that form. You are the vehicles that will create these immense changes. Many frequencies of light have been created from the realms of Source and placed within your universal system to assist you. It is you who have to accept these frequencies and create compatibility within your form. This requires each individual to not only embark on an interior journey but to have the courage to see the profound image of his/her soul/spirit as well as what limits that vision.  

Humanity created the division that was founded in unworthiness. It was a failed experiment to see how dense you could create the form and maintain a certain level of conscious awareness. This dense form only provided an environment that promoted separation between the world of form and the more refined creative realms. When humans created in the denser environments of form, they created from a sense of shame and a less than illusion governed by a fallen ego.  

You have played and experimented in this environment long enough. You have seen the pain and chaos that was created and you have chosen to return to the wholeness of your original state of being. You are now in the process of restructuring the world of form. It is you who are reinstalling the element of love into the way in which you create. Also, you are beginning the task of creating a more unified expression of yourself.

This has taken a great deal of courage as you explored how you created your life experience. You had to look deeply into how you created such dense realities. This is an enormous step that you have taken. You have chosen to create unity within yourself by clearing out thoughts and emotions that no longer represent your Christ consciousness. Notice how you have altered the electromagnetic field of Earth just by changing the way in which you consistently think and feel emotions. When you choose thoughts that create love and unity the dense environment is changed and is more coherent and refined. This supports your ability to continue to create and manifest from the wisdom of your soul.

When you notice that you are in the flow of unity with Source, you become even more powerful creators. You in unity with Source have created vast alignments to take place just by altering the electromagnetic field of Earth and your body. You created this change in the electromagnetic field through your thoughts which are electrical and your emotions which are magnetic. You have created a much different electromagnetic field than was present in the earthly realm when you created the density. This creation alone altered the gravitational pulls that draw these star alignments together so that they amplify and support your Christed creations.

As more of you enter into this type of creation you also alter many other parts of the creative realms of your galaxy. You are seeing this in the many star alignments that have taken place just in this last year of your time. These alignments support your new creations and begin to make it easier to continue to create from the template of love and unity. Continue to notice how the various alignments are taking place and what they represent.

We say these things now to draw your attention to the fact that you are powerful creators in form. You are a valuable asset to the ascension process that is now taking place. Notice the significant role that you each play in this creative process of reclaiming the Christed consciousness of yourselves and of planet Earth.

Continue to realign your thoughts and emotions so that your mental/emotional body can function as a unit and be used to create exactly what is needed in these times of change. Do not be influenced by the many who are still invested in creating separation and fear through violence and domination. Hold firm to your vision of unification through the powerful element of love. Limit your attention to media that sensationalizes the chaos. This only contributes to fear in the collective. 

Use your creative resources to transmute negative events by infusing them with frequencies of undifferentiated love. Hold firmly to your faith in humanity who is still operating in the dense realities of their form. When you embody the fullness of your divine image you automatically radiate it out into the environment and this is how you will change your world.

It will take courage, tenacity and self discipline to continue to make adjustments to your own personal energetic template. There will be times when you will become weary and disillusioned. Have faith in yourself as a creator. Take some time for rest and recuperation. Many times this is needed so that the denser bodily form of you can integrate the new light frequencies that you are creating at a soul/spirit level. Refresh yourself often in the river of your spirit so that you can continue to give your priceless gift to all humanity.




Credit: joanandjohnwalker.com


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