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Archangel Michael - How You Change the Planet's Timeline

Archangel Michael - How You Change the Planet's Timeline


First I want to remind you today of our meditation for Gaia at 9pm. Everyone can participate. The purpose of this meditation is to alter the timeline that Gaia is in right now. Humanity has once again pushed Gaia into the past, once again is driving the planet into despair and imbalance. So we need to act strongly and accurately, so that Gaia moves to another timeline and can continue her journey and yours to the Fifth Dimension.

At the same time I would like to explain something: How can such a small group change the timeline of the planet? I explain, it's easy and simple. Are you alone, are you the one leading the meditation? Of course not; only we cannot make decisions by ourselves, because that would also be an invasion of free will.

So we need you to act together with us, as if giving us permission to do something. Once again a question arises: “But we are very few. Shouldn't the whole planet be heard? I would say that if we were to wait for the entire planet to be heard, you were still subjugated, as you were long ago.

Never forget that you are all connected, no one is isolated or separate from the planet. So when a small group, as you call yourselves, initiates something for the sake of the Light, this energy reverberates through the planet and everyone receives it, because you are interconnected. Furthermore, you are not all in one place, you are scattered across the planet. So a big network actually forms on the planet, it doesn't matter if there's only one at each point, it reverberates. And each Higher Self of enlightened hearts takes this energy that is being released and adds to it the energy of the being that is receiving it.

So it's actually not just you who are doing the meditation at that moment, it's the whole planet. All those whose hearts are towards the Light, all those whose hearts contain love. They don't need to be awake, who commands everything is the Higher Self of each one, and surely, in some way, each one will feel; will not understand, but will feel. So the volume of people is not just you, it's a whole network of Light interconnected on the planet, that's why you can change the timeline of the planet. Adding to that is the energy of those who lead the process and meditation.

Your performance in a meditation like this is to give us the order, the permission, to give us the agreement that the Earth changes to a better timeline. That's why you need to participate and the more people, the stronger this energy becomes. So think about this: One person only on each continent; a network is formed, it is a weak network, but it is formed. And she is enough for us not to invade her free will. Because everyone else is getting that energy, but those few pillars, the five, don't emanate that much energy, but they all get it, because the grid exists. And it's enough to give us permission to act.

So in this case we will have to do a lot more, as you say, a lot more force to move the planet, because your energy is very weak. Now, if you gather by the thousands, then it changes, because you provoke a force around the planet. The energy emanating from thousands is different from the energy emanating from four, five. So, in addition to giving us permission to act, you collaborate with the process, with your own energy and faith. So it's as if we were co-participants in the process together with you.

So what's the big truth we get from this? That just one, doing the meditation consciously, would be enough for us to be given the authorization, the permission to act. Because that one would reverberate throughout the planet and each Higher Self would participate with its consent, with its agreement and we would act in the same way. This is why, this is another way of explaining it, that a meditation without the guidance of a Being of Light is very weak. For you alone to change the timeline of the planet, you would need that the billions that exist on the surface of this planet, have the same thought.

So, realize that many times, you are guided to do everything yourself, believing that you will be able to change. I don't say you don't change, because you have power. So if the faith is great, yes, you change, but not to a very distant and much simpler timeline. It's like we jump 1000 timelines and you alone jump just one. So the result is practically nil. I'm not going to stay here explaining the advantages and disadvantages of having a Being of Light guiding a meditation, this has already been said enough.

So participating in such a meditation is giving us consent so that we can act and act. And where are we taking the planet? So let's go! As I said, you initiate the process, it reverberates on the planet, each Higher Self participates in the process; and with the frequency that it is in this group of people. If there is a high frequency, if you are vibrating high, we throw the planet into a very distant timeline, proportional to the degree of energy that you are emanating. Now, if you are vibrating low, there is nothing we can do. You will change timelines yes, but to a very close timeline, because everything is proportional. It's as if we add up the energy of all of you and it gives a value, and this value determines which timeline we take the planet to.

So right now, I can tell you that you are vibrating very low. You went back to vibrating all that movement from a while ago, fear, insecurity, doubt; this is what you are vibrating. And why is it all happening again? You will vibrate it. As long as you continue to listen to all that is shown and said, I am sorry to tell you that it will get worse and worse because you are creating it. If I tell you, that you are powerful enough to change the timeline of the planet, you are also powerful enough to harm the planet, to harm yourself.

So keep vibrating fear, doubt; keep going, and everything that is there is going to get worse and worse, because you are creating it. You are giving, as you use in your world, yeast for this dough to rise, and you are giving strength to those who are watching this happen and are laughing for nothing. Because they are not doing anything else, just putting a doubt here, a doubt there and you go on board like ducks, as you also say. So go on, there's nothing we can do.

If we take this attitude, today to change the timeline of the planet, it is to break this current that you are creating. You are creating it, they are not doing anything else. They just use the weapon they still have, and you believe everything. Indeed, the impression we have every day is that you forget everything we say. You can't keep yourself on a level, you always need to comment, get involved, focus. Ever. Then they look at the sky and ask: Why does nothing happen? No, nothing happens? And what are you provoking? And what did you provoke?

Everything that is there is a result of the fear placed by all of you, it is fear of everything. And then I ask each one of you: Where are the other diseases, nobody is afraid of anything else, nothing else kills on this planet. You forgot the rest. And yet, many people continue to die from other diseases. No one hurts, no one cries, no one is afraid, why? Because it's not in fashion, because it's not in the news all the time, but they're still there and people keep dying. But you only see one thing, it puts a focus on one thing, so the yeast just makes this dough rise.

So keep doing that, keep doubting what we said, keep believing that we don't do anything, that we're just standing around, drinking juice, swinging in the hammock, watching you finish yourself here on the planet. That's what you are doing. As long as you focus on what is there, nothing will change. You almost made it, almost. But the mass was bigger and managed to reverse everything we had achieved. Let's start all over again. Do you understand why things don't happen? Do you understand what you do with the planet, with your own brothers, with yourselves? Each one of you who wakes up with fear or who comments or who doubts, puts a spoonful of this leaven in the dough; and yeast makes the dough grow.

So keep emanating doubt, keep emanating disbelief, this mass will only grow. And if you keep going, you're going to get to the point where you were a while ago; exactly the same. You are creating this. Fear made it all happen. So we're looking today to break up, so to speak, to freeze this mass so that it stops growing, and to take you into a new timeline, in an attempt to give you time to think. And make new decisions, learn to shut your mouth, learn not to think, learn not to put yeast in something so bad.

So that's what we're going to do today. Now which timeline you will go to will depend solely and exclusively on you. If you vibrate high, if you vibrate faith and trust, you will push the planet's timeline far and wide and we will take you. So you need to understand this whole process. We don't do anything without your authorization, we don't do anything that is not a product of what you think and want. We can not.

Now, I keep always remembering: Gaia continues to rise and the time will come, the “X” day, as you say, when she will ascend and who will go with her? Those who are ready, those who don't doubt, those who believe, those who have faith, those who vibrate high, will go with it. And the rest that is there putting yeast in the dough, doubting, putting doubts, I'm sorry, will continue with their doubts elsewhere, no longer here on the planet.

We are giving the chance and time for many to ascend, but you don't seem to understand this, you would rather believe the outside than believe what we say. It's your choice and we respect it, just that you understand, nothing changes for us. So I'll just leave one thought now: You want to ascend, do you? So start to vibrate high, start trusting with your eyes closed, start believing in what we say and start living as if you were already in the Fifth Dimension. Only then will you have any chance of ascending. It's not guaranteed yet, but you'll have a chance.

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