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Archangel Michael: The Divine Intercourse

Archangel Michael: The Divine Intercourse

I am Archangel Michael and today I will speak about something very important, something that hardly exists on earth today.

I love you very much and as a guardian archangel of Earth I must say:

Sex is a sacred ritual of love, sex can be no other thing.

The act of making love is a divine act, to be highly respected at all times.

An intercourse is not to be taken lightly in any way. And what is it that I try to say?

You humans need to learn anew what it is all about.

Two adults. That both wants to have intercourse. That is a start.

A pretty good start.

But then comes - what?

Is it about attraction? Is it about an arrangement? Is it about love?

The attraction is the connection. And both need to feel it. But often it is about the root chakra connection and there is no love at all.

Then it is time to take one step back, and ponder over this mating act.

Do you want to have an intercourse with someone for just a moments fun?

Not even thinking about: Is this the person you want to have a child with? Is this the man that you want to be the father of your child? Please love your child - even if you are not pregnant yet. And most of all, love yourself!

Sex with somebody always leaves an energytrail, that you carry for a very long time, like a stamp. Do you want to have this particular persons energy with you at all times?

It is a good question, isn´t it?

And then there is the risk of bad health and so on.

So! It is really good to actually think this through - before!

But the act of conception and creating a new life is so sacred and important, the most important act in your life. Do not take this lightly.

And why?

Because you are sacred too! But you waste your energy when you take such serious business like it is a fun game.

How some of you men treat women on this planet is barbaric. Some of you men treat women like they are sexrobots with no soul. And those of you who do this have no soul, it has run away a long time ago.

This way of bad treatment of the holy grails, that women are, is catastrofic.

Because it leaves a negative energy in more than one way.

I say to all women of Earth. Please stand up for yourself and say no!

Stay at home. Never go out alone when it is dark. Walk together with a friend/friends, especially at nighttime.

If a man can not respect you and treat you really good, say no from the very beginning, don´t waste your own preacious time. 

I am Michael and I am an archangel, and I am working activly on Earth with protection especially for women and children and it is not an easy job. So much evil. So many soulless men using women and also sadly children and it is the biggest of crimes. And all angels cry. 

The Women of Earth are little grails, holy grails. And Mother Earth are THE holy grale for she is the uterus and the ovaries of the Universe.

But she too is being raped, and slaughtered and used by evil men, but she cannot say no, for she have no voice, she just have to take it, over and over again, and  so far not enough people say no either.

But you can say no.  You have a voice! You can speak up! Speak up for yourself! To protect your own body. You can help a sister too, help her to say no, so she understands that it is not okay, to be used in any way. Tell all the children in school to say no, teach them selfdefense.

With all your flaws and imperfections that you might think you have, you still are just as divine and you still are loved, and so, please say no, to any type of "easy going" giving away your body to someone that does not treat you well. Such men does not deserve you.

It is better for you to wait for the right person, the right partner, so you can really make true love, and this lovemaking leaves a very beautiful energy in both colors, patterns and healing all around.

Making true love with a person you love and who loves you back gives you both healing. 

And this is what your bodies are made for. Respecting life, respecting yourself. This is the only way as we the angels see and know it. 

Women carry life inside their womb and gives birth to babies. From the start in early years it is vital for girls to know and understand how important they indeed are. Lessons in school in saying NO would be important.

God loves women equally to men, but he cries and tears are running down his cheeks for women have been forced through out many thousands of years to carry a very heavy weight, an enourmous burden of oppression, from evil men that very early in time planned to conquer women, to silence them.

And when a woman learnes to be silent, what happens?

She does not say NO.

And all this oppression for one reason: Women where first on earth. Women rules. Women are so close to her - Mother Earth - and women can more easily understand her, your planet.

So this was a threat to certain men, for they wanted all the power for themselves, over people, they wanted all people to be subjects, and to get this they needed to suppress the strongest, the women.

The sacred texts that never where printed in the Bible, was all about the women and their power over life and Earth, about the Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom and also the planetarium.

All these evangeliums where hidden, but the men read them and learned about the power women have, and they got scared for the competition...

So they chased and killed those women that could communicate the most with Mother Earth, the witches.

But all the witches are back. For the fire made them stronger!

All the lost (or hidden) evangeliums are once again written and it is unstoppable.

You deserve the divine intercourse and may you have it!

But the responsibility lies on you to say no when the partner is not right for you. It is also a good thing to have patience! Be patient and you shall find a partner with love in the heart

So I say, you have the right to say no and be happy with your own body and way of life, your sexual force is a sacred ray and you do not need someone else to do it for you, you are your own boss.

I love you,


(This is a message from Archangel Michael through medium Kerstin Eriksson at my blog on 04 August 2022)

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