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Be Alive to It All - Archangel Michael

Be Alive to It All - Archangel Michael
Message from Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Dear Ones --

We greet you in love. We greet you as old souls, as souls newly awakening to new levels of your embodiment. We greet you as friends.

The time you are living in now, is one that is wonderful and long anticipated. Your world is in the early stages of new life. Much is up in the air, and therefore, there is tremendous power in your creative choices. In the way you choose to participate.

Never before have you seen so much destruction and chaos. Or so you think. We know that you have been in places like this before, in times like this before, or similar, so that at a deep level within your own wholeness; the light within you knows how to play.

Think on that for a moment and let yourself know what we say is real.

You came here as a way-shower, a light bearer, one who understands nature and the unseen subtle things in life. You came here as a witch, a wonder-oriented woman, a leader, a lover of sport, a powerful seer, a lover, an empath, an artist, a writer, a mother, a new form of gender, a queen reborn into life in a land and time with no queens. A singer, wanting to give voice to the world’s songs.

You have come from many places. Many avenues of expression through this universe and alternate universes. You have been born into bodies and walked into them, too.

Many are here, now, knowing Earth too, for the first time. Those from other Universes, bringing other templates of Light, offering other structures harmonically, to enrich this realm of focus.

And so it is.

Now, time is shifting and turning again. The inner light within you is working it’s magic. This is soul-energy that transforms you. Softening and opening you up, if you let it. It takes the waves upon waves of fast moving, high frequency light moving onto your planet and harmonizes them, using them to elevate and translate your very form; it changes you. It opens up that which must be illuminated and allowed to flow.

You may notice this moving quickly up and out of you. Far faster than ever before. You may feel stuck and find you have drawn back. This is a challenging time. Where the light within you is driving you forward and the world seems so much less stable it’s hard to know where to stand, how to step into new spaces or ways of being where you’ve not yet been. And yet, the inner prompts will drive you thus, if that is your way. If you feel stuck, invite the energy to flow by stating your willingness to evolve, to change, to be changed. Call light to you and invite your energy to refine, reorganize, and show you how to be you, now.

The ways to be you, will be different now. Either in form or experience. For the world is changed and changing.

Your way is being pressed into focus, and flow, you being fueled for maximum coherence in the new setting of your collective co-creation. Divine Order is asking to have it’s way with you, in accord with your world now. To evolve you, as you. This is how things are shifting. Collectively and personally. And you in your agency, get to decide how you want to play.

The Equinox this week will bring you a beautiful opportunity for deep nourishment and re-centering. The center of your being is still there within you but your relationship to everything has moved so much. You must dare to drop that which is complete, obsolete and that which simply does not give you joy, to find the deepest levels of resonance with your soul self.

We encourage you to set aside time to clear and release. To grieve, feel and express all that is there and which naturally wants to move through you — Life is meant to flow — you’ll know what that is, if you give space to yourself to feel your body and ask: what wants to move now? 

You can always call upon the light within you -- the innate connection to soul, to get clear, to reorient, for guidance and courage, know-how to proceed. The way forward will always feel like truth, even if you’d rather not live it out. You’ll know when it is true and real for you, if you ask, and if it feels like something you’d rather avoid?

Remember -- this is our time now. The time for the Light within to come into a far more expansive expression within and then? To flow into the world. This is the time of heaven on Earth the expansion of light, the exaltation of form, the awakening to Oneness.

Dare to trust the tribe, the Legacy of Humanity all arising from the Oneness that is All. Dare to believe that you can honor and open your own flow and that each person will be nudged to their next level of expression.

This is an experience of becoming more and more light. It is your nature always, to go, to shift, to flow, to expand into more and more light. Everything about this journey is natural even though the forms and dynamics on this planet may seem overwhelmingly vivid and the destabilization of the collective patterns may make you pause... Everything within you knows how to return to light, flow light, expand into more light, merge with light, call light to you.

Light, beloved, is who you are.

And, too, be not afraid.

If the fear is real, for your safety or your life in the present, then ignore what we’ve said and take care of yourself now, in whatever practical and immediate way you must.

If the fear is mental or future oriented, as much of it is, see if you might step aside. See what you want to love, experience, know and create. See what your deepest inner knowing calls out to you, to be, and embrace the moment that way. Loving

You were made to love and made to expand into more and more light.

The other thing that you might remember?

You came here to create as you. And you knew you would be with friends. Kindred spirits in human form and formless fields of Infinite Light. You know us and we know you. We’re in this together. We are friends and family and our way together, is clear.

You did not come here to be someone else. Or follow their path. Yes, some paths are similar to yours and can inspire and uplift you, encourage you and help you to see the way forward is possible. But your path, is yours and yours alone.

Your path is a rich, infinitely unique experience that is coming about through you, and the soul-you, always in constant communion with Life Itself. It is exquisite and beautiful and you, in your agency, can evolve it, receive the ever expanding vision of it and live it out if you wish. 

The energy of distant universes expands now, too. And always.

Yours is not the only realm moving into more light.

There is knowledge and awareness of this expansion deep within you and in the world around you. Life knows that glory and reunion is the way this all is going. Everything is going to light, beloveds. Us too, at some point — it’s the way home. The way Life flows. Endless iterative expression and the bliss of reunions in consciousness.

Your vision about this world, this time, your life, matters. It shapes the way you participate. And as we’ve said before, you matter; you’re significant. Your ways of living and being and feeling and thinking and what you hold as your vision, is creative. The way you talk about how life is going shapes your experience and your experience is part of what creates the collective experience.

You are powerful and sovereign and in many many ways, very free. Recognize your innate sovereignty and power. Think more about what you love. Think more about what gives you joy and calls to you. Believe in your inner knowing. Love yourself no matter how much you are doing, or what you feel capable of today. Just love yourself anyway and know that you are always, endlessly, moving toward more light, moving into more light, becoming more light and in that knowing, endlessly alive. Doing what you’re made to do. Being alive and human and loving. As you can. As you do.

This is the true nature of reality, and if you center here, allowing life to flow to you, through you and around you, you will find joy a steady and most beautiful friend.

Take time to realize the energetic potential of this moment: Life is being reborn on Earth. It is the very beginning of a new planetary system of co-creation and love. The very seeds of this have been planted by you and others, in many lifetimes. And now, great cosmic waves of light are energizing and activating this potential.

The way forward will involve much change. There will be conflict as many different views shift and express, and life seeks a higher order of expression. Play your part with vision and the open, willingness to re-make life on Earth, that deep and bold commitment to more Life, that you had before you came here.

Stand confidently, or sit, if you will (smile) in a relaxed and open way and feel this... All of it.  And know, Life is good, and you are dearly and most personally loved. Known. Seen. Supported. Valued.

We invite you to make a further commitment to yourself today. If you welcome that invitation, then place your hand over your heart. Call light to you. Call upon your soul, the infinite Oneness as you, and ask to be filled with light and love and deep, deep peace. Ask for whatever consciousness most serves your evolution and presence, right now. And anything else you’d like.

Then open to receive. Let energy flow into you, and over you, through you and be expressed. Dance with Life! beloved. Let yourself be light!

You are here, now, and the time is at hand. The long awaited time. The time in which you can be more and more alive, and more and more aware of All that Is, while being human here.

It is exquisite. Be alive to it all! And let it flow, centered in the conscious connection with All that you are.

We love you very much.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light


My name is Ailia Mira. I am a writer, artist, conscious channel* and solopreneur. I'm  exploring the ways of living that are in alignment with who I truly am. In addition to living this way myself, I am also an experienced coach, facilitator, teacher and guide. 
Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira
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