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Become Peaceful in a Storm - Archangel Michael

Become Peaceful in a Storm - Archangel Michael

“Greetings everyone.  This is Michael, and I as well welcome all of you. 

We know there has been tremendous turbulence in your world.  But remember your world is created by each of your subtle minds and it reflects the turbulence you are experiencing.  Remember what happened when most of your countries did stay-at-home orders?  The movements of the earth, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the weather events quieted down.  Even when they occurred, they were less severe.  This in fact demonstrates this principle that your world is reflecting each of you.  Not only the outer movements of all of your physical forms and the objects in which you move  but also the movements of your mind.  

When your emotions are in uproar, when your mind is agitated, this is reflected in your world and the world’s events.  And unfortunately, it snowballs.  The more fear you experience, the more those events are reflected back to you, and that again generates more fear or more anger or dissent.   So, it’s very important that you learn to quiet both your heart and your mind so that you may go to a place that becomes peaceful for you even in a storm.  And there are many storms right now, are there not?—weather storms, conflicts between people and ideologies, storms of nature, fire, earthquakes, volcanoes, and the threat of all of them.  At this particular time, it is especially difficult for most of you to remain quiet.  And this is when it is most important.

I know that there are a number of questions that have been asked that you would like answers for, but today it is most important that we again work on going within.  Now when we do a meditation period, the angels and archangels are sending you light and energy, so to read about the words–what occurred in these sessions will not give you the energy that actually watching and listening will.  So even if you read the words on the website, please also watch the videos for it is in the videos that the energy is sent to help you to go deeper.

What is meditation?  Meditation is a single flow of concentration toward a single point or object.  It can be looking at a candle, repeating a word or a mantra, focusing on your breath, focusing on a point of light within–all of this is meditation.  Now sometimes you complain that your mind is restless.  You cannot sit quietly to meditate because of the nature of your mind.  You are not your mind.  I repeat this.  You are not your mind.  You are far beyond your mind.  And the goal of meditation is to move beyond the focus on your mind.  Let the mind do whatever it wants, and if it becomes agitated, simply gently direct it back to the breath or your mantra if you have one.

Think about a child.  A child is starting to get very restless.  Do you tell the child,  “Sit down and be quiet.” ?  And if you do, what happens?  Much louder noise, no doubt, whether it’s crying and wailing, or anger, or kicking a chair.  It’s not going to be productive, is it?   All of you who are parents understand this.  Instead, what do most parents do when a child is restless and agitated?  First, you try to distract it.  You direct it towards something

that feels better for it, that makes it feel good again.  Feeling a quietude in your heart feels universally good.  So don’t struggle with your mind, don’t try to force it into submission.  Send it love and gently direct it back to your mantra or to following the breath.  And when you notice that your mind has taken over again and you’re full of thoughts, gently move back.  

This is a lot like doing physical exercise.  At first, it’s sporadic, but as you train yourself to become disciplined in doing an exercise/a sport, you become better and better at it.  But in the beginning, it’s hard.  Don’t give up hope.  Just keep gently moving back to focusing on the object of your concentration.  If you have a mantra that you’ve received, use it.  If you don’t, I’ll walk you through it again, through using your breath as your focal point. 

But don’t struggle with this.  Think about nights when you can’t sleep.  You want to sleep.  You flail around.  You try to get your mind in a place where it falls asleep right away, and the more you struggle to sleep, the harder it is and the farther away that experience is.  So instead, what’s more effective is to get up, move around, distract your mind until you feel tired, and then you lay down and fall asleep.  If you struggle with your mind or with your sleep center trying to make it happen, it never works, does it?  Instead, you keep it busy with something else.  

So, for those of you who have a mantra, you keep your mind busy by the mind repeating it over and over again.  If you’re using your breath, you keep your mind busy by teaching it to focus.  Instead of jumping all over with an uproar of thoughts, you gently lead it back over and over again to focus on your breath. 

Don’t be afraid that if you go deeper within, you’ll lose yourself.  You’ll never be lost.  We all know where you are and so do you, even when it doesn’t feel like it.  It’s only a tiny portion of your mind that feels like it’s lost, and that kind of loss is a good thing, so don’t worry.  Let go.  Allow yourselves to feel the joy and the peace and serenity of going deeper within.  This is your point of refuge from the storm.  This is the place from which you can watch everything happening around you and remain quiet.  This is where the golden key exists–that beautiful, exquisite point of stillness, of luminosity, of pure beauty.  And when you learn to easily move to that place, even at points of turbulence in your life, you will remember it, and you’ll be able to stand firm in that space no matter what is occurring around you.  This is why we encourage you to go within.  This is the place of rest, of peace.

So, let’s meditate. 

Close your eyes.  Place your feet flat on the floor if you’re sitting in a chair.  If you’re lying down, keep your body straight but relaxed.  Do a mental inventory of your muscles from your head to your feet looking for places of tension, and when you find them gently encourage them to let go, to relax.  Feel your whole body letting go but remaining comfortably erect.

Now become aware of your breath as it moves in and out.

If you use a mantra in meditation you can begin to silently repeat this with your eyes closed.

For the rest of you, focus gently on an awareness of your breath.  There’s nothing to control, nothing to change.  You’re just watching it.

Your breath moves in and it moves out.

You can imagine yourself like a tiny leaf flowing on a gentle stream.  And that stream is your breath.  You move in and you move out.  You move in and you move out.  Your breath occurs even when the mind is quiet. 

Your breath is the connection between your physical form and your subtle being.  Honor your breath and continue to watch it moving without changing its rate or its depth.  Just watch it.

And if your mind becomes restless, let it.  You are not your mind.  You are the witness of all.   You witness your mind and now you witness your breath.

By learning this you learn to witness all.

Now meditate.


Now again become aware of your breath as it moves in and as it moves out.

You can wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes and open your eyes when you’re ready.

Going within is your place of refuge.  Just as each night you go to sleep to refresh your physical and mental being, spend time each day going within to refresh your spirit.  In doing so, all of you is refreshed.

Go so deep that you experience the profound light, that brilliant luminosity that is in every one of you.  It is a space of tremendous love, silence, tranquility.  The whole universe exists there.  That place is where you discover who you truly are.  Find it there.

We all send you our deepest love and our blessings.

I am Archangel Michael”

Sharon Davis - I’ve been a serious meditator as well as a lightworker, a Reiki master and a nurse.  Over time, I found myself experiencing contact with various spirit guides which eventually led to direct contact with Archangel Metatron. He has extremely subtle and very powerful energy. Communicating with him has brought immeasurable joy, love, and understanding into my life. Source

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