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Deep In Your Hearts, There Is The Home Of God - Archangel Michael

Deep In Your Hearts, There Is The Home Of God - Archangel Michael

Deep in the heart of each human being, that is where God’s home is!

This is not an allegory, this  is THE ONE unchangeable truth.

This is why uncovering your hearts is of such tremendous importance. For only someone who has gained access to their heart can perceive God’s voice and partake in God’s grace.


Along with a band of angels and beings of light, I am amongst you – and we will stay amongst all humans of this earth until the very last one of your kind has ascended to heaven.

This message talks about the value of an intact heart that is connected to God – the source of all Being – and encourages you to remove all obstacles that are blocking the way yourself.

A long time ago,

when the wheel of incarnation started turning for each and every one of you, it so happened that you – as highly sensitive and highly developed spiritual beings – had to deal with the often rough conditions on earth.

You were only able to cope with the many disavowals, pains and infringements by numbing yourselves to them. Therefore it was a primary necessity for your own survival in this 3D-reality to protect your hearts – the residence of your soul and the home of God, the strongest and at the same time most vulnerable part of you.

Life after life, you built walls, bars and impermeable constructions around your hearts to protect it from infringements.

Intuitively, you have done the right thing, because for a long time the only way you could bear the experiences that this 3D-world had to offer was to provide your hearts with the necessary protection. These “walls” that are visible to every clairvoyant human being, still exist today and need to be torn down, burnt down or dissolved in God’s light.

The wind has turned!

No human being needs these devices anymore today, because transformational work offers the greatest protection. What I am announcing is the one truth, and it is:

Anyone who, from the bottom of their souls, devotes themselves to their healing benefits from direct celestial protection and can no longer suffer lasting damage.

What used to be a matter of survival for ages is now completely meaningless for a human being who is fully devoted to their healing.

The wind has turned! I invite you to slowly rid yourselves of doubts and fears – your doubts about what will happen to your hearts once you tear down the walls you built for protection.

If you fully trust God with your life, you fully benefit from God’s protection!

Be aware of this truth and obtain a new sense of security on the path of light. Many of you walk the path of healing, yet many stop halfway! I am telling you:

It doesn’t matter if you have lived in delusion for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years – all that matters is that now you see through it and empower yourselves to change life from now on!

But this is exactly what many people are afraid of. They shy away when they should be taking determined steps.

You can only get rid of these fears that are blocking you by having complete faith in God. By removing the walls surrounding your hearts one after another, you begin to perceive how God is speaking in you, to you and through you.

The Holy Grail

God, the light, the absolute truth, is the Holy Grail many adepts have been looking for – and still are.

This Holy Grail, liquor of eternal life, lies in your hearts and is your heart.

Anyone who wants to gain access to awareness, strives for enlightenment or ascension, can only do so through an intact connection to their heart.

This connection can be established by anyone these days – anyone no matter how many earth-years they are looking back on. Whoever wishes to return and is ready to leave the world of illusion can now enter in a consistent relationship with God.

When you pray to God, you are praying to the one who is inside you. When you receive God’s help, you receive help from the one who is inside you. When you devote yourselves fully to God, you are giving yourselves the gift of you.

A human being was, is and always will be one with God. This is true even in the case that God remains undetected life after life.

One day, on the day or grace, these doors will open for everyone – they are the portals to the Self. It is in anyone’s hands how near or far this day is.

Be extraordinary

The conditions for your complete healing and return into the light are established now. I invite you to use them and to respond to this unique time of grace in an extraordinary manner: with complete trust and extraordinary determination.

Now God’s plan for humanity is put into action, and the plan is: the return into the light by turning to your heart, where God is expecting you, because that is where HE lives.

Be conscious of this time of grace, because eons will pass until the next period of grace.

I am here with you with a band of angels. We never leave you. Do as we do, and together we will arrive in the light together and attain bliss.

I love you endlessly, and endless is your self-love as well. Seeing this brings enlightenment, signals ascension and perfection.

Open your eyes! It’s time.

I am


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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