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Speaking Your Truth - Archangel Michael

Speaking Your Truth - Archangel Michael

Hi everyone.  Welcome to the channel.  For anyone that doesn’t know me, I’m Sharon from Angelics-speak.com, and I channel archangels.  I did want to mention that I don’t necessarily channel on a regular date.  I channel when the inspiration comes, when I feel them draw near, and the energy raises.  But today the energy rolled in a bit more, and I felt the angels near, so I thought I would try to channel and see what happens.

I do have one of the questions here today if Michael wants to answer it.  We’ll see what he wants to do if he comes.  Or if someone else comes and wants to answer it, that’s very good too.

So, let’s start.

“Greetings everyone. This is Michael, and I greet you with love.  Today I am grateful as are the other archangels for the questions that have been arising in the comments of this channel.  We appreciate it.  It gives us something to talk about.  We, of course, have topics, but we would love to speak to the questions that you have at times also.

Today we will address a question that was offered.  Let’s start.  

The question was on the “dilemma of speaking our truth”.  This person said she saw so many atrocities happening against people that she wanted to speak out.  And what she wants to share, instead of raising awareness and causing concern, instead instills fear in people–the opposite of what she wanted to accomplish.

So, we would like to speak about this.  Today there is tremendous turmoil right now in the world.  All countries are experiencing it to various degrees.  Here in the United States where our channel is, it has been extremely turbulent and will continue to be so, and in fact will increase during this month.

Yes, at times it may be important to speak against injustices, horrors in the world, but the way to do this is to first go within, get beyond your distress, your upset, your anger.  Go deep within and see what action to take.  If you still have trouble feeling it, hold the action you want to take up to your own heart with your eyes closed.  See yourself doing it, and see how much light there is around that action.  Then see yourself becoming quiet, not speaking out, and see how much light is around that action.  Perform the action that has the most light, the most energy behind it.  Not the energy of anger, distress, grief.  The energy of the light.

If you can tune into that then you are guided by spirit, and you are following the course that your soul has requested.  In general, however, in a time such as this especially if you are finding that the responses to your actions are the opposite of what you want,  then perhaps it’s time to become quiet and accept.  As she has been guided from within,  there is a divine plan (although it doesn’t seem so when you see people being hurt).    There is a divine plan.  Now, if you’re actually seeing atrocities occurring that is one thing. If you are simply hearing about what seems like horrible things happening, step back because what you are reading in twitter, in Facebook, and seeing on the news is not necessarily all accurate.

A lot of groups are promoting their agendas and raising people’s anxiety, agitation, and fear by speaking about things that simply are not happening.  So, stay conscious.  If you can step totally beyond this dreamlike drama that you are perceiving, you will realize that you’re dreaming.  There’s no reason to wave a flag and cry out against an injustice that you simply dreamed.

Now yes, at your level of awareness it is extremely real feeling.  We understand that.    But this is a time to become very quiet.  It’s a potentially dangerous time.  Promoting fear in another at this time may not just give you the experience of their fear.  It may also incite violence.  This is not a time to wave the flag if you don’t feel the energy from within supporting it.  With all actions, whether they have a potential danger behind them or not, first go within.  When you want to start something new or stop something that you’ve been doing, first go within.  When your mind and your emotions are quiet, then you can perceive much better the correct course to take. 

When you are in a dangerous situation, that’s a time to become simple–to become nothing.  Don’t become anything.  Don’t become the person who is fighting for justice.  Don’t become the one who declares,  “I am so and so.  I have a degree, and I know this is the truth.”  In dangerous situations become simple, become nothing.  It is enough that you know the truth.  Then when things settle down again, go back within and see what is the correct course to take.  But don’t put yourself in danger if you don’t feel the energy from within. 

You may be caught up by others upset.  You may indeed feel that this is an important cause to take up, and that’s fine, but first check in within to see what course you should take.  And if the message is to become aware that what is happening is perfect, then allow that to be the truth because of course, what is happening is perfect.  It may not at all appear so, but that’s only an appearance.  It’s not the truth.  

Each of you are dreaming your world into existence.  As we perceive it, you are simply points of light moving around in a subtle matrix.  There are no buildings.  There are no riots.  There are no stores.  All of that is your own subtle mind’s projection into your reality in order to experience what you as your soul wants to learn.  Keep that in mind. 

It’s fine to demonstrate peacefully–and only peacefully, which I know all of you are doing.  Do not let yourself get caught up in a crowd mentality.  It’s very easy to do, especially right now because the dreams that are playing out right now have the potential for more and more violence, especially in the US.

So yes, there are real things that are not good happening–racial injustice, prejudice against women, against people of different sexual preferences, and against race.  Those are unjust.  But consider the times.  Consider if you want to sacrifice this lifetime for a cause that is only a dream. 

Again, I’m not saying to not protest if the energy from deep within your heart–not from your emotions, not from your mind, but from deeper, is calling you to do this.  You can do it but stay vigilant.  If you’re speaking out against what you believe is atrocities, because of things you have heard over and over again in the media, in twitter,  in Facebook, step back.  Go within.  Those especially on twitter and often on Facebook are not necessarily true.  Do you want to sacrifice yourself for someone’s untruths in order to agitate people in the name of some cause they have made up and have begun to believe?  So the message that this individual received was that everything is perfect.  It’s part of the divine plan.  Step back.  

And those of you on a spiritual path for the most part are here for a different reason than to join in protests that can become riots.  You’re here to know who you truly are–to know your highest truths.   If you sacrifice this very valuable opportunity that you have to experience life as you are experiencing it, you will have to come back again and again in order to make the same attempt to know your own Self.

Don’t be distracted by the dramas that are occurring in your dream.  Stay one-pointed.  Stay absolutely focused on the highest truth.  Keep seeking that and don’t let yourself be distracted by the many, many dramas that arise and subside in your world.  Your world is created to have duality and drama, and it’s created by each of you from a higher perspective.  Even if you can’t receive that knowledge yet, understand that if you want to know who you truly are, you can’t allow yourself usually to be distracted by the myriad of causes, legitimate as some may be, that arise around you.  So always, before you jump in, go within.

Ask yourself, “How does this help me to know who i truly am?  How does fighting for this cause raise my consciousness?  And as i said, if the light supports it, if the energy rises from deep within–not from your emotions, not from your conscious mind but from deep within, then you have permission to do it.  But stay conscious.   If you feel danger, step away.  Don’t allow yourself to become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.   

Right now, that is very, very easy to do.  In fact, the best thing to do in this moment–not forever, but in this moment, is for everyone to step back.   Because by promoting so vehemently a cause, you are attracting the opposite.  And when two extremely strong stances meet there is a high potential for violence, which is exactly what you’re seeing.  If your actions are attracting fear in another, it’s a sign that you’re going in the wrong direction.  You’re not clear yet.  You don’t have clear enough eyes to see the whole picture. 

So, before you fight for an outer cause, put all of your energy for this one inner cause–to know who you truly are.  When you know this, your perspective on everything that you used to be distressed about will be different–very different.

It’s good that you have a heart.  It’s good that you care and that you want to stop things that are hurting others, but first know yourself.  Know your highest truths.  Then if the energy is supporting it, you will have tremendous strength and the purity of heart so that when you communicate what actually is the truth, others will receive your love as well as your message. 

Always greet people with love and respect.  When you meet them from that place, they will feel it, and they will respond to your heart.  If you meet them with agitation, with distress, with anger, with upset, those are repelling energies.  They will back away.  So, when you greet another for whatever reason, do it with love.  Do it with great respect because that supreme light which exists within you also exists within them.  When you speak to another, have the awareness you are speaking to Source, to your beloved deity.  It changes everything.  Have that understanding if the light is supporting you in sharing your message.  Speak with tremendous love.  Share your love and your light, not your anger and your upset.  You will find when you greet another with love something in you changes as well. 

Just as we say you are dreaming this experience,  those that you encounter within that act as mirrors to a part within you.  So, if people are responding in fear to you, instead of being frustrated, go within and find out what part of your own self, your own emotions,  your own mind, your own personality, is afraid.

The way that you quiet things down in your world is to become quiet yourself and to move/act from the space of love and light.  That changes everything.  The more force that you speak with or act with as in a demonstration, the more you will attract an opposing force.  The more you speak from love, from quietude, from peace, the more that people will feel drawn to you instead of repelled by you, and the less you will attract negativity. 

There is a divine plan and this divine plan, believe it or not, comes through you–each of you.  So, when you are projecting your reality around you, the divine plan is to teach you to become serene even in a very agitated world.  It doesn’t mean you don’t act at the right time with guidance from within, but you act from a space of quietude, not agitation.  The actions appear the same, but they get a different result.

So, first love your own Self.  Treat your own self with respect.  Honor it, for that beloved portion of Source rests within you.  That tiny, tiny portion of the divine is within every single one of you.  If you see horrible atrocities in your world then love yourself even more.  Don’t let those mental images touch that beautiful space within you.

Let’s meditate.

By now most of you have learned a method of meditation either from me or you already have one. 

If you don’t, I’ll guide you briefly. 

Close your eyes.  Become aware of your breath as it moves in and as it moves out. 

Become a witness of your breath.  You don’t need to change it right now. 

Just watch it.  The breath comes in.  It pauses, and then the breath goes out.

If your mind becomes active simply move it back to watching your breath.

We’ll meditate for just a few minutes.

Now again become aware of your breath as it goes in and as it goes out.

Take a deeper breath in and hold it, and exhale.

You can wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes.

And open your eyes when you’re ready.

All of us wrap each one of you in our love and we honor you for your courage in experiencing yourselves in form during this dramatic time that you have manifested.

I am Archangel Michael and I love you.”

Sharon Davis - I’ve been a serious meditator as well as a lightworker, a Reiki master and a nurse.  Over time, I found myself experiencing contact with various spirit guides which eventually led to direct contact with Archangel Metatron. He has extremely subtle and very powerful energy. Communicating with him has brought immeasurable joy, love, and understanding into my life. Source

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