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2014 Libra New Moon


By Dale Osadchuk

23 Sept 2014 at 11.15pm PDT

24 Sept 2014 at 2.15am EDT and 6.15 GMT and 4.15 AEST Australia

Here in the North Country this was the first full day of autumn. Yesterday, the last day of summer, had been cool and rainy but today Grandfather Sun’s beams felt warm and strong. Snowy Owl and Shooting Star had spent the afternoon in the meadow just below the Star Temple and had enjoyed the beautiful summer like day. But as they now climbed the path to the Star Temple the air had a crispness to it. As soon as Grandfather Sun had set the feel of the autumn season returned. The sisters knew the turning of the seasons had happened. Grandfather Sun was setting earlier and earlier each day. Soon the night force would be dominant. Shooting Star actually loved this time of year, and the months to follow, as the Starry Ones appeared as soon as Grandfather Sun set. It gave her a chance to hear the messages from the Star Nation for a longer time.

Tonight there were no Cloud People and the Starry Ones filled the dark indigo sky with their luminescent shimmering lights.  It was like they were sending blessings to the sisters for this New Moon ceremony. As soon as the young women settled in the Sacred Space they felt a sense of wonder at how beautiful and harmonious this night felt. They sat in silence and waited for Sister Moon’s message.


After some time Sister Moon spoke “this Moon cycle is about symmetry, harmony, and balance. Something in the far away time the world of the two leggeds is sadly lacking. On this day of this New Moon equality and fairness are emphasised and will be the theme for this cycle. Crow, fairness and Sacred Law, will be one of your guides. Crow is connected to spiritual strength and guidance from Great Mystery. The other guide is Raven. This Totem connects you to mysticism, magic, and the ability to shapeshift your life. Raven teaches you to go into the dark, without fear, and discover the Light of Harmony and Balance that is the core of the Universe.”

Sister Moon continued “the next four Moon Cycles after this are about new beginnings. It is imperative that you find harmony and balance within so you will be ready for the new. The New Moons to come are the themes of healing, transformation, and making space for the new. Then the focus is on Spiritual Consciousness and your true path. After that Moon Cycle the focus is on empowerment and following your Soul Path. And finally the fourth New Moon is asking you to give your spiritual gifts to the world with Love for All. Go now Snowy Owl and Shooting Star and share this message so the human kingdom will be ready for the challenge of creating a New World.” 

I really did not “think” there would be a story this time. The thinking was the problem. Once I “opened my mind” I was able to receive Sister Moon’s message. And Libra is found on the Tarot Constellation of the High Priestess, balanced judgement through intuitive awareness. That will be the theme for this New Moon cycle along with fairness, equality, and harmony. The astrological symbol for Libra is the scales of justice balanced.


Libra is the diplomat, mediator, peacemaker, and the seeker of harmony and balance. But it is also a Cardinal Air sign and tends to value the intellectual over the intuitive. This New Moon is asking us to listen to our inner guidance as we make decisions about what we want to experience on the path to creating balance in our lives. The focus this Moon cycle is also on how we relate to important others in our lives and our relationship to self. I always say that is the most important relationship. When you love yourself miracles happen.

The tradition ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, currently at 23 degrees of Virgo (the Rainbow Bridge of healing). She is sextile (ease and opportunity) the Asteroid Vesta at 23 degrees Scorpio (inner transformation) and the Asteroid Juno at 23 degrees Cancer (healing relationship wounds from the past). Juno is closely associated with Libra (the sign of partnership). So the astrological dance really supports healing for this Moon cycle.


The Soul Centered ruler for Libra is Uranus at 15 degrees Aries (breaking through to the authentic self). He is trine (ease and flow) Jupiter at 14 degrees Leo (our spiritual and creative vision) but inconjunct the Asteroid Ceres at 16 degrees Scorpio. Ceres is the nurturing principle and the inconjunct from Uranus says it is time to release the wounds from the past so you will be ready to embrace the opportunities the next four Moon cycles are offering.  The Sun/Moon at 01 degrees Libra are working in harmony (sextile) with Mars at 7 degrees Sagittarius (spiritual warrior) asking us all to become the peacemakers in our relationships and in the world. I am excited about the gateways that will be opening from now until January 2015. I hope you are too. Together we can change the world.

Because I am in a time squeeze I am posting the following information from a previous Libra New Moon. The Animal Totems, Clan Mothers, Tarot Constellation, and Ray energies are the same.   


In the northern hemisphere this is the Ducks Fly and Falling Leaves New Moon with Crow, Universal Laws, and Raven, Magic, as Animal Totems.  Crow represents our social experience and Raven our mystical experience. Together these two Winged Ones remind us to be watchful and aware when the magic of creation is calling us. They are symbols for spiritual strength. The first card I ever pulled from the Medicine Cards (Jamie Sams and David Carson) was Raven. That was the beginning of consciously entering Great Mystery and awareness of the mystical in every experience. In the southern hemisphere this is the Budding Trees Moon Time with Falcon, clear vision, and Red Tailed Hawk, the carrier of spiritual messages, as your guides.

The Clan Mother for this Libra New Moon is Weaves The Web. (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams) She is the Guardian of the Creative Force and working with the truth. She helps you recognize what you want to create, encourages the decision to create, and guides you as you take the necessary action to give birth to your vision. This is particularly true connected to your relationship vision.


As mentioned earlier Libra is part of the Tarot Constellation of The High Priestess, Balanced Judgment Through Intuitive Awareness. The other energies that operate on this Constellation are Pluto, releasing judgment and embracing transformation, and the Moon, releasing emotional drama and embracing spiritual wisdom.  The Ray Libra is expressed on is Third Ray, of Divine Mind, with archangels Chamuel, Adoration and Manifestation, and Charity, Love and Gratitude. The message is be grateful for all your relationship experiences, even the difficult ones, for they make you stronger and allow you to be in your true power.

Libra has been described as the Zodiac sign of balance. Actually it represents the need to be aware when the scales are tipped too far in one direction and requires an adjustment so integration and harmony can be restored. That is the focus of this Libra New Moon. Inner harmony.


This sign of partnership has its own mystery. It has not always been part of a grouping of stars that make up the Constellations. In Babylonian times there was no Constellation of Libra. They went from Virgo, the Temple Priestess and at-oneness-within the self, to Scorpio, sexuality and Sacred Union. The Constellation of Libra was created out of the claws of the Constellation Scorpius, the Scorpion. The zodiac sign was gradually introduced in the latter part of the Greek Empire and the early part of the Roman Empire and became symbolic of marriage. Perhaps Libra’s earliest origins of being birthed from Scorpio are echoed in the marriage vow of “until death do you part.” Scorpio is a symbol for death and rebirth.

I wish you all well on your journey to creating relationship that is in alignment with your Sacred Center and begin opening to the new opportunities that are coming your way.

Blessings Dale


Here are the Moon phases and planetary activations until the Aries Full Moon Eclipse of Oct 08. All times are 75 west longitude EDT. When we write the Aries Full Moon article we will include the phases and planetary activations for the rest of this Libra New Moon cycle.

Libra New Moon- Sept 24- 2.15am EDT- focus on balance in relationship and balance within the self. Be the peacemaker and the harmonizer.

Moon enters Scorpio- Sept 26- 10.29am EDT- focus on healing and releasing what no longer serves you. Snake, shedding the old, is our guide.

Mercury enters Scorpio- Sept 27- 6.39pm EDT- Mercury is getting ready to retrograde on Oct 04 to Oct 25. Focus on what you are ready to transform and if transformation is not possible focus on what you are ready to release during the retrograde. Relationship issues will be prominent.

Scorpio Crescent Moon- Sept 28- 12.16am EDT to Oct 01- 3.32pm EDT- This is the expansion and growth phase. Make sure you are focused on what is of true value and importance and continue to release what is not.

Moon enters Sagittarius- Sept 28- 6.50pm EDT- focus on your spiritual vision and walking your true path with integrity. 

Venus enters Libra- Sept 29- 4.52pm EDT to Oct 23- 4.52pm EDT- Venus is the natural ruler of Libra so the theme of balance and harmony in relationship is emphasised during this journey.

Moon enters Capricorn- Oct 01- 12.41am EDT- focus on your Soul Purpose Path and being empowered in the world.

Capricorn First Quarter Moon- Oct 01- 3.32pm EDT to Oct 05- 12.17am EDT- This is the make a decision, take action, and breakthrough phase. Break free from anything that prevents you from being in your power.

Moon enters Aquarius- Oct 03- 4.00am EDT- focus on the spiritual gifts you are here to share with others and the world.

Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde- Oct 04- 1.02pm EDT to Oct 25- 3.17pm EDT- for the next three weeks focus on what you wish to heal and transform. Identify what you are ready to release when Mercury clears his retrograde shadow on Nov 10.

Aquarius Gibbous Moon- Oct 05- 12.17am EDT to Oct 08- 6.52am EDT- evaluate the spiritual gifts you are here to share and focus on those that are in alignment with your truth.

Moon enters Pisces- Oct 05- 5.24am EDT- focus on your connection to the Mystical and the Oneness.

Moon enters Aries- Oct 07- 6.07am EDT- focus on the new inspired beginnings you want to manifest during the next 4 Moon Cycles.

Aries/Libra Full Moon Total Eclipse- Oct 08- 6.52am EDT- This is the Red Moon and completes the lessons we have been working on since the Taurus New Moon eclipse of Apr 29, 2014. The focus has been on what is of true value and importance and releasing what is not. The Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on Oct 23 begins a new 6 month cycle. It is the Moon of Transformation.

Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone.

If you wish to contact Dale she can be reached via-email at  or by telephone at 905-589-0192.

You are welcome to share this Moon information with others. Please send it in its entirety with Dale’s contact information. Thank you.

You can also find Dale on www.facebook.com and www.crystalwind.ca

© 2014 Dale Osadchuk

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