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2016 Capricorn New Moon


Dale Osadchuk

28 Dec 2016 at 10.53 pm PST
29 Dec 2016 at 1.53 am EST 6.53 am GMT
And 2.53 pm AWST Perth, Australia 5.53 pm AEDT Sydney, NSW, Australia

As Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple it was still light. Grandfather Sun was setting a little later each day ending the dark time of the last few Moon cycles. In fact it had rained the day before and patches of green were poking through the snow covered ground. So far the weather since Winter Solstice had been very unpredictable. Very cold some days and mild other days. The sisters knew it was only winter in the North Country. On some parts of the Earth Mother it was high summer. But where they lived winter was dominant. It was just that the weather some days made it feel like spring. It was as if everything was out of balance. They wondered if Sister Moon’s message would speak about that.

By the time they reached the Star Temple the sky was dark but also covered by the Cloud People. That was okay for this was the New Moon when she did not show her face. It was only when Luna was opposite Grandfather Sun that she was fully lit. Snowy Owl and Shooting Star settled into the Sacred Circle and quietly waited for Sister Moon’s message.


After a while Sister Moon spoke. “In the far away time many two leggeds follow a solar calendar. This is the final New Moon of the Solar Year. Usually a New Moon initiates planting seeds for the coming Moon cycle but this one is about review, adjustment, and realignment. It is very much a time for inner reflection. The Wanderer who is traveling with Grandfather Sun and me is called Mercury, the messenger. He is on a backward journey and asking you to reflect on this past solar year and identify what you are ready to release before the New Year begins. For many in the far away time this past year has been very challenging. Everything has felt out of balance. The question to ask is what I have learned about letting go of those things that are not meaningful or important and keep me out of alignment with my Soul Essence Guidance. Have I learned to let go and to flow?”

Sister Moon continued “On a personal level this New Moon is asking each human to make a commitment to living their Soul Purpose Path. To be the change you want to see in the world. You are on the threshold of a new year that is exciting and inspirational but also has many twists and turns on the road of life. Just remember you are the driver. Be conscious and aware and you will have an easy journey.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star began to reflect on their journeys of the past year and what they had learned. They felt wiser and approached the coming New Year with strength and courage to be the best they could be. As always they thanked Sister Moon for her wise guidance.


In the Northern Hemisphere this is the Earth Renewal Time. Even though we cannot see beneath the snow covered ground new life is stirring. Our Animal Totem guide is Snow Goose. She teaches us to let our imaginations soar and follow our dreams and visions all the while keeping our feet firmly planted in the material/physical plane. In the Southern Hemisphere this is your Strong Sun and Long Days’ Time. Your Animal Totem guide is Flicker Woodpecker. He teaches us to pay attention to new rhythms of growth and expansion that require us to move through the transitions a spiritual path creates. Flicker is also linked to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother and reminds us of the healing power we receive when we honor her and all her kingdoms. At this Capricorn New Moon the Earth is in the sign of Cancer. Flicker is the Totem for Cancer. So we all have access to the guidance of these Totems wherever we are.  

For the Capricorn New Moon the Clan Mother who guides us is Talks With Relations. She teaches us kinship with all life forms and how to enter the Sacred Space of others with respect. She is the guardian of the planetary family. She teaches us to how to learn the truth and honor others differences. For the Earth in Cancer the Clan Mother is Loves All Things. She is the Mother of unconditional love. She teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others and how to love the truth. More of their stories are found in The 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.


As our story mentioned Mercury who is at 06 degrees Capricorn retrograde is traveling with the Sun/Moon at 07 degrees Capricorn. Mercury is our thoughts and perceptions and because he is retrograde he is asking us to review our experiences of 2016 and identify what we still need to complete and release. Universally 2016 has been a 9 year of healing, forgiveness, completion, and release. It certainly has been a year when many celebrities have taken a final bow. As this is the last New Moon of 2016 it is important to work with the gift of Mercury Rx to complete and release the challenges of 2016 so we do not take the energy into 2017. So rather than a Moon of beginnings it is a Moon of endings.

Saturn at 21 degrees Sagittarius is the ruler of the Mercury, Sun/Moon conjunction. Saturn in Sagittarius supports us to build a strong spiritual foundation based on our true beliefs. He is sextile (easy opportunity) Jupiter at 20 degrees Libra (balance and harmony) and trine (removal of obstacles) Uranus at 20 degrees Aries (breaking through to the Authentic self). Uranus is about to move direct at 4.29 am EST giving us all the energy to achieve breakthrough. He is still traveling with the dwarf planets Ceres (self-nurturing) and Eris (purposeful action) at 22 degrees Aries (inspired awakening). Saturn is also sextile (ease and flow) Venus at 24 degrees Aquarius (cosmic love) and she is sextile (ease and flow) Uranus and friends in Aries. Venus is also trine (removable of obstacles) Jupiter in Libra (balance and harmony)


But as always the Universe gives us a challenge if we need it to change our lives. Jupiter in Libra (balance) is opposite (opposing forces) Uranus in Aries (freedom) and both are square Pluto at 16 degrees Capricorn (transforming society). This is a T Square that can make us feel backed into Pluto’s corner (releasing what no longer serves us or he will do it for us). Kind of how many people have been experiencing the year 2016 as we have been influenced by many T Squares since the beginning of the year. But we do have a doorway out of this block. The Fixed Star, Castor, in the Constellation of Gemini, is at 20 degrees Cancer. Castor is the storyteller who seeks the lighter side of things. He symbolizes having a voice and the courage to speak the truth but with awareness and honor for others viewpoints. We certainly need that in the world right now. 

There is another planetary aspect to be aware of. Saturn (the ruler of the New Moon) at 21 degrees Sagittarius is square (motivation for change) Chiron at 21 degrees Pisces (healing the world wound). The shadow side of Saturn in Sagittarius is limiting and dogmatic beliefs that cause us to wound others. I never mind a square aspect to Chiron. His journey through Pisces gives us the opportunity to heal ourselves and touch the Mystical. So embrace this gift and let go of all that “stuff” which keeps you stuck in the past and stops you from going with the flow. 


And finally the Sun/Moon in Capricorn are sextile (ease and flow) the South Node at 04 degrees Pisces (releasing the past) Mars at 07 degrees Pisces (spiritual action) and Neptune at 09 degrees Pisces (illumination). The New Moon is trine (removal of obstacles) the North Node at 04 degrees Virgo (new spiritual direction). Virgo is the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness.

Blessings on the next part of your journey. We will be back with insights about 2017 this weekend.


Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone.
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