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2017 Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse


Dale Osadchuk

10 Feb 2017 at 4.33 pm PST and 7.33 pm EST
11 Feb 2017 at 12.33 am GMT 8.33 am AWST Perth, Australia
11.33 am AEDT Sydney, NSW, Australia

As they sometimes did Snowy Owl and Shooting Star went to visit the Shaman’s Cave before going to the Star Temple to celebrate the Moon ceremony. This time he told them this was a very special Full Moon as from their location they would be able to see the upper orb of Luna turn reddish. He also told them Sister Moon had a very important message to share. Later just after Grandfather Sun had set the young women climbed the path to the Star Temple and sat in the center of the Sacred Space in quiet anticipation waiting for Sister Moon to speak. As they looked east they saw her rising. The top part of her full face was a rusty red. Luna had entered the outer shadow of the Earth Mother.


Sister Moon spoke. “Eons of time ago Creator and Great Mystery were looking for a place in the vast Universe where the compassionate heart would be the guiding light. A small blue-green planet with a rainbow aura called out PICK Me, PICK Me. It was the Earth Mother and Great Mystery saw she was perfect. She had oceans and lakes where the Finned Ones could swim. She had Standing Ones whose leaves could shelter the Winged Ones when it was time for them to nest. She had rich soil that was right for the Creepy Crawlers and Ancient Ones to move around. There were forests, mountains, and vast plains for the Four Leggeds to roam. The only thing missing were humans who could appreciate the beauty of this precious planet”

Sister Moon continued her story. “Great Mystery gave form to the Two Leggeds. Creator put the spark of Divine Love in their hearts so they would remember the Oneness and honour all the Earth Mother’s Kingdoms as Sacred. But Great Mystery gave the humans free will. At first all was in balance but then the human ego’s desire for power upset the balance. In the far away time this is especially true as the Two Leggeds value arrogance and control of others over empathy and acceptance of differences. They have forgotten all is Sacred.”


“This Full Moon Eclipse is to remind all humans that only Loving Compassion is the answer to change the world. This Lunation completes the energy vibration of the last six Moon cycles. It is time to release the power struggles and create A New Earth based on Harmony, Peace, and Love. Go now and share this message and awaken the hearts of all who hear it.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star knew it was time to travel to the far away time once again as they had before to share the message. They went to the Standing One who guarded their magic capes and as soon as they put them on they flew into the Universe heading toward the far away time. Their hearts were filled with hope.

This is a powerful Full Moon and not just because it is an Eclipse. IT IS COMPLETING THE LESSONS WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON SINCE Sept 2016. The theme has been healing, completing, and releasing any blocks (mental, physical, emotional) that have prevented us from crossing The Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness. The question to ask yourself at this Lunation is who do I need to forgive, release, and most importantly have compassion for? There are some people who make that hard to do. We must not just try BUT DO IT.  The planetary dance is giving us a lot of support at this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.


The Moon at 22 degrees Leo (the compassionate heart) is of course opposite (finding balance) the Sun at 22 degrees Aquarius (humanitarian causes and the collective consciousness). The Sun rules the Leo Moon. Uranus at 21 degrees Aries rules the Aquarius Sun and they are sextile (easy opportunities) each other. The Moon in Leo is sextile (easy opportunities) Jupiter at 23 degrees Libra (justice and fairness for all) which is sextile (easy co-operation) Saturn at 25 degrees Sagittarius (our spiritual foundation) and Saturn is sextile the Sun (the spiritual gifts we have to share with the Universe). These are 5 sextiles (easy energy). The mid-point between Uranus in Aries (breakthrough) and the Moon in Leo (the kind heart) is 22 Gemini (healing duality). So we have through the planetary picture a Six Pointed Star (Cosmic Consciousness). This does not often manifest and the degrees are near exact.  It is a very spiritual configuration.

There are also a number of Fixed Stars around the celestial longitude of that mid-point (the point half way between Uranus and the Moon). This also is unusual. The Stars are Bellatrix at 21 degrees Gemini (success if we face our shadow) and Alnilam at 23 degrees Gemini (to hold things together) both in the Constellation of Orion (the great shepherd and divine guide). The other Fixed Stars are at 22 degrees Gemini celestial longitude. They are Capella (the need for freedom and independence) in the Constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer (mastery of self) and Phact (the desire to explore the unknown) in the Constellation of Columba the Dove (taking risks) and El Nath (confronting and dealing with real life issues) in the Constellation of Taurus (personal empowerment). These Constellations are located in the sky in the Sidereal Zodiac. They are not the same as the Tarot Constellations. But you can see how we are being given so much support from the sky dance.


The Cardinal Grand Cross that was active at the Aquarius New Moon is still with us. Jupiter, currently at 23 degrees Libra (expansion and growth of your spiritual vision) is opposite Uranus at 21 Aries (push/pull energy in relationship between self and other). Jupiter and Uranus are square (motivation for change) Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn (transforming ourselves and society). This would be a T Square (feeling backed into a corner) but the Asteroid Goddess Vesta is at 22 degrees Rx in Cancer (commitment to your spiritual path) and gives us the doorway out. So we are continuing to be supported to follow our Soul’s Wise Guidance. This is a Cardinal Grand Cross (breaking out of whatever box we are stuck in) and as we mentioned at the Aquarius New Moon will be repeated from now until the end of April.  

There is another fairly rare planetary pattern at this Full Moon that involves Chiron, the wounded healer. As we mentioned previously the Leo Moon (the compassionate heart) is sextile (easy opportunity) Jupiter in Libra (harmony and balance). They are both inconjunct (letting go and completion) Chiron at 22 degrees Pisces (our wounded heart and the world wound). This aspect is called a YOD. It is also called the Finger of Fate or the Finger of God. Picture the letter V. The Moon and Jupiter are at the top of the V and Chiron is at the bottom. This is considered a stressful aspect. The empty shape between Moon and Jupiter is the release point. It is at 23 degrees Virgo and is the mid-point between Moon/Jupiter. There is also at Fixed Star at 23 degrees Virgo (celestial longitude). It is Alkes in the Constellation of the Crater or Cup. It symbolizes carrying something precious, spiritual and mystical knowledge and understanding. It is a Star that is linked to the search for the Holy Grail, your Sacred Self. And we have been describing Virgo as the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness. Here is another chance to cross that Bridge. It is your free will to choose.


Our Animal Totem guide for the Moon in Leo is Salmon, courage and enthusiasm to create the new. For the Sun in Aquarius it is Otter, companionship and joyful sharing. The Clan Mother who guides us for the Moon in Leo is She Who Heals. She is the guardian of serving the truth, the keeper of the healing arts, and all rites of passage. She guides us through the experiences of death and rebirth. We use “death” here as the process of letting go what no longer serves us to create the new. For the Sun in Aquarius the Clan Mother is Wisdom Keeper. She is the guardian of honouring the truth in all things. She is the keeper of the Stone People and their wisdom. She also teaches us to honour each person’s Sacred Point of View. She is the keeper of Sacred Traditions and their wisdom. You can find more insight about these Clan Mother guides in The 13 Original Clan Mothers or Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

Leo and Aquarius are found on the Tarot Constellation of Strength; the principle of courage and self-esteem. The theme is courage of your convictions and discovering your inner strength for Leo and courage to be yourself and connecting to Source for Aquarius. In The Tarot the sign of Leo is The Strength card and the sign of Aquarius is The Star.


This Leo Full Moon is active on the 5th Ray of Knowledge and Healing. The Archangels who guide us are Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, Divine unconditional love. The Moon in Leo also activates the 1st Ray of Divine Will and Power with Archangels Michael, protector and spiritual guide, and Faith, trust and belief in self, as our guides.

And so I wish you well as you receive the blessings of this powerful Full Moon. Remember blessings sometimes come disguised. Be heart centered and you will see the gifts.


Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone.
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