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2019 Sagittarius Full Moon

2019 Sagittarius Full Moon

Dale Osadchuk

2019 Sagittarius Full Moon
17 June 2019 at 1.31 am PDT- 4.31 am EDT- 9.31 am BST (summer time GMT)
4.31 pm AWST Perth, Australia- 6.31 pm AEST Sydney, NSW, Australia

It was late evening as Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple to do ceremony for this Full Moon. Grandfather Sun had set a while ago and the Cloud People covered the sky. The night was very foggy as if the clouds were touching the earth. The sisters wondered if they would be able to truly hear Sister Moon’s message through the fog. It was always easier when they could see her luminance shinning down on them.

When the young women settled in the center of the Sacred Space the fog began to lift and then the Cloud People started to slowly dissolve and melt away. Except for one formation. When the sisters looked up they saw Sister Moon’s silver full face surrounded by a huge Winged One in the shape of an Owl. It was flying toward the heavens and Luna was at its heart center.

sister moon cw dale

Sister Moon spoke “This Full Moon is asking all two leggeds now, and especially in the far away time, to become centered in your Heart Wisdom. It is not about what your mind believes in it is about what your heart knows is your truth. Owl Medicine is working with me as I shine my light down on you.  Owl guides you to see through illusion and deception so you discover your inner wisdom and heart knowing and let that be your guide on your life path.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star watched as Sister Moon continued to sail the sky. As they did the Winged One surrounding her became a High Flying Dove. Peace and Love was the message.

Sagittarius Full Moon

Last night I went to sleep late. The Moon was shining through my bedroom window AND SHE WAS SURROUNDED BY A WINGED ONE. I saw it as a dove, peace and love. But it makes sense that it was also Owl, wisdom, as Owl is the Animal Totem guide for the Moon in Sagittarius. Whether it was “real” or not I saw it so it was real for me. That is an important question to ask at this Full Moon “what is real for me?” Not what you are told to believe but what your heart knowing knows is your truth.

Sagittarius is a complex energy. This Full Moon activates the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict (it is the Ray of humanity and conflict is thriving in our world) or it is the Ray of Beauty and Peace (what humanity needs to embrace). The Archangels of 4th Ray are Gabriel, awakening to Higher Consciousness, and Hope, optimism and trust in self. Sagittarius is also found on the 5th Ray of Knowledge and Healing with Archangels Raphael, the shining one who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional Love. It is also a 6th Ray sign, Idealism and Devotion, with Archangel Uriel, the Dove of Peace, and Aurora Grace, love and harmony. As always the Universe supports us to be free of fear and embrace Love.

deer owl

For the Northern Medicine Wheel besides Owl, Wisdom and Truth, The Moon in Sagittarius is guided by Elk, strength, stamina, and the support of our tribe. This Moon asks you to be honest and if your tribe does not support you find one that does. For the Sun in Gemini our Animal Totem guide is Deer, sensitivity, empathy, and Love. Deer also calls us to new adventures. The Totems are reversed for the Southern Medicine Wheel. What I love is at Full Moon all the Totems walk with us wherever we on the planet. Our Clan Mother guide for Moon in Sagittarius is Gives Praise. She teaches us the art of giving and receiving. She is the mother of creating abundance for ourselves and others. For the Sun in Gemini the Clan Mother who guides us is Storyteller. She teaches us to speak our truth and create our new story. More of their Medicine can be found in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

The planetary dance at this Full Moon is complicated. The Moon at 25 degrees Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter Rx at 18 degrees Sagittarius, Both are asking us to connect to our Higher Selves to guide us. The Sun in Gemini is ruled by Mercury at 19 degrees Cancer (our spiritual destiny path). Mercury is travelling with the North Node at 17 degrees Cancer and Mars at 20 degrees Cancer (taking action to move forward spiritually). This Cancer trio is opposite the South Node at 17 degrees Capricorn, Saturn Rx at 18 degrees Capricorn and Pluto Rx at 22 degrees Capricorn. The message is release belief systems that are not your truth and that keep you stuck in the limitation and restrictions of the past. Jupiter (your spiritual vision) is inconjunct (letting go) the planets in Cancer. The message again is release yourself from fear and anger (Cancer) so you might set yourself free to follow your TRUTH. The word “truth” adds up numerologically to 22. In Tarot Constellations 22 is the planet Uranus, breaking free to your Authentic Self. Your Truth will set you free.

Earth Moon

The Soul Centered ruler (The Ageless Wisdom Teachings) for the Moon is the astrological Earth also at 25 degrees Sagittarius. She ask us to honour all her Kingdoms and do no harm. She reminds us how blessed we are to live on this precious planet. For the Sun in Gemini the Soul Centered ruler is Venus at 10 degrees Gemini. She asks us to Unite in Love and be the harmonizer of our world. Venus is sextile (easy opportunities) Chiron at 05 degrees Aries (healing the broken self) and trine (removal of obstacles) Pallus Athene at 11 degrees Libra (healing discord in relationship).  Pallus is the Goddess of Wisdom but she is opposite (tug of war) Chiron the healer. Some people might continue to choose conflict. Perhaps it is time to let those people go. The opportunity for healing, release, and transformation is very strong between now and Solstice on June 21/22 especially when Mars opposes Pluto on June 19/20. Stay connected to your Higher Wisdom.

I leave you with a message from Owl from the book Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom by Margaret Ann Lembo.

Owl Affirmation

Hidden intentions, masks, and illusions are disclosed.

Knowledge and wisdom regarding secrets are revealed to me when needed.

It is easy for me to see the unseen and hear the unsaid.

I acknowledge and trust my intuition.

It is my intention to improve my spiritual sight and clairvoyant capabilities.

I have a clear view of the TRUTH.

Namaste and blessings,


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