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2019 Scorpio Full Moon

2019 Scorpio Full Moon
Dale Osadchuk

2019 Scorpio/Taurus Full Moon at 27 degrees 39 minutes
18 May 2019 at 2.11 pm PDT- 5.11 pm EDT- 10.11 pm BST (summer time GMT)
19 May 2019 at 5.11 am AWST Perth, Australia- 7.11 am AEST Sydney, Australia

Imagine you have travelled back through space to the time of Snowy Owl and Shooting Star. When you arrive at your destination the sisters greet you warmly welcoming this visitor from the far away time. As you join them to climb the path to The Star Temple everything feels familiar. You have been here before.

When the three of you have settled in the center of the Sacred Space you look up and see Sister Moon’s luminous full face. You are bathed in moonlight. Sister Moon begins to speak “On this Full Moon of Transformation I am taking you on a journey to remind you of who you really are, a Divine Cosmic Being. Begin by closing your eyes and gently breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and out. This time as you breathe in you are breathing in a healing loving light. It fills your mind releasing any thoughts of struggle or strife until your mind is empty. Now that healing light travels down through your body melting away any stress or pain until it reaches your feet. Feel your Lightness of Being.”

Sister Moon 

Sister Moon continued “Now let roots grow from the soles of your feet stretching deeply to Earths Core. When they reach Mother Earth she thanks you for bringing the healing loving light to her. As she receives your gift she sends that light to all her kingdoms so healing may happen and balance be restored. Mother Earth gives you a gift to thank you for bringing the healing to her and to remind you she loves you. Her gift mixes with the healing light and travels back up the roots into your feet and throughout your body until it reaches the top of your head. As you open your crown chakra you feel your connection to the Universe and the wise guidance of all the teachers who walk with you on your life journey. You may now open your eyes.”  

When you open your eyes there are three Beings standing in front of you. Two are in male form and one is in female form. The first male gives you the gift of seeing the Sacred in All That Is. The second male gifts you with the opening of your compassionate heart so you walk the path of Loving Kindness. The female gives you the gift of courage and inner power to walk your true path. As you travel back to your own time you feel such gratitude for all the gifts you have received. They will remind you of who you really are when you forget.   

Scorpio Full Moon

This Full Moon time just may be what we all need to release what no longer serves us, experience deep healing that leads to transformation and be renewed and reborn. The Scorpio Moon is guided by Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn (transformation and release). He is travelling with Saturn at 20 degrees Capricorn and the South Node at 18 degrees Capricorn (releasing past patterns that limit and restrict us). Pluto is sextile the Moon giving us the opportunity to release the old easily if we choose to. The Capricorn trio is also sextile Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces (breaking free from illusion) and Neptune is trine (ease and flow) the Moon (deep healing and transformation) and the North Node at 18 degrees Cancer (our spiritual destiny path).

The Taurus Sun is guided by Venus at 04 degrees Taurus (self-love and inner power). She also guides Mercury at 24 degrees Taurus (our thoughts and perceptions). He is trine Pluto and supports us to transform our thinking and change our lives. Uranus is at 03 degrees Taurus (breaking through to the authentic you and what is of true value). At 12.17 pm EDT on this Full Moon day Venus and Uranus met giving us more support for releasing what no longer serves. In fact all the planetary energies earlier today support healing, transformation and release. Venus is also connected to Mars at 01 degrees Cancer by sextile. In our May 15 post we shared that the relationship planets are in the Fourth Quarter Phase of their current cycle (revision and realignment). If you are resisting healing and transformation in your relationships Chiron is here to help. He is at 04 degrees Aries (your authentic self) and square (motivation for change and finding new ways of doing things) Mars in Cancer (emotional mastery).

beaver card snake card

Our Animal Totem guides support our journey of transformation. For the Moon in Scorpio our guide is Snake, shedding the old and transitioning into the new. For the Sun and the other planets in Taurus we are guided by Beaver, clearing the clutter and building the new. They are reversed for the Southern Medicine Wheel but working together to support all of us. The Sacred Totem for the Scorpio Moon is the Phoenix, resurrection and rebirth.

Last night when I went to sleep Sister Moon was shining through my window. She had a Rainbow Halo around her (healing into wholeness). My wish is you take the time to go on her journey and discover the gifts from Mother Earth and the three Wise Beings. Universally this Full Moon celebrates the Life and Teachings of The Buddha (Wesak festival). I leave you with a Mantra from A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield.

May I be filled with Loving Kindness.

May I be well,

May I be peaceful and at ease,

May I be happy,

May others be filled with Loving Kindness.

Namaste, the spirit in me salutes the spirit in you.

Blessings Dale

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