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2020 Mercury Visits The Sign Of Cancer

2020 Mercury Visits The Sign Of Cancer
Dale Osadchuk

2020 Mercury visits the sign of Cancer
May 28-2.09 pm EDT to Aug 04- 11.32 pm EDT
Mercury retrograde in Cancer June 18- 12.59 am EDT to July 12-4.26 am EDT

Are you ready for a Shamanic journey to your Sacred Self? Well ready or not it is going to happen. In Greek mythology Mercury was known as Hermes the messenger of the gods. He had the ability to travel between the upper world (the cosmos) the middle world (earth and her kingdoms) and the lower world (the Underworld). When he is on his retrograde journey he is travelling into the Underworld and we are guided by Thoth keeper of Sacred Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom. It is the opportunity for Soul Retrieval, to reconnect and integrate those lost parts of self.

Mercury governs our thoughts, perceptions, and how we communicate. The sign of Cancer is Cardinal Water. Its key phrase is “I feel everything deeply”. It is the river of life. If we have not learned to channel our emotions in a healthy way the river overflows it banks causing floods. If we ignore our emotions or suppress them the river dries up and strands us. We get stuck in the mud and anger becomes the result. This Mercury retrograde journey is about mastering the emotions so we can flow downstream with ease rather than paddling up stream against the current. Mercury in Cancer teaches us to listen to our intuition and be guided by our inner knowing. This is Soul Work.    

Cancer connects us to our roots, origins, and Ancestors. It carries the memory of woundedness from that past but also the wisdom to heal at a deep level. It is the sign of the family we grew up with, the family we have created, and our spiritual family. The planetary guide for this Mercury journey is The Moon, our Soul’s Wisdom. She is asking us to care, nurture, heal, and honour the Sacredness of all life. The Great Universal Mother is taking care of us as we travel this path. We are also guided by Jupiter in Capricorn, expansion of our spiritual vision and Soul Path, and Neptune in Pisces, forgiveness and connection to the Mystical Oneness of All.


In the Northern Hemisphere our Animal Totem guide for Cancer is Flicker Woodpecker, who guides us as we go through transitions the spiritual journey creates. And we are all collectively on a spiritual journey even those people who are still asleep. Flicker is aligned with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and all healing love. In the Southern Hemisphere Cancer is guided by Snow Goose, commitment to following your dreams and spiritual visions. The Clan Mother for Cancer is Loves All Things. She is the Mother of unconditional love and teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others. (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams).

Mercury Retrograde

This is going to be a remarkable Mercury Rx journey. Here are the highlighted dates. All days listed are eastern daylight EDT.

May 27- Mercury joins the Gemini North Node- Focus on your new story and the life you want to create.

June 02- Mercury enters his retrograde shadow. Pay attention to what needs to be healed. That will be theme for the retrograde journey. He is in his shadow until July 26.

June 03- Venus meets the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini. She becomes Morning Star Warrior. She supports us to continue to create our new story with inspired vision.

June 05- This is the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and potentially completes the lessons of the last 6 months. The theme has been endings and release. But we have a Mercury activation that can help or hinder. Mercury in Cancer is sextile Uranus in Taurus (easy opportunity to breakthrough to the new) but also squares Chiron in Aries (woundedness that keeps us stuck in the past). Pay attention to what comes up for healing. This configuration is repeated again July 04 (a Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn) and July 21 and 22 when the Sun enters Leo (Compassionate Heart Love).

June 13- Mars and Neptune meet at 20 degrees Pisces (illusion or illumination). Ask yourself what is my truth. Release what is not. Practice forgiveness. Let go with love.

June 18- Mercury goes retrograde and the Shamanic journey deepens. Be courageous as you enter the Underworld of transformation.

June 20- Solstice Point- expansion and growth of your intuitive knowing and guidance.

June 21- Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse at 00 degrees. This is a very powerful Eclipse that influences us until December. We will explore its effect closer to the time. But the Moon in Cancer activates the theme from June 05. She squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus. It is another opportunity for deep healing.

June 23- Neptune turns retrograde (Soul Truth) and June 25 Venus moves direct (love in action)

June 27- Mars enters Aries (anger or spiritual action). Because he will be retrograde Sept 09 to Nov 13 Mars will be in Aries, the sign he rules, until Jan 06, 2021. I have no idea yet what that means but we will explore the potential closer to the entry into Aries. I do know we must all choose to be Spiritual Warriors and Wayshowers to the new.  

June 30- Jupiter Rx meets Pluto Rx at 24 degrees Capricorn. This is the second meeting of these powers of expansion and transformation. The first was April 04 at the height of the Covid 19 crisis. This could be the second wave requiring us all to self-isolate again. But since Mercury is still retrograde along with Jupiter and Pluto inner transformation is the focus. We also have a repeat of Mercury sextile Uranus (breakthrough) and this time Mercury meeting the Cancer Sun deep in the Underworld. The Sun is our identity and how we shine our Light. In the Underworld we can find our Spiritual Power.

July 01- Mercury Rx squares Chiron in Aries (healing the wounds that keep us stuck in the old) and Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn (self responsibility for our actions). Time to review your experiences from Feb/Mar this year. That was the time of social distancing. Perhaps again? I do not know. This whole Mercury retrograde is an unknown in many ways.

July 05- Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 13 degrees. Full Moon is the blossoming time but also the time of completion and releasing what no longer serves us. Later this evening the Moon will meet with Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx (spiritual consciousness and transformation). Again another potent Eclipse.

July 11- Chiron in Aries turns retrograde (healing the wounded self). The Moon is also in Aries and connects with Mars in Aries (spiritual action) Chiron Rx in Aries (inner wisdom) and Venus in Gemini (our new story).

July 12- Mercury in Cancer moves direct. We may all be breathing a sigh of relief. But we are in the retrograde shadow until July 26 so continue to do the Soul Work. In fact never stop doing the Soul Work.   

I know this is a lot of information but I wanted to share how powerful this Mercury Retrograde journey is. Remember retrograde planets ask us to review, re-evaluate, revise, and with Mercury re-think. “Change your thoughts and you change your life” Wayne Dyer. Blessings to all as you take the deep dive.

Namaste Dale

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