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Chiron Moves Direct Dec 05

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Dale Osadchuk

Chiron the Wounded Healer moves Direct 05 Dec 2017

The Healer has been retrograde in Pisces since 01 July 2017. I have called it healing the World Wound. Pisces is about healing, forgiveness, and release. It is about healing our separation from our spirit and Soul Essence. The time of retrograde was to look deeply within and reconnect with Source, whatever that is for you. Our woundedness can manifest on the mental, physical, and emotional planes but it is always about healing our spirit and becoming Whole again, or maybe for the first time. Now that Chiron is moving direct we are in the releasing and renewal time.

Chiron has not always been part of our Solar System. Astronomer Charles Kowal sighted this space rock orbiting between Saturn and Uranus on Nov 01, 1977 and named it Chiron identifying it as a planet. Since then the status of Chiron has been changed many times but his mythology tells us he is a significant influence for our time. Saturn is rules, structure, and associated with society. Uranus is freedom of the individual, breakthrough energy, and associated with the collective consciousness. Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow calls Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets. That is the title of her book that is rich in understanding the role of Chiron in our lives. Another book I recommend is Essence and Application: A View From Chiron by Zane Stein.

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I am sure many of you know Chiron’s story but for those who do not here is a brief outline. Chiron was a Centaur, half human, half horse. The Centaurs were a war-like species and even when they were not engaged in real battles they staged mock battles. Chiron was different. He was a healer who practiced holistic medicine and he was a teacher of the spiritual path. One day he was wounded in a mock battle by a poison arrow. The different interpretations of the story are: he was wounded in the knee (Capricorn and society) the ankle (Aquarius and the collective consciousness) or the foot (Pisces and the collective unconsciousness). The latter is most prominent with Chiron’s journey through Pisces (he first entered Pisces in April 2010).  Pisces is associated with illusion or illumination.

Even though he was a healer Chiron could not heal himself and because he was half immortal he had to “live with his woundedness”. That is until he saved the life of Prometheus who stole fire (Divine Knowledge) from the gods to give to humankind. As punishment Prometheus had been chained to a rock and every day Vultures (associated with death and rebirth) pecked at his liver (the seat of anger or strength and resilience) and every night the liver rejuvenated itself (renewal). By sacrificing his own immortality Chiron was able to release Prometheus and Chiron was placed in the heavens as a Constellation (ascension and rebirth). His personal wound was healed.


We do not have to “die” to be released from our woundedness. In fact if we wait until then we may just have to come back into the physical again and repeat being wounded. So it is best to embrace healing, forgiveness, and release NOW. Chiron will be in Direct Motion in Pisces until April 17, 2018 travelling through 24 to 29 degrees Pisces. He then enters Aries (clear vision and new beginnings) on that date and retrogrades in Aries July 05, 2018. He moves back into Pisces Sept 25, 2018 until Feb, 2019. Always, the Universe gives us time to embrace healing and transformation. But why wait? Do it now.

While Chiron continues his journey through Pisces we are guided by these Animal Totems, Cougar, spiritual power, Wolf, the teacher who guides us through change (Northern Hemisphere) and Brown Bear, healing and The Healer (Southern Hemisphere). Our planetary guide is Neptune in Pisces (illusion or illumination). The Soul Centered ruler of Pisces is Pluto in Capricorn (transforming society). When we heal ourselves we help to heal the World Wound.

The gift Chiron gives us is healing the mind and the body (physical and emotional). But ultimately his gift is to heal our spirit and set us free.

Blessings Dale

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