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Mercury moves direct Jan 08

Dale Osadchuk

Mercury revisits Sagittarius- Jan 04- 9.17 am EST to Jan 12- 9.03 am EST-

If the energy has felt a little lighter the last few days it is because Mercury retrograde went back into Sagittarius. That is a free spirit sign. It is also about focusing on our spiritual vision for 2017. Mercury the Messenger will move direct on Sunday Jan 08 (4.43 am EST) at 28 degrees Sagittarius. That is very close to the degree of the Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is a place of great power and spiritual guidance. So pay attention to the messages coming your way for the next few days. They are coming from Great Mystery. Mercury will re-enter Capricorn on Jan 12 and the focus again is spiritual. We are being asked to redefine our Soul Purpose Path and commit to sharing our knowledge and wisdom with others.

Mercury clears his retrograde shadow on Jan 27 so that will be the time to take action. He will remain in Capricorn until he enters Aquarius on Feb 07. When he is in Aquarius (until Feb 25) he supports us to continue to share our special gifts of knowledge and healing with the world. While Mercury is still visiting Capricorn our Clan Mother guide is Talks With Relations. She is the Mother of the planetary family and teaches us how to enter the Sacred \Space of all life with respect. She guides us to learn the truth. Our Animal Totem guide for Capricorn is Snow Goose, who teaches us to follow our dreams and visions. May we all follow our paths with Love and Respect for all.

To my Facebook connections. Someone has been using my profile to send out friend requests. Do not respond. It is not me. Also if you receive a message supposedly from me I did not send it. Do not respond. Hoping Mercury’s forward motion resolves this issue. I have contacted Facebook to report this situation.

Thanks everyone,

Blessings Dale               

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