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Mercury visits Aquarius

Dale Osadchuk

Feb 07- 4.35 am EST to Feb 25- 6.07 pm EST

At last Mercury leaves serious Capricorn where he has been visiting since Dec 02, 2016. The reason he was there for two months was because he was retrograde Dec 19, 2016 to Jan 08, 2017 (with a brief retrograde back into Sagittarius Jan 04 to 12). Now that he is in Aquarius things should feel more optimistic. It is the opportunity to connect with people of like mind and share our hopes, wishes, and dreams for the world. Mercury is the planet of communication.

But we also may see more protests as Mercury’s visit to Aquarius is ruled by Uranus currently in Aries and traveling with the dwarf plant Eris. Uranus is the planet of causes but also rebellion. Eris represents purposeful action but also strife and conflict. She stirs things up. We are also in Eclipse season (Full Moon Eclipse Feb 10 and New Moon Eclipse Feb 26) so intensity is in the air. The Soul Centered ruler for this Mercury journey is Jupiter in Libra. He just turned retrograde yesterday (Feb 06 EST) and is asking us to find inner balance so we can help to change the events that are happening in the world from chaos to harmony. Jupiter and Uranus are currently in an opposition phase. (It began on Dec 26, 2016 and will be exact again on Mar 03, and Sept 28, 2017). Oppositions require us to find the balancing point between the opposing forces. Jupiter in Libra seeks harmony. Uranus in Aries seeks breaking through to freedom. There is a saying “there is no freedom without responsibility”. That responsibility is to be the best you can be.

Because we are in a 10/1 year of the Tarot Constellation of The Magician, Jupiter (10) and Mercury (1) are power players. Mercury is associated with the Tarot Card of The Magician. The meaning is we have all the resources to create what we want if we focus our consciousness on positive manifestation. Mercury in Aquarius activates the Tarot Constellation of Strength, inner strength and courage to be ourselves. We may see more people expressing their true selves while Mercury visits Aquarius. Individuality is emphasized when a planet visits Aquarius. It also reminds us we are all connected to the Collective Consciousness. So our actions affect many.

Aquarius (along with Leo and Sagittarius) is a 5th Ray sign (Ageless Wisdom Teachings). It is the Ray of knowledge and healing so Mercury visiting Aquarius activates this Ray. Our Archangel guides are Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional Love. Our Animal Totem guide is Otter, companionship and joyful sharing.  Otter reminds us to take time to play. While Mercury visits Aquarius the Clan Mother who guides us is Wisdom Keeper. She is the Mother of Friendship, Planetary Unity, and Mutual Understanding. She teaches us to honour the truth. You can find her story in The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

There is an interesting comet that will be visible in binoculars and telescopes in the eastern sky just before sunrise Feb 09 to 12. It is called 45P and it is GREEN. Check spaceweather.com for sky maps. To the ancients comets were omens. This one is emerging from the Constellation Hercules, the hero who conquers obstacles. Green is the colour of Healing and the Heart Chakra. Beautiful message for Mercury’s visit to Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and sisterhood.  

Blessings Dale

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