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Solstice and Cancer Solar Eclipse

Solstice and Cancer Solar Eclipse
Dale Osadchuk

2020 Summer/Winter Solstices and Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse June 20/21

Summer Solstice is June 20 at 5.44 pm EDT. Winter Solstice is June 20 at 4.44 pm EST Lima, Peru. (Adjust for your time zone). 

The Medicine Wheel is aligned with the seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun entered Aries (Mar 19/20) it was Spring Equinox and we entered the East Direction of awakening to inspired new beginnings. At Summer Solstice we enter the sign of Cancer and the South Direction, the place of growth and expansion of those new beginnings and being guided by our inner knowing.  Of course we could not have imagined how profound those new beginnings would be. We must continue to be guided by our intuitive wisdom as we make decisions and choices for the good of all. Cancer asks us to honour the Sacredness of all life. The Guardian of the South Direction is Coyote, the trickster. But he only tricks us to show how to be adaptable and flexible when everything has changed. He teaches us to laugh at our circumstances as we find new ways to be. He asks us to embrace our Inner Magical Child.

From our Earth perspective Grandfather Sun has reached his most northerly point.  In the Southern Hemisphere he is farthest away and it is Winter Solstice. When the Sun entered Aries it was your Autumn Equinox and the West direction of your Medicine Wheel, the place of adulthood, and personal responsibility. It is called the Looking Within Place where you find your inner power. At Winter Solstice you enter the North Direction, the place of stillness and translating knowledge into wisdom. Traditionally the Guardian of the North Direction is White Buffalo, the promise of renewal. But I also see Whale as your Guardian, the power of your unique song and creative inspiration. Whale teaches us to awaken to the inner depths of our Soul Wisdom. He asks us to become the Wise Elder.

Summer and Winter Solstice

The Solstice points set the theme for the next three months. We do not use angles or houses for the chart as they change depending on the location but we do look at how the planets are speaking to each other. The Moon phase is Balsamic, healing, forgiveness, completion, and release. The Sun at 00 degrees Cancer (spiritual destiny) has just crossed over the North Node at 29 degrees Gemini (your new story and direction). The Sun is inconjunct (letting go of the old) Saturn Rx at 00 degrees Aquarius (new vision for the world). The Moon is at 25 degrees Gemini (choosing to unite in love) ruled by Mercury Rx at 14 degrees Cancer (healing deep woundedness). The Moon guides Mercury. The Moon and Mercury are in mutual reception (visiting each other’s signs and working in harmony). But the Moon (our emotions) is squared by Mars at 25 degrees Pisces (action based on illusion or illumination). Mars is travelling with Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces (illusion, deception, or truth). What is true, what is not true, what should never be true is the theme. Neptune turns retrograde June 22/23 asking us to look within to know and honour our truth with loving kindness for others.

The Moon is inconjunct (letting go of the old) Pluto Rx at 24 degrees Capricorn and Jupiter Rx at 25 degrees Capricorn (vision for a transformed society or limitation and restriction by authorities). We are seeing both right now. Moon square Mars are asking us to change and find compassionate new ways of embracing all with love. Mercury (our thoughts and perceptions) is trine (removal of obstacles) Neptune (the Oneness Of All). Mercury along with Vesta at 07 degrees Cancer (commitment to the path of spiritual consciousness) are sextile (easy opportunities) Uranus at 09 degrees Taurus (breakthrough to what is of true value and importance). But the Cancer planets are square Chiron at 09 degrees Aries (healing wounds of rejection, betrayal, and abandonment that manifest as anger). But as I always say the Universe gives us a doorway to walk though. Chiron is sextile Venus Rx at 05 degrees Gemini (choosing to unite in Love) and Venus (love and harmony) is trine Saturn (building a new world). So welcome to the next three months. It is going to be an adventure.

Solar Eclipse

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse- June 21 at 2.41 am EDT

This is a “Ring of Fire” Eclipse when the Moon does not completely cover the Sun’s disc but the outer corona creates a fiery circle around the Moon. It is visible in parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia (but a reminder never look at the Sun with the naked eye). As a result we may see some challenges in that part of the world. Because this is a New Moon Eclipse it influences us until December 14, the next New Moon Eclipse. 

The themes activated by the Solstice planetary dance are present at this Eclipse but now the Cancer Moon has strengthened as she is in her own sign. She is guided by her exalted ruler Jupiter in Capricorn (a new vision for human society) and her Soul Centered ruler Neptune in Pisces (Soul Wisdom). Cancer is the sign of home, emotional attachments, and deep feelings. It also links us to our roots, origins, and ancestry. All themes that are very active in the human world at this time. The astrological totem is the Crab who has a protective shell that it lives in. Once it grabs onto something it never lets go. Cancer and The Moon remember everything. Like the Crab some humans never let go of past woundedness. When we are stuck in the past it is not possible to see our new story. This Eclipse is the opportunity to let go with love. The Sacred Totem for Cancer is the Scarab Beetle, the Sacredness of All Life. The Great Universal Mother Goddess is guiding us to nurture and care for all that is Sacred.


Our native Animal Totem guide for this Eclipse is Flicker Woodpecker. Flicker guides us with all healing love as we move through life’s transitions. Its drumming echoes the heartbeat of the Earth Mother, our precious home. The Astrological Earth is in Capricorn and is guided by Snow Goose, commitment to our Soul Purpose and vision for a new human family. The Totems are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere. The Clan Mothers are the same for us all. (The 13 Original Clan Mothers  by Jamie Sams). Loves All Things guides the Cancer Eclipse. She is the Mother of unconditional love. She teaches us to forgive ourselves and others. Talks With Relations guides the Earth in Capricorn. She is the Mother of the planetary family and teaches us to enter the Sacred Spaces of others with honour and respect. She teaches us how to learn the truth. Because this Eclipse influences us until December the Animal Totems and Clan Mothers will continue to walk with us.   

The time ahead is uncertain. Be open to Universal Guidance as you flow down the river of life to the new. Once again I leave you with these words from John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Imagine all the people living life in peace.
You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one,
I hope someday you’ll join us,
And the world will be as one.

Namaste and blessings,


Dale is available for astrological consultations to help you navigate the planetary dance for 2019/2020. To contact her you can e-mail her at or via telephone at 905-589-0192.  You can also find Dale’s articles on www.crystalwind.ca and www.facebook.com

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