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Sun visits Aquarius

Dale Osadchuk
2017 The Sun visits Aquarius
19 Jan 2017 at 4.24 pm EST to Feb 18 at 6.31 am EST 

Symbolically the Sun represents our identity, individuality, our goals, our motivation to action, and our sense of purpose in the physical world. In the Tarot the Sun is the 19th card and is found on the Tarot Constellation of The Magician, the principle of will and focused consciousness (Who Are You in The Tarot? by Mary K. Greer). 2017 is a 10/1 year of The Magician. The other planets of this Constellation are Jupiter (10) expansion and growth and Mercury (1) our thoughts, perceptions, and mental focus. When the Sun visits a new astrological sign during this year the characteristics of that sign become even more prominent because the Constellation of The Magician is our guide for the year.

Sun in Aquarius is logical, scientific, and innovative. It is also humanitarian, focused on group causes, and very connected to Cosmic Energy. Like all air signs it is dualistic. But while Grandfather Sun visits here we all have a chance to awaken to why we are really here traveling this Earth Path. We all have special spiritual gifts to share with the World to make it a better place. Now more than ever those gifts are desperately needed. Aquarius is the sign of the individual but also the Collective Consciousness. As you share your spiritual gifts they are like the pebble that gets hopscotched across a lake and the circles become wider and wider. You never know who you will touch with your gifts.


In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Rest and Cleansing Time when the Sun visits Aquarius. Our Animal Totem guide is Otter, companionship and joyful sharing. Take time this month ahead to join with people of like mind. Companions along the way. In the Southern Hemisphere this is your Ripening Time with Salmon, determination and courage to be creatively expansive. This is the time to see the rewards of the seeds you planted at your Spring Equinox.  For all of us the Clan Mother is Wisdom Keeper. She is the mother of friendship, planetary unity, and mutual understanding. She teaches us how to Honor The Truth (The 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams).

The planets that guide the Sun’s journey in Aquarius are very different in expression. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. He represented authority, rules, regulations, and limitation and restriction of the individual. He still does to some degree but the positive influence of our current Saturn in Sagittarius is to build a strong foundation for our spiritual beliefs and vision but also do no harm. The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, freedom from the known. When he was sighted in 1781 just previous to that time there was the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Uranus is the planet associated with rebellion and rebellions. He is currently in Aries and since May of 2010 has been supporting us to break through to the Authentic Self. That is his spiritual gift. Saturn and Uranus will be in trine aspect (removal of obstacles and ease and flow) exact in May and Nov 2017. But we can view this trine as blessing us now as the first contact was Dec 2016. Saturn (foundation) and Uranus (breakthrough) are supporting us to find the courage to be our true selves.

the magician

We mentioned the Sun is active on the Tarot Constellation of The Magician, will and focused consciousness. That is our Divine Consciousness not ego agendas. Aquarius along with Leo (the Earth is in Leo while the Sun visits Aquarius) are active on the Tarot Constellation of Strength, courage of your convictions, finding your inner strength, courage to be yourself, and connecting with the guidance from Source. The Ray they are activating is 5th Ray of concrete knowledge and healing. The Archangels guiding us are Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional Love.

And so as always we have much support from the Universal Dance. And remember like attracts like. If you honor and respect others you will receive the same in return.


Happy Sun in Aquarius journey,

Blessings Dale

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