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Venus turns retrograde

venus retrograde
Dale Osadchuk

Venus turns retrograde- Mar 04- 4.09 am EST

This is just a reminder that the Venus retrograde energy is beginning. The planet of Love and Beauty, what we value, what we love, and our awareness of others is getting ready to leave her Evening Star placement (at-oneness-within) and become Morning Star (Spiritual Warrior) when she meets the Sun on Mar 25 and begins a new 584 day synodic cycle. They will be at 04 degrees Aries, inspired new beginnings. But Venus will still be retrograde until Apr 15 so we need to avoid the tendency to leap before looking (Aries) and use the retrograde period to evaluate and review what is really important in our lives and release what is not so the new beginnings can manifest for our highest good and for the world. The time for releasing is Apr 02 to Apr 28 when Venus revisits Pisces.

Here are the key dates for the Venus Journey.

Jan 03- Venus enters Pisces until Feb 03
Jan 30- Venus enters her retrograde shadow at 26 degrees Pisces
Feb 03- Venus enters Aries until Apr 02
Mar 04- Venus turns retrograde at 13 degrees Aries
Mar 25- Venus Rx meets with the Sun at 04 degrees Aries and begins her Morning Star journey
Mar 31- Venus Rx is visible in the east rising before the Sun 
Apr 02- Venus retrogrades back into Pisces
Apr 15- Venus moves forward at 26 degrees Pisces
Apr 28- Venus now direct re-enters Aries
May 18- Venus leaves her retrograde shadow at 13 degrees Aries
Jun 06- Venus leaves Aries and enters Taurus

While Venus is in Aries our guide is Pallas Athene, Spiritual Warrior and Goddess of Wisdom. In Pisces it is Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, who guides us. As we have said in previous posts when Venus is in backward motion she asks us to look within and connect with our Authentic Self (Aries) and our Soul Essence Self (Pisces). Again as Venus visits Aries the question to ask is Who Am I Really and how can I be true to that self? When she is in Pisces you will know the answer.

Blessings Dale

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