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Message From Master Usui: The Way Of The Heart

Message From Master Usui: The Way Of The Heart

one day life chooses you and makes you a unique offer: God's grace for the death of the false I.

What feels right?

Live from the heart and make every decision with the heart. With this you bless your life and you no longer create harmful karma. (But it may well be that you experience something disadvantageous at first, note JJK)

Then you begin to move out of the incarnation cycle and you come closer and closer to the end of the cycles.

The heart is the key to exiting this matrix and ascending to the light plane of being.

Now it is so that the heart very often strives in one direction, while the mind pushes in a completely different direction. Have a dialogue between heart and mind and always choose the way of the heart in the end.

What feels right, good or necessary? What resonates in love and how can you manifest it?

Never count on opinions and discard all 'good advice'! Go deep inside and the answers will reveal themselves to you.

Your life never presents you with situations that you could not cope with. Your life takes you exactly where you are supposed to be, and it confronts you with tasks that you can master – even if you sometimes stand in front of a book with 7 seals! Each puzzle is revealed to the one who gets to the bottom of the puzzle with all his heart.

Much cannot happen or be manifested only because man is not completely involved in the matter and does not fully engage with something.

You are reborn within yourself. Only there you will find the answers to all questions. But in a world where only facts count, hardly anyone is willing to listen to their intuition. "Right" or "wrong" is dictated by the mind and hardly determined by soul knowledge.

One day...

Loved one,

one day life chooses you and makes you a unique offer: God's grace for the death of the false I.

To let everything that contaminates the heart die, to bury opinions and beliefs, and to gain inner knowledge through access to the heart.

Sometimes life offers you the opportunity to take big steps toward inner freedom, and sometimes you get a lot of hints that you should change your life and redefine the course. However, sometimes you do not react to it, your answer is missing.

This is how you determine your own fate and sometimes you have to take a detour.

Today I invite you to choose the direct path – and you will get directly to the source if you pay attention to the daily signs in your life instead of ignoring them.

Unfavorable fate is created when man denies inner guidance and listens not to his heart, but only to the conditioned mind. Favorable fate is created when man listens to the voice of his heart and when his decisions have love as their only goal – karma is redeemed and the way to God is free.

To live from the heart, to act through the heart and to trust the heart in everything – and you will safely cross the bridge over the abyss of your low nature.

I of perfect love

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl - MAY 9, 2022
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