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Let’s Remove Global Inner-Power Fear


Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

Most of you have cleared those individual fears and perceptions that encouraged you to be of a 3D mindset.

The fear we are speaking of today is related to your oneness or portion of the totality. Even if five of you clear this Universal fear, the oneness that is the totality of all will notice – perhaps not in their daily lives, but more certainly within their inner-being/cellular structure. 

Humanity has a deep-seated fear of inner-power. You have trained for eons to follow someone or something outside of yourself – from patriotism, to employers, parents, religions, communities, society and governments. That fear of inner-power is reducing your ascension speed and direction. It is as if you have blinders on – you will allow yourself to see or sense that, but not this.

We are not chiding you for maintaining your social norms. Instead, we are pointing out that those social norms are reducing the flow of energy into your being and all entities on, in or through earth. The most rapid means of shifting that blinder mentality is to encourage you to remove your blinders. Your resulting rapid new earth growth will affect all entities.

How do you remove your inner-power blinders, how do you access that fear? You merely need to tell yourself that you are no longer willing to maintain the stability of your society, country, friends, co-workers, religious community, family or spouses.

That was a surprise comment, was it not? You did not realize you were care-taking the world by retaining your fear.

Perhaps you feel you will be opening a Pandora’s Box if you release your inner-power global fear. Such is not true – merely your deep-seated fear created by eons of societal rules that makes you feel you are doing something wrong by removing your blinders, that doing so is intrusive to others, that you are stepping beyond your bounds of propriety.

Many of you have learned that you cannot move into another’s aura or inner-being without their permission. That thought escalates your concerns that by removing world blinders, you are doing something to harm others. Such is not the case. There is a difference between reading, sensing, exploring or shifting another’s inner world without their permission, and doing so within a global framework.

Going within someone’s entity without their permission is the same as entering their house through an open window. It may be possible, but illegal or inappropriate in almost every society. Yet, locking your windows and doors to prevent someone entering illegally is not a societal requirement.

And so it is that this group think of removing inner-power fear is not invasive. Those who wish to participate in the removal of their inner-power fear may do so, but it is not a requirement. The removal of group fear merely makes it easier for individuals to remove their fear if they choose to do so.

Any society that removes or greatly reduces inner-power fear will feel and sense differently.

Could the same be achieved if group fear was removed through individual clearing? Yes and no. While it is true individual clearing impacts all, to clear inner-power fear one by one would take a longer in earth years than you now want it to.

When you created this transition before your earth entrance in this lifetime, you envisioned a transition with individual pieces – until those pieces formed a whole. Such is no longer appropriate. The process was expedited recently so those of you who initiated it on earth decades ago will live within it during your current earth life.

For that group dream to become reality, the process needs to be more rapid and so it shall be if only a few of you allow yourselves to find and remove your inner-power fear.

You merely need to set your intent for the removal of inner-power fear from yourself and any other entity on, in and through earth who would like to join you.

Essentially, you are setting the intention that you have discovered a new fun and freeing technique and those who would like to participate in doing the same merely need to open their hearts and such will happen.

It is little different from how your key electronic pieces – radio, television and computers – were introduced throughout the 20th century. No one was forced to obtain those electronic pieces that are now staples throughout the globe, The difference is that you will be relaying your joy at the removal of your inner-power fear through nonverbal communications, instead of words or the media.

Can you sense the fun of this? Not only will you help remove a global block, you will do so using your new communication skills.

Do not feel as if you need to meditate for hours or remove yourself from society to complete this task. You merely have to set the intent within your being that you no longer wish to maintain your inner-power fear and that you send energy to all in, on or through earth who wish to remove their inner-power fear also. Then watch and listen what happens.

Some very intense energies are bombarding earth in the next few days – perfect energies to pass along a message to all who wish to listen and change. So be it. Amen.


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