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Adama's Insight About Creating Your Year


Adama of Telos:

"Greetings, Beloved Ones. We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

As you have stepped into a brand new year, the energies have been set to propel you forward into a New Era.

As you are moving through the coming weeks and months, you will activate your 12 strands of DNA and RNA messenger codes to the next level. 

This will enable you to perceive everything around you and within you with more clarity and precision. Energies will become easier for you to see, feel, perceive and identify.

You will be able to create waves of energies on a more conscious level. Your thoughts and emotions are the creators of energy waves, which in turn reflects your reality back to you.

As you are molding your new reality, pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

You are in charge now. Use your thoughts and emotions wisely. Every thought, truly every thought you think, sends out an energy wave into the Universe and affects everything. This is then brought back into your experience and interpretation of reality.

The more you are tending to your thoughts and emotions daily, the better your experience of reality becomes.


Always know, that your current experience is a reflection of your past thoughts and emotions.

So, you want to make sure to be in a state of wellbeing with your emotions and thoughts, now.

This now moment creates your future reality. Then, the next now moment creates your future reality.

Therefore, your circumstances don't matter, as they are an old reflection of your thoughts and emotions. What matters is how you feel and what you are think in this now moment.

This, you have control over. Not your circumstances, people or the world. But, you are in control of your thoughts and how you feel.

You are in charge now.

With this you will create your New Earth Reality.

You might think, that you "know" already what we've just shared with you.

However, in this new year 2016 you will truly wield your knowledge of this truth and you will become more precise and faster with your manifestations.

Remain in your heart, let Source flow through you, tend to your wellbeing thoughts and emotions every day and you will master your new reality.

To a Wonderful, Peaceful, Abundant, Loving,
Harmonious, Healthy and Creative
New Year 2016!

Welcome home, Beloveds.

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos - and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure - always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos."


Thank you, Adama! 


 ~ Asara ~  has been trance-channeling Adama of Telos and  Archangel Michael  since 2005 for audiences all over the world. After two near death experiences as a child and coming from a long line of Light workers, she dedicated her life to be of service for the Highest Good and Benefit of Humanity. www.teloschannel.com

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