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Lady Rowena - Journey of Forgiveness

Lady Rowena - Journey of Forgiveness

Dear brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet! I AM ROWENA!

My heart is delighted and overjoyed to be able to once again participate in a journey together with you. But, don't be afraid, my brothers. Nothing that is to be shown, relived, is complex enough that you cannot handle.

Actions lived in the past correspond to time, beliefs, customs, and the learning passed on to each of you. Therefore, never judge yourselves for something done in times long gone by, where the evolution of the human race itself was still a very, very distant subject to be experienced.

Look at each scene with awe, sometimes even disgust, but look at your souls with love. Don't judge, and don't beat yourself up over the act committed. There was a time on your planet when killing was easy, there was no remorse, and no laws that judged those who committed these acts. Everything was allowed. You were just one more in the middle. So don't judge your souls. You were not living at that time. Even though you are newer souls on this planet, much was still allowed and worshiped a few centuries ago.

Today, you are aware of mistakes, prejudices, and discriminations because your minds have evolved, and your minds are moving towards evolution and ascension. So there is no need to judge what happened. Just do what is asked: ask for forgiveness or forgive, nothing more. It is not to dwell on the subject or the act. Forgiveness has been done. Forget what has been shown so that this energy no longer reverberates on your path.

Everything is cleared in the moment of meditation. Still, if you connect to that fact, the energy is remade because it is in your soul. It is as if you make your soul remember again. So don't remember. After the meditation is done, forget what you saw, forget the moment, the act. Don't comment on it, don't repeat it. Just be grateful that you are participating in a process that allows you this redemption. There is nothing to remember afterward. It has been erased, and it must continue to be erased.

Forget it, don't comment or relive the moment. Just leave it there at that time. The meditation staunched the moment there. It doesn't reverberate anymore to the present. However, if you remember or comment, everything returns, and the energy resonates again. So live the moment of meditation, and in the end, forget it. If what you saw was too hard, and the pain is intense, ask for help, and we will clear your hearts and minds so that the pain will dissipate.

Do not relive the moment. This journey aims precisely to remove those energies that reverberate over time from your back. So each one that is done, you become lighter. Now, what is important: is that that act is never judged. What happened makes stage in the past, not in the present. It was there in its time, lived in that moment, and don't bring it into the present anymore. So that you can gradually become lighter and lighter, purer and purer, dealing only with the day-to-day of your own world.

Do not fear what you will see. It doesn't matter what your souls have done. Many will discover that they were important people in your world and may have done horrible things. Just remember: if you are participating in this journey and have seen this scene, now is the time for you to ask for forgiveness from everyone you have hurt and, most importantly, get rid of this energy.

So walk on, don't be afraid. We are here for you all the time. The energy from each of us stays with you for about 24 hours. Exactly clearing, exactly helping you to digest all of this. But don't remember, don't dwell on, don't comment on, and don't judge anything that happened.

You have to have in your heart only love. Love for your soul, love for your journey. Because somehow, by merit, you are here now, participating in this journey precisely because of what your soul has done. How many would like to be here and are not even aware of what is happening? So just be grateful, very grateful to be a part of it and to be able to cleanse yourself of all that your soul has done.


Start this meditation by sitting with your feet directly on the ground without any shoes.

The ground can be at any height on the planet's surface; it's the ground of Gaia.

That's all.

Now, I will place you on top of a small hill.

In front of you is a beautiful field of pink roses.

The perfume of those roses fills your lungs.

Breathe in this perfume a few times.

Now, close your eyes.

I am in front of you.

My hands are covering your heart.

Feel the warmth of my hands on your spiritual heart.

From now on, something will come to your mind; either you will see it or feel it. It doesn't matter.

For 2 minutes, you will understand perfectly where the action of forgiveness will be needed.

Now that you know what you will forgive or ask for forgiveness, simply do it from the heart.

I removed my hands from your chest and enfold you in a ball of Pink Light.

I am no longer in front of you, but this ball of Pink Light will accompany you into the following meditation, sending all the love and peace to your heart. Forget what you saw, felt, and lived.

The action of forgiveness has already happened.

So, now everything that reverberated over time from this action has been undone.

Live this new moment.

Open once more the eyes of your soul.

You're still looking at the field of pink roses.

Stand up. A rose will catch your eye.

Pick it.

This rose will be my gift to you so that you may have the strength and simply accept all that you have experienced here today.

Keep this rose with you.

And always, whenever your heart squeezes, remember, there is a rose of mine in your hands. Just look at it and ask for help.

Immediately, I will be at your side, giving you the help and support you need.

Now close your eyes again.

Breathe deeply, still feeling the perfume of the field of pink roses.

Take your physical hands to your chest and feel all my love deposited there.

Breathe profoundly and gradually return to your world and your consciousness.

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