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Message from Hannelore: Time For A Chat

Message from Hannelore: Time For A Chat

On the global stage, the trend reversal towards the good has begun. Setbacks are taking place as long as power-obsessed entities are on Earth in that number.

Even if it has been said many times: It is their last stand! Support from the realms of light is expanding. Humanity is receiving more and more help and blessings so that it can master the transition to the light-filled age. What has already been accomplished by you is perceived with great reverence from our level.

Of the deceased and those left behind

(This interview was conducted on January 1, 1 for the book HANNELORE.)

H: Time for a chat, dearest Jahn! It's time for us to illuminate and tackle the new year in a bright and positive way.

I am now with you and with all the people who think of my passage, sometimes with melancholy, then again with a pain that does not want to leave the heart.

Overcoming a loss you have suffered means familiarizing yourself with your own impermanence. And the death of a friend, a loved one, forces you to do this – to deal with your own transience.

Thus, people never mourn for someone who has returned to the light, but always for themselves. An impenetrable wall builds up in front of the deceased and those left behind –
because the afterlife only opens up to a person when the veil that separates this world from the Otherworld becomes permeable. And this happens in death!

Only through the final discarding of the body can we humans enter the space of infinity, only then does this door open, which remains closed on earth for the rest of our lives.

This powerlessness in front of an impenetrable wall that separates one and the other often makes the grief give way only slowly. However, it gives way over time, because time is also able to heal wounds and free people from feelings of powerlessness.

This is an introduction today, because every person who has had to say goodbye to a loved one is faced with the task of returning to life himself. Grief and powerlessness are to be overcome and it is necessary to wrest the infinite from the finite. Deep in our hearts, we know where we come from, who we are, and where we will return one day.

However, deep in the heart, only very few people are looking for answers, for relief, for knowledge and for love. Deep in our hearts lies the key to realization.

Publishing activities

JJK: What will happen to our publishing activities this year? That would be my first question today. And then to what extent will we as humanity manage to initiate a positive trend reversal this year or to continue it in some areas? Or will there be severe setbacks?

H: Publishing activities continue. Step by step, this tree of life is growing and more and more people are discovering this source of life energy for themselves. Positive change needs ambassadors and our project is reaching more and more people. Everything unfolds according to God's plan and will, and you are the performers on Earth. You are blessed because you are guided by your hearts and not confused by the mind.

Access by connecting with the Source, with the spiritual hierarchies or with the spiritual family in making decisions was, is and remains the key to the blessings inherent in the Light World Project.

Is a positive trend reversal in sight?

On the global stage, the trend reversal towards the good has begun. Setbacks are taking place as long as power-obsessed entities are on Earth in that number. Even if it has been said many times: It is their last stand!

Support from the realms of light is expanding. Humanity is receiving more and more help and blessings so that it can master the transition to the light-filled age. What has already been accomplished by you is perceived with great reverence from our level.

The human will is invincible!

As long as we live as human beings among human beings, we are rarely aware of this. Our true greatness is always revealed to us after an earthly journey, when we return to the light and look into the eyes of those creatures who once said goodbye to us.

It is only after death that life begins – in a dimension that is unimaginable for a living person.

In this way, the spiritual levels know under what conditions a human life takes place and what resistance a person has to overcome in order to be able to tread the path of knowledge. With great effort, only small insights can be gained in some lives. This is all part of our earthly being.

When we become human beings to have an experience unique to angels, everything changes. We know it before birth, and even if we don't remember it all our lives, our heart always has a faint inkling of it. Deep down, we know that everything makes sense and is meaningful. So it is invaluable to have found access to the heart.

Life after life, we work to connect with ourselves. Life after life, our longing for knowledge and for GOD becomes greater, until one day we break the chains – and suddenly we see the gate in the wall and the veil of ignorance is lifted.

Immersed in karma, we search for God

I, too, have been striving for it life after life, and yet I hardly knew anything about it. This is what happens to many people – they search without being aware of the search. A person's restlessness and restlessness always have one reason: the search for God. At the same time, the seeker rarely perceives himself as a seeker.

This is how we dive into our karma and life after life we reshape our destiny. Distracted and restricted, we have to prove ourselves. Shrouded in the veil of oblivion, we want to experience ourselves as divine beings in a godless world.

There is no more absolute experience in being than when angels become human beings and when they lose the memory of their true being in the process. This is the big challenge – remembering, reconnecting and finding back.

Today, more and more spheres are standing by humanity. Powerful comrades-in-arms and companions from light planes are at your service. This is the result of our years of work as a human race.

Although we as human beings can rarely perceive our own light and are even afraid of it, the only truth is: Every human being is part of the change and has a share in the success of the change.

Human beings are honored, promoted and guided by the hierarchies of creation in their uniqueness and because of their unique challenges.

An umbilical cord of light connects us to the Otherworld. Deep in our hearts, we humans know that we are neither alone nor powerless. We know that we are more than skin and bones and that we carry an indestructible core within us.

Even if this memory hardly gets time to unfold during a lifetime, we get closer to the real with each incarnation. We proceed slowly, always step by step. We are in a hurry only at the end, when our cycle ends and the great circle closes.

How often do we incarnate and in what periods?

JJK: On average, how many times does a person incarnate before returning to the light forever, until he has purged all karmic affairs?

H: It varies. In rare cases, a creature masters the earth in a few lifetimes. It usually takes 300 or more incarnations to experience and master everything. It should be noted that a human life was not always as short as it is today. Eons ago, in the early days of time, we reached periods of up to 3000 Earth years. Completely different experiences were possible here.

JJK: How long is break after a lifetime?

H: It varies. In terms of time, a person remains in the light for 100–200 years after he has finished a life.

JJK: With me, I often have the feeling that I come every century?

H: It goes and went faster with you, yes! In general, it is always about where a consciousness stands in its learning experience EARTH. When it enters the home stretch, the speed also changes.

People who remember always end up in a hurry to become what they are. Only the "deranged" remain trapped in time, the "delighted" break this barrier.

In the world of light, there are completely different conditions and different laws – and the earth is now being adapted to these laws and conditions.

New conditions for the Earth's space

The earthly space is flooded with spiritual light and people can no longer escape it. If you want to live and survive here, you have to expose yourself to your own transformation. Light and love prevail, but all illusions – what light and love are – are recognized, unmasked and removed.

The new quality of energy that is now flowing to Earth is bringing movement to all areas – including global political events. This spiritual light from the center of this galaxy cannot escape even the forces that know how to turn an energy. More and more areas and projects have to be withdrawn and abandoned.

It is not the people who cannot withstand their pressure, but they who cannot oppose the new conditions. What causes people so much fear, a future in the totality of an overpowering digital state, will take a positive turn in the coming period and find a good outcome: cleansing at all levels, as light encompasses all levels.

The spheres of light are with you on all days and we, the spiritual families, are with you on all days.

Together we will redeem the old loops of fate and humanity will be reborn.

JJK: Today, apart from your introductory words, I experience you for the first time totally from the higher perspective. There is not much left of Hannelore as I knew her on earth ...

H: Everything is there – everything that makes us who we are is always available and available as an unlimited treasure. Your perception arises as we shed light on overarching issues and I look at them from a higher-level perspective, something that I as a human being sometimes had so much trouble with ... (with a smile)

We conclude our get-together for today.

We are born in light, united by love and perfected in God.

I am with you.

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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