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Shiva - Don't Get Angry

Shiva - Don't Get Angry

Be At Peace And Happy That The New World Has No Choice But To Be Here.

Good evening to each of you dear souls, hello wherever in the world you are, indeed. Today, I am present by your side - I am Shiva, the one you called Shiva - to relay a message, which we have already discussed earlier with you Sylvain, but which I will repeat at your request, and why not ?

Dear souls of the Earth, there is several information that I wish to give you.

The first is: you live in worlds that we form, that we make. I, Shiva, I am called the destroyer of worlds. I am the first dancer in this world. I am the one who makes them, the one who advances the image of the worlds.

It is complicated to explain to you that you have positioned yourself in worlds made by entities of Light in other planes, but it is all the same the exercise of consciousness on this earth which is yours, that of 'a simulation made by beings who are from another dimension.

So if I am called the destroyer of worlds, let me also say that I am the builder of worlds, and that the world that I have built for you dear souls, of which I am one of the builders, is a world of pure wonder and it is towards this world that I am directing you. And for that, it is time to leave the old world, not physically, not even mentally but really. I will explain this to you, re-using the same ideas already expressed before with you Sylvain.

When a place begins to show certain weaknesses, do not wait for the general weakening before moving to another place. To take the example that I heard you quote dear canal, when a house has cracks, we leave it before it collapses, otherwise we spend our time complaining and it's terrible, while it is the opportunity to change, the opportunity to evolve.

In all situations of your existence, each time a situation has to evolve, the old one seems to crack, seems to distort. The old experience seems to resist, but in the end you should and can only go in a new direction.

This is what you are aiming for dear souls, to return to a new planet without changing the planet, but by changing the behavior, the ideas, the attitudes, the valuations, even devaluations sometimes, that you put on this plane .

Souls of Light and Love, here you are in the announced times; you are now in the announced times of Revelation, the period of revelations. They will fall one by one these revelations. Don't get angry. Don't get angry like you enter religion. This is unnecessary.

I repeat, we repeat it and we will not stop repeating it, do not look everywhere for culprits, for those responsible. You have attracted your leaders, you have drawn your situations, you have drawn events and you have also created the new Earth, already. You made the wish and it is there.

And to move from one event to another, you will move from one shock to another .

You know what the first shock was. You are still going through the circumstances of this shock. The planet is already adjusting to the new environment.

During this first period, and so that consciousnesses grow at the same time on this world, do not get angry .

You have the right to find it unfortunate whether or not a situation is present. However, anger will not serve the new world, but the old one.

You know, placing someone in a prison for example, because he was a despot, does not prevent the arrival of a new despot. What prevents the arrival of a new despot are successive important and powerful realizations, those of meeting you on the values ​​of the world you want to create, not on the defensive, not on protectionism, not in a useless, non-global rapprochement.

Understand that you are all inhabitants of planet Earth at the same time, in a single unit, and that at the same time you are communities of beings. Communities which can be represented by a village, by a group of men, by a group of ideas perhaps. These communities coexist. They are not all the same size, not all the same size, not all the same possibility, and all of these come together in a perfect unity.

A single being cannot rule a country, because there is no country but a sum of small world communities. You will come to the self-direction of these communities. You will come to the ability to learn to co-create community anew.

The separation has lasted too long. What continues to separate should not take precedence, and cannot take precedence. So I am not worried about it, if you will allow me this expression, because I know that there are currently other shocks which will strike this possibility of not believing oneself to be Terran.

Think about what I'm saying. What event would make you feel Terran? You understood it, the arrival of the Galactics as you say. The arrival of beings from other planets, or at least their completely clear and dense appearance, is foreseen in the divine Plan that we have co-created.

I hear all these discussions saying, "  When - How - Where?"  And I answer you this - although I also hear that it does not engage you mentally - no matter when, no matter how, no matter where, it will be done. It will become another shock, a much bigger civilizational shock.

You have already experienced a first event that touched all of humanity. So, understand that all the successive shocks, which will bring you to higher consciousnesses, that you are, will be humanitarian shocks which will concern all of humanity. This is necessary .

Continue to defend the values ​​of peace, sharing and joy, I beg you. I am not urging you, I am not forcing you, I am inviting you to do this deeply, because these values ​​belong to this new world that you are preparing.

Don't stay in the foundation of a crumbling building. Be already, today, in action in this new world, in this new energy. Don't wait for someone to prepare this world. It is up to you to settle there because it is already there.

It's a world that will need less in order to have more. It is a world where you will be happier, more at peace, with less possessions perhaps, but with so much more emotional energies, more heart, more capacity to co-create, in a new understanding than there is. there is no leader, that you take back control of yourself by granting this same control to all.

What I am talking about today may seem like a utopia to you, but it is not. It won't be that way. It will become your reality. Oh ! it will take a few more years. I did say "a few years", decades even if it is necessary.

What can speed this up is your awareness, your love, staying calm. Look at the events, again, telling yourself that you don't have a cursed brother. I was looking for an allegory sufficient for you. You don't have a cursed sibling. Each of them, each person you meet, is your family. I invite you to have the same respect for each of those who inhabit this planet, as you would have for each member of your family. You don't have to see all the members of your family. We get along with some and a little less with others, but all the same, it's a family.

You know it for me, the family, in my history and in reality, is something important, very important and primordial, because the family is, above all, the one who knows how to reunite, the one who knows what is important.

Do not focus on the anger that the end of the old world and all its revelations will provoke. Focus on the joy that the new world brings, that these new relationships bring.

I am in fairly regular contact with peoples that you call remote, in Africa, India, and even Afghanistan, a country that you think is at total war - it's not everywhere, not all the time. If you only knew how much joy reigns in these places. They know that everything is doomed to collapse little by little. I know that I will be criticized for my last example, and I also know why I am telling you about it - and you will find out eventually.

Joy, preparation for a new world, planetary harmony, it deserves your attention .

Do you think knowing that corruption has invaded your world serves the new world? Some will say yes, others no. Let me tell you this: in reality, these events are just the crack in the wall. They “prove” to you that this old house is starting to leave, in ways that will make it collapse. But the new house, I repeat, is already ready and you can, from now, leave the theories of this old world, this world of power, this world based only on dogma, without associating the visible and the invisible, this world which seeks leaders and powers rather than seeking collaboration and competence .

Start, take your steps in this new world. I repeat, he is ready. The various successive shocks of your planet will only lead you to this place, where you can already go now.

Some of you already represent this new space, already represent this new time, already represent these new energies.

Keep going. Do not let go of this path. Do not abandon. I repeat, in order for man to move forward, he must stop moving backwards by moaning, in other words: prepare this new world, do not be angry. You can find regrettable, damaged, damaging events.

Healthy anger exists my friends. But it does not last, because it is healthy if it leads to right and immediate action , not if it stays and becomes a kind of diminished anger, a kind of permanent resentment. This one never serves you. Resentment makes the heart rancid . Don't be resentful, please. Don't be resentful.

Collaborate with each other. Create these new communities that already exist, manifest them. Land forward. Dare to act.

If you have rules imposed on you, take your time. Step back, postpone, but don't let the old world rules rule your new life, for that is where you are going.

You will find tracks. You will find ways, for many of you will say, “  How? For who ? Where ? When ? Why ?  All these questions again. The idea is to be ready in your heart, and many of you are already ready in your heart, and to start taking action: to start gardening, to start forming groups, to start to fit in. eco-homes, in ecovillages, communities already prepared and which are in the process of being prepared. This is the idea. Not to settle down completely but to begin this shift of consciousness, the one, I repeat, which will consist perhaps in having less but in being more. Understand it.

No guide will ask you to let go of where you are completely, to completely let go of the situation you are in. No guide has the right even to do this. We can only engage you in a transition.

A transition. Take your time. I told you, successive shocks will last for years. So you have years to prepare, but already step into the new Earth please, you will experience it much better. You will experience what is coming in a much lighter, much less serious way; this gravity that you give to a manifested world which, I repeat, is nevertheless an illusion created by the Light, but which remains for you very real, and I hear it.

Put one foot on the new Earth. Keep one foot in the old Earth. And you see, thus, by juggling between these two worlds, you will understand that to be is better than to have - and in no case, I ask you and you will not be asked, to dispossess yourself; maybe to share, yes, of course, obviously even, because sharing is one of the values ​​of this new world. And if an entity asks you to completely dispossess something, that entity will not respect this transition, it will itself be shock in a way, and I'm talking about planetary shocks that will change the world but not shock. individual.

Each of you has your own way of experiencing each event.

Let us keep this allegory proposed by my channel, of a collapsing building and another rising city.

Watching a building collapse, when there is no one left inside, is a joyful event. But obviously, watching a building collapse when everyone's inside, and you've experienced this type of event through those towers that have fallen, that's horrible - from your vision point of view, I hear it and I understand it.

But if you step outside, then you'll find people watching. If you still survive in this new space, in this new situation, in this new possibility, obviously you won't even be surviving this time, you will actually be living completely. Then they will join you. At that time, you will become the example. Thus, you will become these beings of the new Earth, this conscious Humanity, not an unconscious humanity following leaders who are already sometimes a little lost in their illusion. It is up to you to help each other.

In this new Humanity, which we have described to you and which we will continue to describe, each of you is not a pioneer. Some of you will be. To them we ask this: help, set the markers and go get those who are on the side. Go find the lonely and abandoned people. Bring them with you. Be aware of their presence. Don't abandon your brothers and sisters. Don't convert anyone, but some just need a helping hand to get to you. Help them get to know you. Help them to join you.

In what is going on right now, I can see a few of you wondering what your place may be in this. I have said it again but I will say it again, to be already ready in his heart is a real step. Praying, for this world to manifest itself more quickly, is a real step. But, and I insist, not to get angry is a real thanksgiving for this new world. A deep grace for this new world is not to get angry. Be calm my friends, patients, wise people.

What to focus on during this time? On the one moment in which you can act dear friends, on the present moment, on this deep grace of the present moment, here and now. Every now and then regain your energies, focusing on this present moment. Don't look at the war on the right or the party on the left, just ask yourself. Regain awareness of your body, of where it is. This is the moment when I have to talk to you about horizontality rather than verticality.

A plant, when it grows, does not grow straight, it is not a stem, not systematically. Most of the time, the plants which will resist, the trees which will resist, will make slow, deep and spreading roots. So you too, to last deeply on this Earth, take root on this Earth.

You always go where your joy is . If your joy is beyond death, you go to death. It's okay, it's an experience. But if your joy is in life, then you are going to make that joy grow in life. You go where your joy directs you.

So to all those who say, "  I'll be better after I die  " know that you are heading towards this, don't worry, your direction is set.

And to those who want to experience the joy in life, land in the present moment and spread your roots. Little by little, create this community, this space, this good will. Do not try to push until reaching the sky, but to believe in the connection between yourselves because, in order to reach the sky in fact, it is necessary to enlarge this antenna which represents the community . The antenna that captures the most is not the highest, but the largest. So grow in the expression of who you are. Don't reduce yourself, don't let yourself be reduced.

This is advice that I am giving you, just advice. There is no obligation. Again I repeat, I destroyed the old world. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to tell you.

This resistance to wanting to try to imagine a new leader, who would be better than the old one, is still to want to recreate the old world. It will soon no longer exist. I am, with other beings, at the origin of its destruction. And I smile, telling you that I am at the origin of its destruction, because it is time for this old world to find new foundations.

Do not panic at the thought of not knowing what will turn out to be this new world, even though we have talked about it often before.

It is important that we repeat ourselves in this present time, there, now, so that you understand that being angry, wanting to repeat the mistakes of the same world, will not change your world. It is not by changing leaders that you will run the world in a different way, but by creating structures that will already exist, which will be stable and reliable, so stable and reliable, that your "leaders" cannot. that to adapt to this stability and reliability, and not to demand another.

Imagine a tree that has roots so strong, so big that no bulldozer can come and uproot it. We will have to learn at that time, to build with this tree, around the tree, to take into account every aspect of this natural construction. This is this new world, a new tree that grows and that will take on a size of a global scale, with a world that will do with a new stability, with a new energy, with a new confidence, with a new constancy, with a new awareness.

This new consciousness, confidence, constancy is already there, already present. Do not wait for an event, a date that would take you into, God only knows, what dimension, when you have already arrived, when you already have the space to create this new world, when it is these "  yes, but … ”inside you which will constantly be the obstacle.

Yes but, yes but, yes but, you say: “yes but”, the more you will say “yes but”, the more you are telling yourself that you are alone and I pity you because, for those who are in a group, there is no longer a “yes, but”, the problem and the solution exist at the same time, because in the group there is the problem and in the group there is the solution. When you think inside yourself “  yes, but  ” think about it.

"  I am not big enough  ", you have to make your network, your energy, with the sky, with the earth grow. If you can't do it, if you are too lonely for it, call for help from heaven and let these people come to you who want to help you. Do not deny the help offered to you, ever.

Your good will is the first step. You pronounced this will in 2018. This year was the year in which you asked for this change of world and you obtained it. It was posed.

2012 was a significant change in your temporality, a period of time that allowed the creation of a new world.

We have therefore created, in what you call the past, an event that was strongly requested in 2018 and validated in 2018. This is undoubtedly where this precept that you hear from time and time comes from and which tells you: " when the pupil is ready, the teacher arrives ”. The teacher already existed before the pupil, but the pupil had to be ready for the teacher to arrive. So the event that makes you grow was there before you even had the will to grow, the apparent will at least, in this world and in this time.

She is there that time. There is this change. He arises at your side to move forward, to evolve.

Settle into the present moment.

Anchor your energy on Earth by finding anything that can bring simple, quiet joys in small groups.

Look for that joy of being together again. Look for it. Intensify it. These are carriers of the world. It is being played out now.

Do not blame your brothers and sisters who you think are guilty and corrupt. Understand that the fact of seeing this global corruption in all fields, the fact of seeing it, is exactly what is necessary to no longer be blind, to understand that none of the existing powers whatever their field, political, scientific, spiritual, all these powers have established their loyalty elsewhere than in the idea of ​​God, therefore in the idea of ​​the reunion of souls. Their gaze was fixed on the man and on themselves.

It will go on for years to come. This is not over and the current shock of consciousness is not the most violent shock this planet will experience .

It’s joyful. It is important. It is you, it is what you are, your field of action that will determine all of this. All of this .

It is a great peace that comes over me. This is not the first time that I have witnessed the birth of a conscious humanity again. This is not the first time this cycle has existed. Let the people who complain, complain. Put a rose in front of their door and let them decide. I say this symbolically.

Put a rose in front of the complaining door and let them decide. In this allegory, I'm trying to ask you to grow roses, create a rose garden, and drop a symbolic example of this rose on the doorstep of anyone who continues to complain. If they still want to go on complaining, deny the existence of roses, believe that they don't exist, let them. These lose themselves. It belongs to them. But don't miss any doors. Place a rose in front of each door. Whoever needs to understand, understand.

Grow the roses. Cultivate love. Cultivate peace . In the rose, whoever wants to see the thorns will continue to see them, but whoever wants to smell their perfume, will smell their perfume.

Complaint, anger, resentment, do not lead to this new world and continue to generate the old world, your old reality.

Leave the anger, this is my message of the day. I know this because a lot of events will have enough to anger the usual human. Be at peace, really.

Be at peace and happy that the new world has no choice but to be here .

I am Shiva, the destroyer of worlds and I greet you in this new world.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot

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Channel of August 28, 2021 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire. Conference 28.08.21 second part after a small conference on the different levels of consciousness of the 4 bodies and levels of understanding of the messages of the Guides.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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