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The Being: Love The Unknown

The Being: Love The Unknown

Thinking new thoughts, speaking words from a new mind and taking actions that correspond to a new foundation, contemplating every moment, unbiased and awake, innocent and observing.

This is consciousness, this is life, this is love. Everything else means a slow death, a suicide over years, the installment agreement with death.

7. Key of Life

As the world changes before your eyes and finds a new reality, many of you are still stuck in habits, programs and ideas.

Like blind chickens, they follow day after day the trail they already know and which obviously has nothing new in store. Thinking, feeling and acting is completely oriented towards the known, according to the "experience" of the old times, and so you tune into a life that is equivalent to a slow death.

"No man worthy of being called human is predictable." In addition, a beautiful story about Buddha, shortly after his enlightenment; he moved from one village to another:

"It was summer and very hot. He came to a riverbank. The shore was sandy and humid and Buddha left footprints on the sand. By chance, a great astrologer passed by a little later, on his way home from Kashi, the stronghold of Hindu scholarship, where he had just finished his studies. He could now predict the future flawlessly. On the way home, he saw the footprints in the sand.

He could not believe his eyes, because according to the Scriptures, these were the footprints of a great emperor, an emperor who rules the whole world: "How does an emperor – a chakravartin* who rules the whole world – come to visit such a poor village on such a hot day? And barefoot on top of that?"

(*Chakravartin in Indian religions refers to an ideal, comprehensive ruler; note JJK)

But the footprints were clear and left no room for doubt. So he thought, "Either all my science is wrong, for apparently this man is a beggar, though according to the books an emperor, even the greatest emperor in the world; either my science is wrong or I have to find this man. Maybe he really is this emperor and some coincidence has passed by here."

So he followed in the footsteps. Buddha was sitting under a tree. As the astrologer approached, he only became more confused. The first glance told him that he had an emperor in front of him – but there was a beggar sitting there.

Buddha had the essence of an emperor.

He was emperor as much as no one had ever been before. But in rags – as beggars!

So the Magi asked, "Please release me from my confusion – you have completely confused me. For fifteen years I studied in Kashi; it seems that I have wasted fifteen years learning the art of interpreting the future. Now I'm just finished, I'm a certified and certified astrologer, and you're shaking all my art. Please tell me: Are you a beggar? Or are you a chakravartin, a great emperor who rules the whole world?

My existence depends on your answer. If you tell me you're a beggar, I can throw away all the books I carry with me here, then they're worthless. In the river with them! And I can return home empty-handed – fifteen years for nothing! Or you are a chakravar. Please, tell me."

Buddha opened his eyes and said, "Your confusion is understandable. But luck would have it – you came across a man who is the only exception among ten thousand. Your scriptures may apply exactly to nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine people. Only not on one. But you won't come across this one again, so keep your books, don't throw them into the river. It's next to impossible that you should come across that single exception again."

The astrologer asked: "What is your secret – how is it that you evade all interpretation?"

Buddha replied, "Through awareness.

I never repeat the same mistake, I never repeat the same pattern. I have become human. I am no longer a machine. YOU can't predict what I'm going to do next. The next moment is unknown. Not only for you, but also for me. He is absolutely unknown. He will surrender – no one can foresee him." (Osho, the Sufi Way, p. 160 ff)

Being alive

The fear of the new, of the unknown, inhibits you and you prefer to trust the old patterns and thus remain in inertia – inanimate and far from the flow of life.

As the world changes, many of you make no effort to change yourself by curiously facing the new realities. This means facing life, that is, living, because that is what life brings. The old views and habits cannot cope with this development, which has now undoubtedly begun.

The wonder, the daring to try out new things, to reinvent oneself, to look at the world with new eyes, to look anew at the path you walk every day and to recognize the changes, this is necessary now, otherwise the deep sleep in the unconscious finds a continuation. Awareness is only possible if you open yourself to the unknown! To become like children, that is it, and not to remain like adults, frozen in the eternal ice of fixed ideas, fixed assumptions and ideas of life.

Life is alive – uninterrupted change. No two moments are the same, no day is repeated.

But how many days do you repeat? How often do you experience the same and the same? How strongly are you bound to your habits without letting go of them?

As the people around you change, you still believe that they are as you know them then. Your fixed images, retracted and stuffed into drawers, prevent every new encounter and exclude any new observation. Even those who are truly close to you do not trust any change, change or progress.

"He/she is just like that, you know him/her!" I hear you say this, and you are so lost and not one iota will you grow, become conscious, clear and awake.

Thinking new thoughts, speaking words from a new mind and taking actions that correspond to a new foundation, contemplating every moment, unbiased and awake, innocent and observing. This is consciousness, this is life, this is love. Everything else means a slow death, a suicide over years, the installment agreement with death.

Life means experiencing every moment innocently, always looking at it with new eyes, even if it seems so familiar through repetition.

Trust people to make every change!

Trust that only in this way can the changes that are now coming happen. Without this confidence, you block this development and it scrapes past your life.

  1. Expect the unknown with curiosity and interest!
  2. Do not be afraid, for it is life itself that cares for you, and not the ingrained patterns of life to which you have attributed this so far.
  3. Rediscover your fellow human beings! Trust them as well as yourselves, absolutely every awareness – everything is change!
  4. The flow of life brings movement, uninterrupted change, because all life is change. Yesterday doesn't count, not even tomorrow – only now!

To remain in the familiar and firmly entrenched ways of thinking and living means to stay away from life. Know this and enjoy the experience of the unknown. A new life awaits you, the rebirth as a fully conscious being.

Everything is change, you can ignore this, so you will have a life of stagnation, but if you open yourself to it, you will get the perspective, the knowledge of the Masters. Because then you are master and the knower in one. Inextricably in union with God.

The seventh and for this time exceedingly important key of life – if the door to this knowledge remains closed, life itself cannot open up to you.

Throw overboard what has so far fooled you into believing an apparent security. Get rid of habits in thinking, feeling and acting and come to new insights.

Life takes place beyond that and is a daily amazement at how everything changes, how everything is in motion, and how good it feels to trust the unknown.

For it is through this "stranger" that God works. He, the eternal confidant, works through the unknown to help us grow and raise our consciousness.

Once you understand this, a life principle is understood. The principle by which every change in the universe is described, for everything is change – constantly, from the beginning to the end of time and in eternity.

From Being

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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