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The Best Defense is No Defense - Ivo of Vega

The Best Defense is No Defense -  Ivo of Vega

This video is a continuation from the video we did the other day about feeling fear right now.

Me: Yes, Ivo, you answered that in response to my question about how do we defend ourselves from the attacks that are ongoing now? “The Best Defense is No Defense.” Dark attacks, for example, like my archon attacks and then seeing an astral spider in my doorway the other day. Then there's the cacophony of arguing that is going on on this world, where people unknowingly or not shoot at each other with negative energy all the time.

This we do need to defend ourselves from, because it's all part of living here in the lower dualistic dimensions. But yeah, the best thing to do is allow things to just go through you, without their getting hung up on any of your baggage. Better yet, keep your vibe high so you don't attract that kind of negativity and that's what Ivo means when he talks about the best defense.

I used to find that when people would insult me about being overweight, it was best to admit that I am overweight. Then they were only stating a fact. The shame that they were projecting at me went “right back atcha!” and I never took it on. I only admitted to the part of the insult that I wanted to, the rest was “returned to sender.” I believe that people not only project their reality at you, they also project their fears at you. If they have a fear of being overweight but they're not, you'll get barbed over that too.

One summer my telepathy got turned on at third dimensional level and I got to hear what the fashion police thought of the way I dressed. I turned my telepathy off again and used it only at higher dimensions. You have to realize that nobody who criticizes you is alright with themselves, at least at that moment. It's probably the light in you that brings out their darkness. You're pissing off their attachments. Just send them love and move along. You are representing something to them that they don't like within themselves, and for that they'll attack you. It's not about you. Don't let them rob you of your freedom.

Like I've seen people take snide remarks, obvious insults, and they just go right through them. Why? Because these people don't care what you think. And that's one defense. Not so much not to care what others think but to hold your own thoughts above all others. And to have the understanding that when people fire insults at you, it's because they feel you'll be insulted. Often these things come with energetic hooks and they have to be removed. Don't let them hook into you. Refuse to be insulted. That's one good defense. Have good self esteem.

I find the best way to deal with the negativity people project is through understanding and compassion. That always brings a higher frequency state about in you when their intention was to hurt you and bring it down.

If you've been abused or brought up with another psychology, then these things take practise. You'll make mistakes and that's okay. You'll get plenty of chances to perfect your response, believe me. Don't beat up on yourself for not pulling it off the way you wanted.

Having almost finished a good book on “Practical Self Defense Handbook,” by Robert Bruce, I did learn a few things.

I believe my awareness of them and the fact I keep putting my team on guard around my bedside at night has reduced the Archon presence in the last week.

Robert Bruce says, though, there are many ways to reduce the likelihood you'll attract attachments. We ALL basically attract attachments on earth. Bruce says that this is their home, but I don't agree. Anything that is not on the soul matrix is dead and a parasitic means of achieving life is not life – it's parasitism, theft of energy. There are some beings who have souls that are earthbound but they need to move on.

There are some easy ways, it turns out, to reduce the likelihood you'll have attachments or possessions within yourself or your home.

He suggests:

  • keeping your home clean, free of smells and dirt
  • keeping yourself clean, free of smells and dirt – shower at least once daily. Negatives cannot move past running water.
  • keeping your home tidy – negatives love a good mess
  • keeping your home well lit
  • keeping scented sprays, candles and incense on hand and using them to fumigate frequently – negatives hate anything that smells, sounds or looks nice
  • Religious iconography. I bought a Michael statue and when you get it you have to imbue it with power, same as gems – give them a job to do and empower them with your words
  • I suppose even wearing a nice smelling perfume would help but he didn't mention that. He did mention using herbal soaps and shampoos – both of mine are based on tea tree oil
  • not hanging around with negative people – that's the best way to pick up an attachment
  • I'd say too, avoiding crowded places because negative entities are always riding piggy back at the busy mall
  • keeping children occupied with positive past times – songs, dancing, puzzles, games and playing outside. He says make spooky or violent movies the infrequent exception to what you normally watch
  • Let children sleep with the lights on at night. If they start having nightmares, night terrors, or ear and stomach aches (I can relate to this) they may be dealing with negatives in their bedroom. Let them sleep with you if this occurs. But for the sake of your children, if not yourself, please pick up a copy of this book and read it. It's very informative.
  • ensure there are no dark spaces like dank dark basement corners – light them up
  • play soft music. Negatives especially hate classical music so play some Mozart or some Beethoven sonatas
  • keep your home life cheerful. Avoid arguing and being negative with each other
  • visit a river, lake or even a stream of running water frequently. You may notice the difference in frequency between these areas and the city.
  • use the violet flame to clear negativity from your home and your energy body. It is better equipped for this purpose than white light, according to the author.

He stated in this book that the way negatives traverse this planet is through the field that is just next to the ground, so your feet are the most convenient way for them to gain access to your body/energy field. Keep feet clean and use tea tree oil on them in order to avoid picking up any new spirits. Also do daily grounding if possible. Please note, tea tree oil is dangerous for cats so if your cat likes to sleep by your feet like mine does, find something else to put on your feet. Make sure you check everything on line to ensure you're not poisoning your pets.

I also watch where Merlin walks. If he's hesitant to go in the house or not. Sometimes he pauses on the threshold. It could be just him being a cat or it could be him seeing more things than I can. He has on many occasions been shocked at something near him that I can't see or avoided certain parts of the house. Animals can tell you a lot. The other day he looked up to about the level of seven feet high and was looking at something or someone.

Ivo, I've talked about some easy basics to help with demonics in homes, as well as attachments and other “light” forms of possession. Obviously there are more serious cases and for those you have to call in the big guns, like I would even think a baptist or catholic minister or a good psychic who's done these clearings before.

The point of this video is I feel that there will be more and more people who will be becoming aware of these entities as earth continues to rise in vibration. The case I'm thinking of are my next door neighbours, who have seen ghosts on the staircase from the basement, and what appeared to be a zeta in the basement closet. I have had ghosts blowing air up the back of my neck! And heard tapping in the basement, as well as just the creepiest feeling off of the little room in the back corner of the basement.

The other thing I've thought of is I live in Mohawk country. And how did the white man get to live here? By warring with and killing off Mohawks. Mohawks were the scalpers who fought so ferociously but I've heard that the European interlopers were the ones who started with the scalping first. Fact is, I believe there are many burial spots around the city that have been bulldozed over to create housing so we would be paying the price for those deeds now.

My point is, I believe as people become more aware they are going to start seeing more of these spirits and attachments and there will be more need for psychic investigators as well as riddance of demonic possessors. They are fighting to keep their hold over us here on earth so I believe we have to be as prepared as possible.

What I think is that the ascension path is paved with attachments, demonics and the lessons that they teach for many of us. It sure was with me. So they have a purpose, but eventually you move beyond that duality to wonder what's next.

Ivo: People are becoming more sensitive – and negative attachments are attracted to sensitive people. Now what you have is a world that is even more ripe for their exploitation than ever. Do you see what I mean?

Me: Yes, didn't think of that.

Ivo: No, you do not think of everything.

Me: LOL Half of what I think is what you put there for me to say.

Ivo: This is true. We work hard to educate you.

Me: We are a hot team! LOL

Ivo: The irony of the ascension process having begun is that you are at a pinnacle, a peak in your psychic awareness and it is growing. The dark ones see this world ever more as a lucrative place to visit. So we of the Light have to work even harder to move them off planet.

What is more, yes, the children are the most vulnerable. With their crystalline systems already functioning and their higher light quotient, higher active DNA, they are more vulnerable than children were when you were born.

Me: Yes. When I was born, I was a double strander. Babies used to kind of look at people then and not do much, but now I see babies reacting at 3 months old. It's hard to describe but there is a definite difference in children of the 60's and 70's and babies now. They're far more aware.

Ivo: Which makes them more vulnerable to dark attack. That is why this information must be given out liberally in order to educate parents.

Me: I think there are TV shows that are making people more aware too, educating the parents. Like that one about the Haunted Hospitals. Oh yeah, it's on the Travel Channel and I watch it next door. It's the only thing I like so they always put it on for me. Then we talk about that stuff. Like I said, they've had many incidents and they don't tell their children not to believe it, they listen to what they say. Thank God.

Yeah, that's kind of weird, isn't it? There's even more reason for them to love us and want to stick to us even moreso than there was in the past. Because we're evolving.

God, I remember the good old days when I used to jog in the cemetery. Not on your life, now, not in a thousand years. If I went there now, I'd have a big cross in front of me and a bottle of holy water. LOL

Ivo: They are very haunted. There are many earthbound earthlings who either become compromised by demonics then or who were beginning to when they were alive.

Me: Yeah, I remember the man in Toronto who used to hiss and snarl at people. Now I know what his problem was.

Ivo: Correct. There were many people in olden days who understood the presence of the darkness and they took measures to deal with them. That is why you see horse shoes above many entranceways, for example. These measures must be taken back and utilized again. Otherwise you are completely defenseless against the dark, which is not good for anyone but especially the children.

Understand that someone who is alcoholic or drug addicted has attachments encouraging them to do so. If you have attachments, you are not wholly of your own mind. You deal with mind control as it is, but the attachments can take your personality and create out of it what they wish to.

You must always fight negativity within yourself. The first order of business is to realize that you are not inherently negative. You are a positive being of light – all humans are. So negativity comes from elsewhere. It is also possible for your energy body to be infiltrated as dark entities vibrate at similar levels to your lower three chakras. So they can access them.

Nobody is immune. But all must be aware and take measures to keep your mind sovereign of their influence. They can create sickness within you, lethargy, addiction, malaise, negativity and they can kill you or influence you to suicide. You can also be subject to multiple possession.

This is not living. This is being a prisoner in someone else's jail.

Awareness is key. More now will begin to see the true reality as Sharon is. She sees astral entities, and she will eventually begin to see those who are more powerful such as Archons and Draconians.

Me: Bring 'em on!

Ivo: You must work through the lower ranks first, my love. When it is time for you to stand toe to toe with a Draconian you will have been prepared to do so, and to win.

Me: I wonder what they smell like. Oh yeah, Corey Goode said they smell like urine. Oh joy!

Well, I know they're around me because I see them in photo's. If you want to see, check out my
“photo gallery” page on our website. I've got a page called “Dark Attacks” as well, where I discuss the last few weeks' Archon incursions and what we did about them. I'll link them below. Hopefully Youtube will be nice and keep the links active otherwise you'll have to copy and paste.

Yes, Ivo, I suppose higher awareness isn't always sweetness and light.

Ivo: No, not on planet earth particularly. We are removing what we can. However there are so many and they are so attached to you that it is up to you to release them and to free your psyches. We can help you but only upon request.

Me: Ask your higher selves, please. They can hear you whether you hear them or not. Also ask to have your chakras cleared once in a while or learn to do it yourself. I'm teaching myself but I also have a Cyndi Dale book which will probably describe how to do it. The way to know if you're successful is how you feel afterwards.

Ivo: Correct. We will end now because you are fatiguing, my love.

Me: Yes, thank you, Ivo.

Sharon Stewart - Bio
Lightworker, Astral Incarnate, Channeler, Blue Ray, Wayshower, Light Warrior, Author, Telepathic Researcher

When Ivo came through and introduced himself in 2015, Sharon awakened to her purpose on earth and began to understand the reason for all she has undergone. Her life has been a journey from victim consciousness and severe oppression by the Dark, to standing in her Light to connect with her Christ Self - the divine goddess Athena. Looking back through her past through the new perspective of an awakened extraterrestrial consciousness, Ivo helped her to make sense of her life, and she shares what she has learned with you. Source

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