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The Powerful Force of Love - Wisdom of the Council

The Powerful Force of Love - Wisdom of the Council

“Remember the powerful force of love to create the impossible in your lives. Love is what does the impossible. Love, the power of love is what brings forth the greatest miracles, the greatest manifestations, the greatest expressions of magic in your life.”

We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine and glorious day indeed. Oh, how far you have come. Oh, the incredible masters that you are. Oh, the magnificent realities that you are creating. We see you. We love you. We delight in seeing you remember who you really are and seeing you remember how important you are and seeing you be the bright beautiful lights that each one of you are in this magnificent world at this time. 

Our message for you in this month of December is to remember the powerful force of love to create the impossible in your lives. Love is what does the impossible. Love, the power of love is what brings forth the greatest miracles, the greatest manifestations, the greatest expressions of magic in your life. Oh, the power of love. You have not even scratched the surface of understanding the power of love in your life to bring you into a new level of experience with your bodies, with your relationships, with your finances, with your feeling of purpose and joy and love, love, love in this world. 

You are love. That is what you are. Everyone else is love. That too is the truth of who they are. All is love. All is of Source. All is of God. All is of creation. And when you open up to that love, the powerful force that is created through you, for you, of you, around you can do the extraordinary, the unthinkable, that which you believe to be impossible. 

What you believe possible is simply determined by what you have experienced until now. What you think possible is determined by what others have experienced until now. But this isn’t like anything you’ve ever lived before. Nothing is as it was before. You are in a New Earth. You are in a new consciousness. You are in new energy. This is a new you. Nothing is like it ever was before. 

You have come so far. You have come so far. Take a moment and really turn and look at how far you have come, where you are now, and this Heaven on Earth that you have created all around you, but most importantly within you. And you may be saying to yourself, well, it’s not Heaven on Earth all the time. Sometimes I still get triggered, and sometimes I forget, and sometimes I have an unconscious reaction. Perfect, it’s just perfect. It’s all perfect. It all brings you deeper into the truth of who you are and the love within you and the power within you. 

Right now, we want you to bring to your awareness something that you really want but seems impossible. Could be a manifestation in your physical body, could be a manifestation in your relationships or a particular relationship, could be a manifestation in your finances or your work, could be a dream that you have that seems impossible. Let it come up for a moment.

Why is it so important to you? Why do you really want this? And then let it go. Completely, totally let it go. Give it to the light and let it go. Let it go. Give it to the light and completely surrender. Let it go. Give it to the light and let all of the limitation you’ve imposed upon it be released. Let all of your resistance around it be released.

Give the expectation to the light. Give the resistance to the light. Say to the light, ‘I have tried. I have hoped. I have dreamed. I have begged. I have wanted. Now I give it to the light because I know, I know the power of love. I know the power of love can do the impossible. I know that this or something so much better is possible. And I give it to the light. I give it to you, the God within me. I give it to you, the God that is the power of all creation within me. I give it to you, and I allow true creation. I allow the power of love that I am to do the impossible. I allow the power of the love that I am to recreate it in its highest good and deliver it on to me in divine right time, in the perfect moment, better than I could ever imagine for myself. This is the power of the love that I am. This is the power of the God that I am. This is the power of the Source that I am.’

You are the I Am Creator frequency. You are the frequency of creation. You have no limitations except the ones you impose upon yourself, and those are only imposed when there is a lack of love, a lack of love for yourself, a withholding of love for another, a withholding of love for this experience, a withholding of love for your life, a withholding of love for your body, a withholding of love for your power. 

When you are in fear, when you are in resistance, when you are in expectation, you are limiting the power that is you. You are limiting the love that is you. You are limiting the God that is you. You are limiting all of creation to deliver to you in the most easy, effortless, harmonious way that which is your destiny, your manifestation of reality, your true creation

We want you to think of a time when you were so in love with a person or a baby or an animal or a place. Think of that moment, think of that person, think of that place, and focus yourself into the frequency of the love that you felt, that you embodied, that you experienced. It made you feel so alive. It made you feel so energized. It had all of your attention. 

Focus into that now. Focus into that feeling of love. Focus into that frequency of love. Feel it in you and know that it was never about anything outside of you. It was the reflection of that thing or that person or that experience that was reflecting to you the love and the power within you, the beauty within you, the magnificence within you.

The love you have ever felt for anyone or anything is merely a reflection of the love that you have for you, the love that the God within you has for you, the love that the truth within you has for you, the love the soul of you has for you. 

Think about it. Think about that moment that you were most in love with something or someone or some child or some baby or some person or some place or some animal or some experience, anything, and know that the love that the God within you has for you is magnified beyond even that. It’s immeasurable. It’s unexplainable with words. And yet that’s the frequency of creation. That’s the frequency of true creation. That’s the frequency of magic and miracles. That’s the frequency that can do anything, that can do the impossible. With love, with God anything is possible. With love, with God all things are possible. With love, with God you allow the impossible to be created for you.

Your impossible dreams are about to come true. The time it takes for them to manifest for you is directly correlated to the frequency of love that you hold in your being, in your consciousness, in your awareness, in your frequency, every moment of every day. 

You are creating right now the manifestations, the really big manifestations that you will be receiving in the month to come, in the year to come, in the remaining decade to come, and in the decades beyond. There’s no way to explain to your human mind the energy that is pouring into you, pouring on you, and pouring through you for the creation of your reality of a New Earth and Heaven on Earth and the paradise that is here and available to you. 

The time it takes for you to let go, surrender it all, give it to the light, and allow it to be recreated from the frequency of love— Allow it to be recreated in the frequency of love, and you will see the power to do the impossible, that which you cannot fathom or figure out in this human experience such that once and for all and forevermore indeed you will go beyond faith, trust, believing, to an absolute knowing of THE MAGIC OF THE UNKNOWN invisible force of love that can do the impossible, that can do anything, the powerful force of love that makes everything possible for you. 

Any dream that you have, any wish that you have, any desire that you have is possible for you. You wouldn’t even have the dream in your heart if it wasn’t possible for you. And yet there are even bigger dreams and realizations that your soul can bring forth for you that are not based on your experience of the past, that are not based on the lack and the limitation that you’ve experienced prior to now. 

We’re going beyond anything that’s ever been experienced in physical form before. And you’re ready. You’re a master. You are. And it’s time to really allow yourself to play and create in the levels of mastery and manifestation and the realms of imagination that are here and available to you now. 

You are always creating, whether you are aware of it or not, with your stories, with your thoughts, with your thinking. And quite simply if you would just think about what you love and just believe in love and just focus on love and tell stories of love and be love and do what you love, your entire experience would transform before your eyes in the most expeditious and efficient and exciting and amazing ways if love were the dominant frequency that you allowed yourself to experience.

And we do say allow because most of the time you’re doubting it or you’re denying it. Even when we tell you of the powerful master that you are, you think, Who, me? Are they really talking to me? Yes, because you are us and we are you. Your higher self, future self, ascended self is us, is you, could be no other way, and you drew to you the remembering the truth and the knowing of who you really are and the power that you have as Creator within your own creation. 

You have no idea the unexplainable things that you create every day. You’re just used to them, take them for granted, don’t really think about how amazing you are, how many things you create, how much you’ve already created. 

When you put any food into your body, you take a fruit or a vegetable or whatever it is that is your preference to eat, and it goes from being whatever it is to, in a few hours, becoming a part of you, becoming human, becoming embodied, becoming part of your body, your temple, your creation. You take food and turn it into creation, creation of energy, creation of nutrients, creation of nourishment. You alchemize it into you. You take a sweet potato, an apple and put it in your creation, your body, and alchemize it into you. Every day you drink water, and it goes into your body, and it becomes a part of you. It becomes a part of you as Creator. 

Everything in your reality is here for you, a part of you, available to you, a resource for you, an extension of you, everything in the physical and everything in the nonphysical. When you think of angels and ascended masters and archangels and divine beings and master beings and collectives of beings, they’re all an extension of the power within you, the power to evoke healing, the power of nature, the power of animals, the power of love, the power of magic, the power of alchemy. They’re all a reflection of you as an extension of you. 

Everything in all of creation is here for you. And when you can let yourself accept that and love yourself fully as the creator that you are, the power of creation will begin to do the impossible in your experience. We cannot emphasize this enough. We cannot tell you how powerful and important it is at this time to remember that there is only love. There is only love. There is only love. That’s the power that creates. That’s the power that can do the impossible. That’s the power that brings forth magic, miracles, instant manifestation and the realization of true creation. Love.

And we venture to say that anything that you desire, wish for, really, really want is because in the having of it you will experience more love. You will realize more love of yourself. And yet there’s nothing outside of you that can bring you into that realization of love, and yet anything that you love has the power to awaken you, to reflect to you the love within you, to awaken you to the love within you.

There’s all sorts of definitions of love, but somewhere within all of you there’s been one moment somewhere in your life where you really felt, really, really, really felt that power of love. And if you were to feel it all of the time there would be no doubt. There would be no need to trust or believe or hope or wish. You would experience yourself as creation. 

You’ve thought of yourself as created. You were born, and you had a body, and it looked like this, and your eyes and your hair looked like this, and your name is this, and you were—you had been created. You had been created. And then you think about, in other times of your life, creating things yourself—maybe creating your own family, creating your own relationship, creating your own work, creating your own projects, creating your own inspirations. And now you’re ready to really know that you are Creator. Creator, creator… moving potentials, possibilities, timelines through your experience of reality as the creator that you are. 

And yet you often focus more on what you don’t like than what you do love. You focus on what you don’t have instead of the love that you are. You focus on what you can’t control instead of the power of love within you that can do the impossible. And there is no judgment from our side ever, but it’s just a distraction and a way that you deny your power. And we love you so much, and there’s really no time for that anymore, not here in a New Earth reality, not here in Heaven on Earth, not here in paradise. 

You have what you’ve always wanted. You have Heaven on Earth. You’ve had it all along, but you’re realizing it now. You have what you’ve always wanted, the Promised Land. It’s here for you now. You’ve had what within you you’ve always wanted, even though you didn’t always know the term New Earth. You’ve always wanted peace. You’ve always wanted joy. You’ve always wanted love. You’ve always wanted abundance. You’ve always wanted wellbeing and freedom and harmony. You’ve always wanted it, and you’ve always had it. You just weren’t focused upon it. You just were telling a story that said something otherwise. You just were holding yourself apart from it, and it doesn’t matter why. That’s just a distraction. All that matters now is you allow the power of love that is you to do that which only you can allow: the impossible, the incredible, the extraordinary, the magical, the magnificent. 

We say that time is circular. It’s a contraction, an expansion, and you are expanding and expanding and expanding into more and more and more. And approximately one year ago in this time we said celebrate your dreams coming true. Celebrate your dreams come true. Celebrate your dreams coming true now. 

And for those of you who heard that and even those of you who didn’t, you are still part of the consciousness that brought forth that message. And in the moment of the vibration and the frequency of hearing our words to you you said, ‘Yes, yes, yes. I want that. I choose that.’ And in the moment you embodied that, even if just for a moment, even if you did it just for a moment, if you were hearing it for the first time just a few moments ago, there was a yes. There was a feeling. There was an embodying of it, and then your journey became letting go of anything that keeps you from receiving the manifestation of your dreams coming true because as you celebrate your dreams coming true you are drawing to you more and more and more to celebrate. 

And we love this time in your human experience where there is a focus upon celebration, gifts, blessings, and birthing new exciting creations and beginnings. Because when you allow yourself to celebrate that all of your dreams have come true, that they’re here now, and you allow yourself to fully receive them, you are going beyond the limitation, you’re going beyond the lack, the separation, into the realm of consciousness and imagination where it is already created and manifested for you, and then all that’s left to do is let go of the parts of you that keep you from it by letting go of the parts of you that hold you separate from the love that you are and the love within all creation and the love that creates all. It’s all about love. The greatest, most powerful force in all of the universe is and will always be love. 

We talk about the force field of consciousness made up of particles of infinite creation that are always responding to you, and we say they’re essentially neutral. But really they are particles of infinite love that are focused into creation for you, by you, of you because of that power of love. 

And so when you really want something and you’re focused upon what you really want and you’re denying yourself love or denying love in your relationships because that thing you wish for or want hasn’t happened yet, you yourself are directing those particles away from the creation and manifestation by withholding that love in the moment because of the belief of some illusion that that thing is not there. 

Take anything. Take a place that you love and maybe you want to be there now. Maybe you have plans to go there. Maybe you feel like you can’t go there. But here’s this thing that you love, and you’re creating a story, a belief, and an illusion that you can’t be where you would love to be, and that is what is holding the particles of infinite creation separate from the realization of reality that is manifested for you here and now if you would not deny yourself love or the experience of love of that place because of your belief in an illusion. The second you let that go, the second you let go and give it to the light and allow it to be created and recreate it in the frequency of love you open up and you allow, and that’s when the impossible can happen. That’s when the shift can occur. That’s when you will see the magic. 

Maybe you’re in a relationship, and you think, well, it can’t be the way I want it to be until this happens or this person is never going to agree to that or this person is never going to do that or this person is never going to act this way, and this person’s never going to be this way. You yourself are creating the illusion that holds you apart from the manifestation of the love that you want. 

And oftentimes somewhere in there is a sneaky little fear of your power as Creator, the power of love that you are, the power of your consciousness because if you really allow yourself to realize the power of love that you are you’ll never again be able to believe in your own lack and limitation. There will be complete and total responsibility for yourself as Creator. 

You fear your own judgment of yourself far more than you fear the judgement of anyone outside of you. Take complete and total responsibility for the love that you are, for the creator that you are, for the power that you are. You have never miscreated. Everything was leading to your expansion, your realization, to greater clarity such that you could really step into the I Am Creator frequency at this time now, which was all divinely timed and orchestrated by you, the God you, the higher self you, the soul you. 

Your mind, your brain may not be able to intellectualize what we’re saying to you, but there’s something within you that you can feel it, that knows. 

There’s a part of your human who still thinks there’s something for you to do in order to be loved or thinks that there’s something that you’ve done that could ever keep you from love. And all of that, well, it’s just silly. It’s just silly because nothing that serious is really going on here. But you make it so serious sometimes. You take yourself so seriously. You take others so seriously. You take life so seriously. There is nothing that serious going on here.

Your human doesn’t have the power, really doesn’t have the power to screw this up, to screw it up, to get it wrong. It really doesn’t because the truth is that you are love. The truth is you are the power of love. The truth is you are the most powerful force in all of the universe. The truth is you are Creator. The truth is you are the I Am Creator frequency. That is what you are. And it is all here for you, and it is all here for you now. 

And celebrate who you are. Celebrate the power you have. Celebrate the magic. Celebrate the miracles. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Celebrate this amazing adventure. Celebrate this incredible journey. Celebrate how magnificent you are. Celebrate your brilliance. Celebrate your radiance. Celebrate your absolute perfection. And you will come into the realization of all that you are and the power within you to do the impossible in any situation, in any relationship, with any circumstances. That is truth. That is truth. 

So, the power of love to do the impossible, that is your focus. Let that be what you give your attention to. Let that be your intention. Let it all go. Surrender it all and give it to the light and allow it to be recreated through the power of love that can do anything, the power of love that can do the impossible. And all you have to do: focus on that moment when you felt loved, focus on that moment when you most loved, focus on that moment of love, focus on what you love. 

We’ve said before there is a wonderful tool that you can use with someone that you love. Get a picture of them as a child in their absolute innocence and put it someplace where you always remember that that is the truth of who they are. And now we say get a picture of you when you were that innocent little child and put it somewhere where you can always remember that that innocence and that love is the truth of who you are too. And love that little girl, love that little boy, love that little part of you, love that innocence of you, and then embody that innocent you before you had expectations, before you had disappointment, before you made mistakes, before you denied how powerful you are. That little child within you knows how powerful you are. And now you have the power of the innocence within you, and you have all that you have become, the wisdom, the awakening, and the realization of all that you are.

So, the power of love to do the impossible, allow that, receive that, really receive it without trying to figure it out because your human never will. Your human only knows what’s been possible before. Your human only knows what’s been possible for others based on the past, based on the old, based on the limitations. You’re here now. This is Heaven on Earth. You’re here now. This is a New Earth. You’re here now. This is paradise. You’re here now in the Promised Land. Everything’s new. Everything’s possible. Just allow it. Receive it, receive it, receive it. Don’t try to figure it out. Open up and allow it. Open up to the light and let all things be recreated with the power of love, which is the truth of everything. 

Take a deep breath. Oh, you are so loved. Take a deep breath. You are so loved. Take a deep breath. You are so loved. And so it is.

~ Sara Landon

The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on November 7, 2021

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sara landon
Sara Landon

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance.

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening. 

Allow Sara Landon to guide you to feel complete freedom, be totally satiated in the present moment, and know your purpose!

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