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Accept The Consciousness Of God Within You ~ Serapis Bey

Accept The Consciousness Of God Within You ~ Serapis Bey

We come from the void you call the heavens above to tell you of the things that pass unto you in this moment of your time and keeping here in this realm you call the Earth.

From your limitations and inept knowledge of what is and how it flows you do not see that which is all in this space and time here and now.

We are vast like the galaxies and the realms of consciousness you so seek in your quests for enlightenment and yet you turn from us for we are not within your field of matter, beloved ones.

Those who fear the light and those who do not wish to change what and where it is they sit, do not wish to accept that which we are, beloved ones, for in this knowing they would have to accept the truth of themselves and all that they are.

And they are not at this time in the mind to do this.

But we say unto all those beings who turn from the light, even though they seek it out, that in truth it is the knowing and believing in the true self of all that is that will open up your doorways of knowledge and enlightenment for you to all that is.

Without this true acceptance of that which I Am you will not be able to see all that you are in full knowledge and truth, beloved ones. It is this that is your key, the acceptance of you, I Am all that I Am, that which is of the Godliness within you.

It is to open to that which is the extension of that which your are in this vibration, beloved ones. For here in this third dimensional realm you are but a minuscule part of all that you are, beloved ones.

For in truth, your full frequency does not operate in completeness in this realm, beloved ones, at this time. As this realm moves and changes, so too will you move and change and raise your frequency and bring more of all that you are into fruition here in this realm, beloved ones.

But first we say unto you that it requires effort on your part to understand all that you are and all that I AM. Connecting with your I Am, beloved ones, that which is more than that which you are here and now is the key for you, beloved ones. It is as simple as that.

For once you have opened this doorway, beloved ones, you will be then able to move within the other realms that sit around you, above you and within you in all things.

Seek this with your heart and with your being, beloved ones. Allow yourself to be open to this and find that which you are. Expand all that you are and choose not to hold that which you are in limitation of this third dimensional realm, beloved ones. Expand, expand, expand.

Expand all that you are here and in the now, beloved ones, and you will find the answers to all that you seek. For this is where the answers are held: within your true I AM, beloved ones.

It is not held within the knowledge of others or groups, or even religious teachers or spiritual teachers, beloved ones. They may indeed show you the path and lead the way for you but it is only you that can open the door with your true intent.

If your intent is indeed one that requires the limitations of fear to be removed from the doorway then this is what you will need to look at within yourself, beloved ones. Seek the truth in the heart of all that you are for this is where your truth is held, beloved ones.

When you have removed all obstacles you, yes you have created them, beloved ones, then you will discover the keys to opening the doorway to your spirit. And when you have discovered the key in truth, beloved ones, then place the key in the lock and turn it. Ask for the doorway to be open and step within into the abyss of your being, beloved ones.

We say to you not to be afraid of this, for it is truly wondrous and offers the expansion of world without end and life eternal beloved ones. It is the doorway into the true consciousness of the God self that is truly held within you, beloved ones.

Walk within this abyss of your being and allow yourself to be touched and caressed by all that is within your being and allow the love and expansion of your true nature, your true self to be present, beloved ones.

Be one with this in yourself and ask for all the gateways to be open as you traverse this new territory within your being, beloved ones. Connect that which you are to the I AM of all that is and allow this connection to grow in truth.

We ask you to choose not shut this down in fear and trepidation, for this is the flow, the stream, the path you have been seeking for so long, beloved ones.

Choose not to turn from that which you have ached for and called for and desired in your being since the beginning of separation, beloved ones. Embrace it with your heart and with your conscious mind in small steps, beloved ones.

Take your time over this, beloved ones, for there is no rush, no emergency or time constraints with this, beloved ones. You do not need to fear that the doorway will close again. For once you have found the key and opened it then it will forever remain open unless you yourself choose to slam it shut behind you, beloved ones.

The choice is yours as always, beloved ones. Step within that which you are in all things and make your discovery tour in this moment. Discover the beauty and the wonder of God's creation here in this moment and discover your true nature of all that is within you, beloved ones.

Discover you are truly an extension of God in truth in all things. In all things that you do, that you think, that you express, that you create. In all things you are truly an extension of God and as such you create as one with God in all things, beloved ones. This is your truth and your being, beloved ones.

This is the energy, the flow that beckons you within this abyss of your being, beloved ones. Allow yourself to fall within it in the now, beloved ones. Allow yourself to be that which you are in truth, beloved ones.

In each and every moment that you breathe life into your body in this realm allow yourselves to be one with the abyss of your God being and feel the expansion of that which you are grow and grow in all things that you do and in all things that you create.  Choose to truly and finally create as one with God, beloved ones. When you choose this you now create from your God being and not from your ego or your mind in all things.

Slowly anchor this through your body for each time you make this connection with your divine spirit you will expand just that little bit more, beloved ones.  This expansion will fill you with the light and love of the God consciousness in all things in your life, if you allow it.

Understand there is not a right or wrong time to open to this, beloved ones. It simply is as it is, beloved ones. Sometimes you will feel a giant expanse of limitless light and love flow through your being filling you to the substantial heights of your being here in this realm and this will be what is attainable for you in this now moment. At other times, it may simply be a trickle that flows through you in one particular area of your soul being or body shining its light where it requires light and love to fill a certain space within one part of your giant being, in that now moment, beloved ones.

Please understand that all is perfect with this as it grows and expands and enlightenment will have commenced in earnest, beloved ones. That which you have sought for so long in your external world of the third dimension will now begin within you to expand and grow in truth, beloved ones.

There will be no question of that which it is in truth for you once this begins to occur for you will simply know and accept that which is within your being, beloved ones. The doubts will leave your mind and heart.

For this indeed is your key to what you seek and this is indeed the culmination of all your experiences in the light to connect with the fullness of your being of God in all things, beloved ones.

Once you have made this connection in fullness and accepted that which is your I AM in truth, beloved ones, and not that which your mind creates as such then you will know and experience the God within you in all its glory and in all its fullness.

This is simply that which is and you will know it simply as such because there will be nought else you will know in this now moment, beloved ones. There will be no question or asking is this so, or am I mistaken for the power and the light of this will blind you to all else and all questioning will cease in this moment as you stand in awe of the presence in God that you are in all things.

Allowing this to flow through you, calling to it to awaken within you and asking that it remain with you in all things will be required of you.

Be desirous of this oneness and full connection to all that you are in all things and give permission to allow this expansion of your God being to flow through you in all things, beloved ones, in every moment of your time on Earth.

As this occurs, your flow and your light will grow moment by moment until you are completely filled with this presence of God that is your I AM, beloved ones. This may take a time within your realm although it will happen in but a nanosecond in no space and time, beloved ones.

But for every moment that you breathe your breath and take in the oxygen you so require for your physical being here in this realm your light and love of your God being will be to fill you and expand you in each breath.

You will feel this energy filling you from time to time. You will feel your life experience begin to change and your thoughts and actions will become more connected to that which is your God being within you in all things.

As this occurs for you then you will indeed create more fluidity with all things instead of creating that which is around and within you in contrast to that which is, beloved ones. Your creations will manifest in light and love as your God being expands through this physical realm in all things, beloved ones.

You will notice this occurring if you open your eyes in full acceptance of that which you are in your I AM presence, beloved ones. Accept this now as you breathe in the light and love of your I AM presence, that which is of God, beloved ones.

Accept this within yourselves and allow this to occur for you as you focus on your intent to simply flow through all that is within you, beloved ones. As this occurs for you, over your time in this realm, all will begin to flow in oneness and in light, beloved ones.

Watch this wondrous occurrence with awe and amazement and be in acknowledgment of every occurrence that befalls you in this moment here in this realm, for it is truly a beautiful flow that will occur for you and all beings.

Breathe now and call for this to occur.

Find your key in your acceptance of that which you are in truth, beloved ones. Release that which you think and feel you are in the ego and in personality, beloved ones. Release that which others hold to you as that which you are. Move through these veils of illusion and call for your God being in truth to fill you and to be one with you in all things.

Open the doorway for this and do not fear the abyss of your being, beloved ones. Yes your being is without end and yes it is large and vacuous within, but there is so much to explore within that which you are. There is so much to discover, so much to offer and it will hold you within the heart of God in all things as you expand and grow that which you are here in this realm you call Earth assisting all that reside here in this moment to connect with their God beings in all things, beloved ones.

Breathe now and call for this and allow this expansion within your being to occur in all things. Feel the expansion as it grows in increments through your being, beloved ones. Each connection you make with your God being will allow this to increase and grow beloved ones as the abyss of your being fills you with its energy, with its light and with its all encompassing love of all that is, beloved ones.

This is who you are in truth, beloved ones. Accept this in truth, as this is the gift you bring to this world in this moment in all things. Breathe now and accept that which you are in truth, beloved ones. Blessed Be.

In’Easa mabu Ishtar
In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an international spiritual teacher and counselor. She is an embodied Ascended Master Channel who has worked with the Masters for the past 15 years, regularly channelling high frequency wisdom teachings for groups and individuals. Ishtar lives in the Ashram of the One Heart, which is her home as well as a sacred space for others to come and commune with the Masters. The Ashram is devoted to the work of the Ascended Masters. It is situated near Sydney and holds retreats and meditations each month to support and develop spiritual community. Ishtar also travels to Europe and the USA each year where she runs groups and workshops. Her work is completely oversouled by the Ascended Masters and the Family of Light.

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