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All Of This Is A Hologram ~ Teachings Of The Masters


Dear ones of the new age, you are the light. Now there is tremendous power, there is tremendous unfolding that is taking place, that is occurring quite rapidly. And it is for each of you to adjust. It is for each of you to allow and permit the change to occur, as has been suggested  Now some of you have a little bit of concern. What about the rent that is due? What about the flowers, who will tend to them?  Who will take care of my mother and on and on you go.  Now as you take these linear concerns and you rest them gently in the chalice of your own heart, you understand the Holy Grail is within, you understand then that a promise is a promise.  You must understand that all of your linear challenges and concerns will be met, will be met first hand because indeed you are securing the answers within.

You are powerful beings beyond your current understanding and this is what we would like to get at. As you assume the position of power, as you assume the position of the orchestrator of your final destination, you will understand that it is your right to break free. Now, do not be scared, do not be concerned if there are other  timelines that are parallel to yours that are assuming normal status, that are assuming nothing has changed, that are going on and on. Let them have their day. But it is your right to claim your victory. It is your right to claim your new life. It is your right to claim the new inner man or woman. Because as you do so, you break free of old paradigms. You exchange this for that and you bring forth your new destiny. 

Now as you do so, you must understand that you are working in a multi-verse and as such there are many many ways to orchestrate a good job. In other words, give all of your cares, give all of your concerns to Spirit, to Heaven, to your Higher Self, to Jeshua, to Mary Magdalene, whatever serves you. You have a right to do so, and then embark. Because as you embark you must understand you will be Heaven blessed. You will be Heaven sent, and you will meet the needs of the day. You will show up at attendance and pay the monthly taxes that is due if that is the issue. Whatever needs be, but you will do so from the understanding of Who You Truly Are. 

In other words, the reason everything has remained status quo is that you have given into the false belief systems, you've given in to your belief to suffer. You have given in to your belief to be in a state of limitation, to be in loss, to be in a state of decay. The channeler herself has been questioning this as she gets older. As she watches her body change, she questions why this is occurring. "If we are truly one with Divinity isn't it our right to be free of this puzzle?" Now we bring this to your awareness. All of you, in gladness and triumph, because she is learning how to reach her soul energy, how to reach her soul essence and to make glorious changes in her physicality. Now, as she does this, she will apply this principle to all various aspects of Self. If I am truly abundant, in what other areas can I experience such?You see, and onward and onward. 

Indeed that is what is being gifted to each of you.  An awareness beyond your current sight.  An awareness beyond your current vision. It is if we are lifting you up and give you new spectacles, new goggles, new apparatus to re-create your destiny. In other words, dear ones, please do not continue to solve the problems from a state of being a bottom feeder, of the state of being involved in the old premise, in the old paradigm. That is what is occurring. It is as if the very tree, and the very bark you are holding onto for dear life is being shaken, yes? And we say, let the tornado blow. Let the winds tear through whatever is not to be anymore.  And what you will find dear ones, we assure you, is that you will be found standing, you will be found standing in your own power in your own right in your own majesty.

Now that is what we are asking you to permit. To permit yourselves to perceive your new true reality. Now, as you say yes, and you agree we come to you, each of you and we place a seal on your Sacred Heart. You see, you are all convening, you are already to be exposed to the new Earth. Now the new Earth is not just that you are going to plant a pretty tree and say " Yes, that looks a lot better. "The new Earth indeed grows as an extension, as an outreach program of your very Self. 

When you realize all of this is a hologram, when you realize all of this begins and ends with you, you will see the need to tend to your own garden and see this as a much more earnest matter of importance. In other words, you will find all your answers within your own ministry, within your own heart. That is the challenge, to believe that you're up to the task. To not believe or be frightened by present circumstances. For some of you on the linear level, you are claiming things look very bleak, very bleak indeed. But we say chin up because it all depends on circumstances, it all depends on attitude. It all depends on your Sacred Heart, as you tune into the new channels and as you tune into the new focus, and the new vibration. In fact, it is your right to deceive the merrymakers of despair and to bring forth new creations.

Now this will capsize your old approach. It will turn things upside down and it will make things right and new again. Now those that continue to apply old principles, and false teachings, well you will continue to operate the same. It is your holy right, you have been gifted with the free will march, yes?  But those that are ready to capsize their ship and sail a new course, in fact, will find new opportunities very quickly. Now, what if you are one of the ones that continue to abide by the old paradigm? You stay in a state of fright, perhaps in fear. And we say no problem at all because even if you wait until the very last second, the very last moment, as our channeler at times has a tendency to do, it matters not, because the second you say yes, here comes your new coursework ,here come the new winds and you are carried onward into your new destiny. 

So we ask you, dear ones, to apply steady your new coursework.  To apply steady the coursework of love. Be not deceived by present situations or past circumstances or anything that provides a riddle.  Give these issues again and again and again to your Higher Self.  Ask for the wisdom teachings, ask for the highest good to be applied to all, to the many.  Now as you do, you must understand you are moving into a place of freedom of fear on a permanent basis. What this entitles you to dear ones is to bless all of humanity with the gifts that you have acquired. 

In other words, quite frankly, it is not your own personal linear destiny that we are so interested in, as much as the general application as such. As each of you park your vehicles of lower consciousness and move into a higher attunement, well, in fact, you upgrade many. You are the keeper shall we say of many important lineages, the holder of rights for the many. You must understand you have a special divine appointment. Now, we ask you to not be too concerned, "Well, I don't mean to boast but I have felt like I was unique." Of course you have dear ones, you are the ones that are going to bring the consistent change for the many. You are the ones that are going to herald in the change, you are the ones that are going to seal the fate permanently by holding the vibration of love for the collective whole. 

Now, in order to do this, quite frankly, you must attend to your own nest. You cannot keep enjoying the sunset and avoid what is at home. It is time, therefore, to tear down the old structures. Now again, the times they are changing. We do not suggest giving up your home, your work environment, your family and go follow us. Those kind of radical those days of radical changes are over. More so, to tear down the old mistrust of self, to tear down the old divisions, the borders the boundaries, the walls between self and others, get our drift? In other words, this new consciousness, this new attunement, this new focus is infiltrating every aspect of every holy moment of your days on Earth.

As you are walking on Earth, be not dismayed that nothing appears to have changed per se, at least from your linear perspective. Indeed, much is occurring and will continue to do so. So as we bring this activation to a close, we ask you to tune in now to your Sacred Heart and recognize the flame that burns and burns brightly. And as you will agree and say yes, we will gift to you and pass to you an offering of the heart. To awaken the heart to remembrance, to awaken the heart to the new consciousness, to awaken the heart to your ministry of love.

And so it is.

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