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Ascension Synthesis and Release by Master Djwhal Khul

Ascension Synthesis and Release by Master Djwhal Khul

Greetings Namaste, I am Master Djwhal Khul, I come forth in love, peace, harmony, and tranquillity.
It is an honour to be in your presence and to bring forth the gifts that I believe are most important at this time of ascension, I bring forth to you something amazingly simple. Please imagine a straight line, this straight line can be any colour that you wish it to be. Let it be created from light, imagine the straight line runs through you, maybe it runs forward in front of you and behind you. Feel that you can move along the line very easily, simply with your thoughts, you can move forward, you can jump backwards, you can jump extremely far forwards.

Imagine again, another line, this line extends down from above your head, through your body, out through your feet and down into the Earth. You can look up, you can see far, you can look down, you can see far. Imagine that you can jump upwards up the line or maybe down, you can continue to explore.

Imagine that you jump forward, maybe only a small amount on the line and then you jump upwards or maybe you jump downwards. With this example, we can recognise that jumping forward is jumping into your ascension. Jumping upward is a connection with the Creator and jumping downward would be a connection with the Earth, a grounding or even an embodiment and a manifestation. You can imagine that you jump forward a certain amount along this line and then you can stop for a moment and ask yourself:

How do I feel in this moment? Do I require more grounding or more connection with the Creator?

Then you can make that possible by imagine yourself jumping down the line or jumping up the line. You can in fact do this for your entire lifetime in this current existence upon the Earth as you will be creating and paving the way for your ascension, you are grounding aspects of your ascension or connecting aspects of your ascension before you have even experienced them.

If we imagine going backwards as the past, your experiences on the Earth, this means that you can go back into your past, then ask yourself:

Do I need to ground, embody, or manifest? Do I need to connect with the Creator and receive?

You can achieve this by imagining these two lines, jumping down if you need to ground, and jumping up if you need to connect. You will notice that each time you go along the line, sometimes you may go far along the line other times just a small jump.

This example allows you to create an entire lifetime and an entire ascension journey that is healed, balanced, harmonised, whole, and complete. You may find at certain points in your reality or certain points along the line that you require to both ground and connect.

This is a technique that allows you to explore your own ascension journey, and to bring connection and grounding to everything, thus balancing your entire ascension journey. It is important to realise that everything is ascension, a conversation you have with a friend or a stranger. Even when you got angry with yourself because of something in your home or something that you did, that is a part of your ascension process. Where you sat and admired the most beautiful flower and felt a deep connection of peace, that is a part of your ascension process. Life, as you know it on the Earth, is your ascension process, it is your ascension journey, and it is time to bring a grounding and connection forth.

When you connect you synthesise, the Creator is all about synthesis because the Creator wishes to merge aspects of the Creator to create something new and awakening a new beginning. Every time you experience an ascension process and ascension awakening or activation, you have experienced, a synthesis of the Creator's energies within your being and of course, the Creator's energies are your energies so a synthesis of your divine self within your being. When you experience a deep connection with another being or maybe you have a conversation that really ignites your passion or your bliss. Recognise that this is a synthesis of the Creator within yourself and the other being, it is not that you two are synthesising and becoming one although you are. It is an aspect of yourself and an aspect of the other that is a Creator, that is igniting and synthesising, therefore, creating a new energy that fuels, energises, and charges both of you.

I encourage you to contemplate synthesis, the synthesis of the Creator's energy and I invite you to recognise whether every experience in your reality is a process of synthesis. I believe you will discover that it is.

When we ground, embody, and manifest, we can recognise this as a release. Yes, it is a synthesis as well because energies of the Creator are merging with your being, merging with that which you wish to manifest, have manifested or whatever you are embodying or becoming. However, there is also a release, and we recognise this release, especially in the grounding process because while synthesis takes place, there is a release of old energies, old perspectives, old habits and thought processes. This release allows for a new understanding, what we might label as enlightenment, to come forth. Therefore, we can recognise the grounding and when we say grounding, we mean anchoring into the Earth, embodiment, and manifestation. Grounding allows for enlightenment because it supports the synthesis of the Creator creating a release, a letting go of all that is no longer needed for you to accept the next stage of divinity. The next stage of your truth and the Creator. I wish to encourage you to recognise this process of release in your grounding. I invite you to imagine yourself grounding into the Earth, into Mother Earth. Grounding can simply be a process of sending energy into Mother Earth from your being, from your heart. It can be from your root chakra or your feet chakras, can be from your hands or palm chakras. There is not a set rule of how you ground, some people prefer to lie on the floor. It is for you to discover the best way for you to ground and when you contemplate what grounding is and means for you, you will really begin to recognise how you can ground yourself with greater success. When you do ground yourself, I wish for you to be open-minded to the release process. Often people do not recognise the release process, because they are so involved in the synthesis and receiving process that the release process simply passes them by with extraordinarily little acknowledgement.

When you are experiencing a grounding, just hold a thought that there is something releasing and in that thought, you may gain inspiration as to what is releasing. It could be a perspective, a thought, emotion, or maybe a wound. Recognise that it is the release that is allowing you to move forward.

This also brings us to another question. What could you let go of within your being or even within your reality that would create a space for enlightenment, insights, or a new perspective?

The truth is that you know the answer instantly because that answer has been waiting for you to acknowledge it, but maybe you have not wanted to acknowledge it. However, when I ask you this question you are drawn to acknowledge it. You might try to distract yourself by thinking, that you do not know the answer. That is simply your mind distracting you, you know, and what I invite you to do is to put that into practice, whatever it is, that is required to be released. Let it be released in the next 24 hours and be open-minded to recognising the shift that takes place. Also, be open-minded to how challenging it is sometimes to release when you are holding on to that which needs to be released.

Thus, a new question emerges,

What truly belongs to you? Do your thoughts belong to you? Do your emotions belong to you?

And so, we could continue with these questions. Who are you? To understand if something belongs to you, you need to know who you are.

Let us not get too deep into these questions. However, I simply wish to ignite some sparks of inspiration and enlightenment within your being. And of course, I have shared with you a practice to support you in this time of ascension, please know that I am present to be always of service.

I thank you,

I am Master Djwhal Khul.

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 
Natalie Glasson is a Channel, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of the Sacred School of OmNa. Natalie has been a channel for over 10 years dedicating her life to assisting others in awakening to the light of the Creator. Natalie has always been able to connect with and express the consciousness of numerous Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Elementals, Goddess Beings and Star Beings. She constantly shares new wisdom and enlightenment to aid emergence of the divine energy within the physical body, thus supporting the manifestation the Era of Love.
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