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Awakening Becomes Conflagration! - Message from Sanat Kumara

Awakening Becomes Conflagration! - Message from Sanat Kumara
All events that are now unreeling, serve the purpose of allowing a certain percentage of mankind to awaken. The necessary critical mass for overturning the system must be reached.

Awakening accelerates!

Disturbance, strife and inhumanity remain prevalent on earth, to a certain extent and to a certain point. Humanity is in the process of awakening, and circumstances are created that accelerate this process.

Hardship, suppression and deprivation of freedom, that come with the “Corona virus manipulation” and increasingly threatening scenarios, in the end cause many people to look more closely. Many people can’t imagine the background and abyss of the dark alien race – they lack the power of imagination for that. That’s why now situations are being created where at first it seems that the dark satanic side is winning, and more and more people lose hope for a peaceful change.

Certain beings won’t and can’t turn back.

What will happen is that a certain amount of conscious people will take matters in their own hands. More and more people start withdrawing from these schemes on a mental-spiritual level as well as on the actual political level.

What now is seen only in “alternative circles”, with courageous pioneers and forerunners, will turn into conflagration. Many people who seemed lost will now get another opportunity to become conscious.

Not a single current event occurs without a great plan behind it – and it is the divine plan, the plan of light and love, that will be victorious and triumphant in the end.

Until then – up until time dissolves or you have learned to handle time in a new way – you need to apply prayer, meditation, wits, wisdom and courage.

The process

  • First, the division of humanity will increase – you can meet this with inner peace and thereby create balance.
  • Then hatred will spread. Peoples and people will rise up against each other – you can meet this with a deep inner sense and inner vision of the unity of all human beings.
  • After that there will be chaos – you best answer this by sparking your close relationship with God, the spiritual source of your and of all life, daily.
  • Now there will be LIGHT inside you and in the world. After the brutes have left this earth, everything begins to calm down, and the shift begins.
  • You will receive help from Inner-Earth, and extraterrestrial forces of light will guide and accompany you. Earth will be integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light and will be given a new place in this galaxy.

Nothing is as it seems! While things are escalating and the victory of light seems further and further away, just the opposite is the case:

All events that are now unreeling, serve the purpose of allowing a certain percentage of mankind to awaken. The necessary critical mass for overturning the system must be reached.

We are just about there – day by day, with each new imposition, each new dark idea from the workshops of the “un-light”, we are getting closer to that point.

So have faith in God, find your soul’s plan and fully dedicate yourself to it.

Connect with your spiritual consciousness.

Home is where your spirit was born and where you were created with innocence and perfection.

Spirit is who you are in God, and Spirit is God. This is your source. Your compass is love and your banner is light – on all levels of being.

I am with you with endless love.
Logos of this earth that is recreating itself.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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