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Be More Energy Authentic With El Morya

Be More Energy Authentic With El Morya

In this article, I share with you some of my insights and tips on how to be more energy authentic with El Morya. I have included a channeling and visualization with this generous Ascended Master.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”– Dr Seuss

Ascended Master El Morya

Many lifetimes has El Morya incarnated, including Abraham who founded the Jewish religion; Melchior – one of the three wise men; King Solomon and King Arthur respectively. He is known as Chohan of the First of the Seven Rays. Chohan means chief or lord in Sanskrit. The First Ray is the Blue Ray which is the will of God, faith and power. Master El Morya also works closely with Archangel Michael. 

Why Should We Focus on our Energy Authenticity?

I have recognized in my practice an unhealthy habit of some Lightworkers I will call ‘energy merging.’ This happens when a person has a tendency of changing their vibration to fit in with the vibration around them. They may like to please others and not upset anyone, and so lose integrity becoming inauthentic to who they truly are. 

What is Energy Merging?

Energy merging symptoms include:

  • Feeling exhausted after spending time with certain people – like you are carrying them with you after being with them.
  • A weak posture around others, standing or sitting as though you are getting “sucked in.”
  • Changing the way you talk or what you believe, around certain people.
  • The inability to speak up for what you think is right. 
  • Fear of being too different from people and so hiding who you truly are.

Correct Your Posture

How you stand or sit is a great place to begin, when you’ve realized you have been merging with other people’s energy. You may notice that your body is pulled towards them and you are slightly off centre. Stand or sit straight. Keep correcting this. Changing the habit takes time. Be patient and consistent. If you need more help on this, why not take a class in yoga, chi gong, Pilates or even martial arts. Any discipline that makes you more aware of your posture. If classes are not practical for you at the moment oftentimes you will find free videos to follow which can be a good place to start.

Stop fighting other people’s battles

As a compassionate friend/loved one/relative, do you sometimes find yourself in the middle of other people’s battles? You might not even confront the ‘other wrongdoer’ (so-called) but yet in your energy, you have gone into fear. You are carrying the situation as though it were your own. Your sleep might be affected, as you are worried, angry and upset for the other person. This isn’t helping! You know that already, but find it hard to let it go. There is always a higher perspective and it may be connected to the karma of those involved or life lessons they have opted into for their growth. Your job is to return to truth and hold the light. 

Ask yourself: Who am I?

This helps to focus you and bring you back to your authentic essence. If this is hard to answer, ask instead ‘What do I love? What lights me up?’ These will act as breadcrumbs to lead you back to the truth of who you are. Also helpful if you are stuck in someone else’s energy is to ask ‘what am I not?’ For example, you are not negative thoughts. You are not fear, nor judgement and gossip. Detach yourself from the media and the news. You are you. Come back to yourself.

The ‘I Am’ Presence

When you are in your true essence, you will feel the I AM presence. This is the merging of the higher self with the human mind. Quite often the human mind tells stories and distracts us from our true selves. Use the powerful affirmation: I AM THAT I AM as an anchor to bring yourself back.

El Morya says:

‘Dear One, remember you are a bright soul. Problems and drama are not your essence – they are experiences you have chosen to learn and grow from. Detach from impurities now and remember your Divine Truth.

Ask and I will step into your energy to help you to reconnect with your powerful I AM. Together we transmute any particles you have been carrying that aren’t in alignment. These alchemize perfectly in my ascension fire, becoming light. Expand now, bright and brilliant for all truth to witness. You are seen. 

And so it is.’

A Prayer for Authenticity with El Morya 

Dear Beloved El Morya,
please help me to release patterns of energy merging and forgetting who I truly am. I choose now to stand strong and proud in my being and to shine my light out to the world and beyond. Fears which no longer serve me are surrendered to the light for transmutation. I am guided by your light to speak my truth and to fall in love with being authentic and celebrating who I am. It is done.  Thank you and Namaste.

Susan Browne s a Life Coach and Angel Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation, an Accredited Counsellor and qualified Mental Health Nurse. She found that when she used EFT her connection with the angels deepened profoundly.
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