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Beautiful Cities Of Light ~ Mary Magdalene’s Message

saint mary magdalene

Greetings, My Beloveds, yes, it is I, Yeshua. I step forward today to speak to you about our community and family of the Essenes. As we have spoken about the future cities of light that are now ready to emerge upon this planet, the Essenes will begin to gather and find each other once again. This is of great importance that our community now step forward and be able to speak freely about our teachings and our wisdom and our knowledge. In our times, they were hidden, as they say, from the community. It was very important that the Essenes come together in community and now return to full disclosure and be able to speak their truth and not hide any longer. Therefore, I am letting the world know that many of the Essenes will find each other. It is with great excitement that your new technology of what you call your world wide web, or your internet, is able to web people together, to connect people, where people are able to find each other, and the Essenes will be able to find each other most readily. This has already started, but it will soon prevail even more readily as time is speeding up and it is extremely important that the voices of the Essenes be heard and they be seen and they be recognized together.

After what many people believed was my death, after the crucifixion, the Essene community did not understand that I had not physically died. They went into mourning and went into hiding, and they were very much afraid of speaking their truth and what they understood through my teachings and through the universal teachings that they had been taught. And so now they are able to step forward without fear, without repercussion, and without any consequences, as they say, for their beliefs. And know, at this time, that we are connecting the families together, we are connecting the individuals again to physically meet each other, as well as to connect through your technology. And so know, at this time, that each of you are a part of the Essene community, that you too have been fortunate and have given your energy to be able to call forth your Essene family. What I am trying to say, is that by you holding this template, by you gathering together in your small group, that you have called out for your fellow brothers and sisters, for your fellow Essene community, for your family of light, and they are responding, simply because you are brave enough and you are strong enough and you are dedicated enough, and you are able to now be able to help others to come out of the woodwork, as they say, to awaken, and to bring their light to the forefront.

And so, I want to say thank you again for your dedication and your service, onto me, onto the Great Creator, and onto the Essene family of light in which you are all apart. Many of you know your roles during that time as you were all there as a part of the Great Design, as a part of my life over 2,000 years ago, and so today, as you reawaken this remembrance and you reawaken the light inside of you, it is as if it is like a lighthouse. Each of you is like a lighthouse, beaming your light to show the way for others. And so, Dear Ones, this is extremely powerful. The new cities of light will have not only the Essenes, but the energy of the former Atlanteans and the former Lemurians, as they too step forward and reach out into these cities of light. For all will come together in community and in harmony, and this is what has, in many ways, been the downfall of your current civilization, there has been a separation of family, and this is of great importance that people come together in communities, even if they are not through the same bloodline, they are families of light, they are part of the same spiritual family, let people come together and connect, for isolation and separation between individuals and between family is not spiritually healthy. And so, we say to you, Dear Ones, the excitement of community and being with other, as you realize, is of great significance. So we wish to bring this information forward to each of you today. I will step back and allow my Mary to speak, I am indeed quite excited that all of you are going to reconnect and that the community in which I lived as well as the community in which you all lived will be reuniting again, as this is a time of great excitement. Go, my children, in peace, and now my Mary will speak.

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step forward into all of your energy fields, I feel this excitement as all of you are beginning to feel the building and the shifting of the cities of light that are now beginning to emerge. This is of grave importance that each of you now begin to feel this frequency within you, as you all are beautiful stars, you are all beautiful light bearers, and you are holding the frequency for this New Earth and this new Jerusalem to now begin to emerge. I know we have spoken of this many times before, but it is the crumbling of the old institutions that will make way for the new. And within all of your lifetimes, you will be able to see this change. You will be able to see the crumbling of the institutions and will begin to see the new energies and the new cities of light, then new beings of light that are coming forward to bring peace and harmony on this planet. It is time now that this, what we call revolution of change, begin, and it truly is a revolution of peace. And this is truly an awakening for all, as many eyes will soon begin to be opened, that the chaos and the violence, the dissention, the disharmony, upon your Earth will soon come to an end. This has been a difficult time for many to be besieged, as they say, with all of these vibrations. We commend you for being on this planet at this most difficult time, and yet, you see there is a polarity, there is a duality, that there is the other side of the coin, where there are more and more people awakening to the light, and now peace can prevail in these new cities of light. And as Yeshua had said, the new Essene community will now come back together and find each other. Our family members are finding each other one by one by one, and they are all converging and coming back together.

More and more individual will be making their connections, and you will be surprised at how their voices will be heard, and they will be recognized. This is truly a spiritual and global awakening that is now converging within your planet. And many of the light workers will soon recognize and feel their strength and their wisdom, for it is time for people to step into their true spiritual awakening, and their true spiritual power, not in fear, but in love. As each person begins to share with their fellow brother and sister what they remember, many will begin to have their past life remembrances come forth. They will remember who they were, and where they contributed, and their beautiful attributes, and their beautiful talents will begin to emerge. And people will begin to feel this excitement that something anew has come about.

And so we, too, are pleased, as Yeshua has said. We are pleased that this energy is now stepping forward onto this planet, and this change is a part of the shifting of the old guard. And so, I ask you, at this time, if each of you would take a deep breath, and begin to call in the remembrance of your life as an Essene, to begin to call in your remembrance of the beautiful spirit that you are, beginning to call forth this frequency as an awakening, awakening your remembrance, that you are part of the Greater Conclave, and just as all of you who were at the Great Conclave, when Yeshua, Lord Sananda, brought forth the message, that as the powerful spirits that you are, you chose to come to this Earth plane to share your wisdom and your knowledge, and to assist Mother Gaia. And so, today, Yeshua, Lord Sananda, is calling forth a conclave, calling forth a conclave of all of the Essenes, calling them and gathering them today. This may sound implausible, but all of the Essenes within our community are now here etherically, being called forth at this great conclave that my beloved Yeshua has gathered. And this is happening at this exact moment. This is happening at this exact moment. Yeshua is calling all of the Essenes of light, of our family, of the Essenes, together. And you are privy to be a part of this Conclave. We are literally, as we say, broadcasting it as we speak.

You see, we are the broadcasters, and Lea is the oracle, and Yeshua is now convening with all of the Essenes, all those that lived with us, to come forward and to find their rightful place in the remembrance at this time, in your current civilization. And you wonder, why now? And we say, it is time, it is time for the truth, and that our beloved soul family be able to be recognized and understood, and their voices be heard. And so, Dearest Ones, don’t be surprised, by what and who you meet, and what they share as their remembrance, as part of the Essene community. This is a powerful undertaking, as we say, for the awakening to occur. Not because it is difficult, it is because many of the Essenes have been hesitant, hesitant to speak their truth, and hesitant to share their wisdom. And even in the current embodiment, or the current incarnation, this is difficult for many.

And so, Dear Ones, realize how important it is to begin to assist your fellow brother and sister, and help them to awaken to the truth of who they are. And so, I ask each of you to now take a deep breath once again, and connect to your family of light. And connect to this energy of truth. Reconnect to your remembrance that we all lived together, and we were part of the greater core. It was difficult for Yeshua and I in those days, for we could not speak of the real truth of the Great Design, we had to keep things hidden from the community, for the safety of Yeshua, as many of you know, as we had said many times before. But we now know and we are pleased that nothing needs to be hidden, that the information and the individuals are ready to hear the truth of our lives, and we can now step forward for all to receive. For many of these family members, as we call them, the Essene brothers and sisters, have stories to tell, books will be written, information will be shared, and the lost memories, the lost ancient wisdom teachings of our Essene brothers and sisters will no longer be lost. And so, we are so pleased today, as Yeshua has called for all the individuals to step forward, and there will be a new conclave, a new frequency, a new clarion call. I will simply allow the energy of freedom to prevail. This is the freedom, as it is connected again with the throat chakra, it is connected to the gridline of Mother Earth, within her own throat chakra, as Mother Earth’s frequency, within her own chakra system, in correlation to the throat chakra, now begins to awaken in humanity, begins to awaken with our Essene brothers and sisters, and people will no longer be afraid to speak their truth.

This is a powerful day of reclamation, this is a powerful day of change, this is truly a powerful day that you are all privy to. Today, on your March 13, 2018, this awakening, this great proclamation that freedom of speech, freedom of thought, shall be brought forth again for our beloved Essene community. This is a powerful time of reclamation, and we are so pleased. When we lived over 2,000 years ago, it was very difficult. It was difficult to hide what we knew as truth, but we shared, as we could, as others could understand, but now this freedom is quite exciting, even to us. We are so delighted that the awakening process has occurred, and there is freedom, simply to be. Remember, Dearest Ones, your beautiful spirits are here to express the beauty of who you are, and the time has come for each of you to stand in the light, and in the wisdom of all that you are. I ask each of you never to underestimate the power of who you truly are, as you feel the love, and you feel the light, and you feel the freedom, and you feel the Holy Grace of the truth that you hold.

And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, I ask you to be aware that these beautiful cities of light will soon emerge, and many are in the beginning stages of building these beautiful cities from a place of purity, with peace and love within their hearts. So that all can enter in with an energy and a frequency of the purest vibration. And the energy shall be contagious, as each person begins to feel the vibrational frequency of unconditional love, and allow this to open their heart, so that what they do, and how they live, and how they express themselves will always be with unconditional love, opening the heart chakra, to pure unconditional love. Can you imagine a world where all are living with pure unconditional love within their hearts? This would solve many ails upon your planet, there would be no violence, no warring, no greed. For you see, there is so much that has created such discordant energy by not being in alignment with the frequency of unconditional love. It is what Yeshua has brought forth, as we have spoken before. It was his frequency of unconditional love, Divine Love, Cosmic Love, that he left here as his imprint for all to step into. And it is why our daughter, Sarah, is carrying this forward, bringing the energy, the purity, of this energy within her being. And yes, the bloodline of her descendants are now holding this frequency, and they shall be awakened, one by one by one, our family of light will be awakened to unconditional love, as if it is like the hundred monkeys syndrome that will take place, and people will be sparked, and their hearts will awaken to their fellow brothers and sisters and to themselves. And no longer will this world be in chaos and in deep despair.

And so, do not give in, as they say, to the polarity of the energies that are occurring upon your planet at this time, but hold the wisdom and the understanding that the New Earth is dawning, that the New Earth is dawning, and the new future cities of light and the future inhabitants, the New Earth beings, including yourself, are here holding the energy with an open and beautiful heart, an open and beautiful heart. Feel the energy and the resonance of this love within your being. And call forth the frequency of Cosmic Grace, Divine Grace, that all is in order, and all is as it should be, Cosmic, Divine Grace. All is in order, and all is as it should be, Cosmic, Divine Grace. Place your intention on holding this frequency within your being. And you will begin to see the shift around you, not only within your physicality, but with all those around you, holding this frequency of Divine, Cosmic Love. Unconditional love. This is how the future cities of light and Mother Earth will begin to emerge into this New Jerusalem, this New Earth. You see this is a beginning point today. This is the day of the Great Conclave, of the many masters, and the Ascended Beings stepping forward, as the family of light who are now here to change the world. They are here to make a difference.

And so, Dearest Ones, you are a part of this family of light, you are our family, and we are all working together as one, making these changes into reality, and time is moving quickly. As you know, time is sped up, you may feel it within your daily life. We say breathe, Dearest Children, breathe into this new frequency, because there is truly peace on Earth, and peace within your being, and peace within the hearts of all, men, women, and sentient beings. All of the kingdoms, the mineral, the planet, the animal kingdom, will begin to feel this frequency of unconditional love and peace. And there is a great sigh, as they say, that we have come home to ourselves, that enough individuals have awakened, the shift has occurred. It is what many people have been thinking there is going to be a polar shift. Dearest Ones, the polar shift is the polarity between the darkness and the light, the polar shift is the shift of consciousness, not a physical shift of your Earth, not a turning of its axis, but you see, today, on this March 13, 2018, this is the day of the Great Awakening. This is the day of the polar shift, of the shift of consciousness, it is the shift now of the one hundred monkey syndrome, where enough people have come together in consciousness that now your current civilization can move forward into peace, and your beautiful family of light, of your Essene brothers and sisters can now step forward and speak their truth, and be recognized for who they are. And all souls, not only our Essene community, but we speak of them at this time, are able to step forward and be recognized, for their beauty and their commitment. As all have come to serve the living planet, Mother Gaia.

And so, today, Dearest Ones, I want to thank you for your time, I want to thank you for your attention, I want to thank you for understanding the Greater Cause in which you’ve come to serve this planet. And so, Dear Ones, please place your feet upon the ground and connect with Mother Gaia, connecting to unconditional love and Cosmic Grace, as this beautiful shift of consciousness has occurred upon this day, the polarity and the shifting of this energy does now allow peace to prevail. We know that there is so much that will be needed to continue this process, but realize and focus only on the good, and focus on the now, and focus on the realization that this is truth, the shift has occurred, the consciousness has shifted. Each soul is stepping forward with the true intent of Cosmic Grace and unconditional love within their heart. Each soul will begin to feel this energy in their daily lives. And their lives will become easier and simpler, and you will hold this frequency so clearly, so effervescently, that no one or nothing can rob you of your peace, and rob you of your joy, as your heart is filled with unconditional love and Cosmic Grace, and holding the template and the energy for the awakening of all of your spiritual brothers and sisters, and your Essene family of light. Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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