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Cities Of Light - Mary Magdalene’s Message

saint mary magdalene

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Yeshua. My Mother and my Mary are here as well. I wish to say to you, Dear Souls, that I thank you for your devotion to me at this time of the celebration of my resurrection. Today, I wish to call forth the frequency of the resurrected light of joy that is now being emitted upon this planet. As you have celebrated my life and my resurrection, I ask that you now call in this frequency, the powerful frequency of joy, to begin to resurrect your own life, so that you may begin to call in this vibrational frequency so that you may live and breathe the essence of joy through the totality and through the eternity of your beautiful spirit and soul. And so I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to call in this frequency. It is the energy of All That Is. It is the frequency of the Great One, and it holds a powerful resonance that will begin to heal and bring forth miracles into your being. And so, Dear Ones, please allow me to begin to infuse this frequency within your essence.

I ask each of you at this time to place your hand over your heart and to begin to breathe in this vibrational frequency of joy. It is time for each of you to begin to resurrect yourself from your complacency, for it is time now that each of you move forward very rapidly within your missions.  For time has speeded up and we are calling all souls, including each of you, to begin to, what we say, expect the unexpected. To begin to feel the excitement, the joy, the anticipation that this New Earth, this new frequency, that is overlaid upon your planet. As we have spoken of many times before, the New Earth is here. There New Jerusalem is here. The new etheric Earth is here. And so the paradigm and the frequency of the New Earth resonates in joy. It is truly time for your current civilization and for the Earth to be released from the pain and the suffering that has been held within the collective consciousness for millennia of time. It is quite unfortunate that the collective energy has shadowed the true frequency that this planet and all souls were to embody. As you may remember, when you first entered in as beautiful spirits, at the inception of this beautiful planet, you all entered with excitement, you entered with joy, you entered with passion within your beings. And then, Dear Ones, you began to fall to the lower frequencies that still overshadow this planet. And so today, we are calling in the resurrection of the soul of this beautiful planet, we are calling in the resurrection of the soul of all beings who wish to return to the vibrational frequency of joy. And so today, I ask each of you to begin to accept this, and if you so shall, allow me to infuse this within your heart, and begin to heal those discordant energies that no longer serve you.

And so, Dearest Children, begin to breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Breathe in these powerful frequencies of love and peace and joy into your being. And so today, I ask you to hold the highest frequency that you are able to receive within your physical embodiment, within your conscious mind. To allow the fruits of the spirit of the Holy Spirit now begin to live inside of your being, the excitement of the New Earth. There is a new wave of energy that is overtaking this planet, and this is partially what is happening inside of each of you, where you may begin to feel some discomfort within your own individual lives, or you may be feeling, I need to change my life, I need to move, I need to do something different. Whatever it is that you are feeling, perhaps a sense of unrest, or a sense of excitement that something is going to shift. This is the shift, this is the vibration that this planet and all inhabitants can now live in this vibrational frequency as if all the pain and suffering that has been imprinted within the Earth and in the hearts of all souls can now be released.

It was never intended for human kind to suffer. It was never intended for any life form to live out of balance. For all were to live in the frequency of joy, the totality of All That Is, and so today, Dearest Ones, it is your choice how you choose to live. But we are bringing this frequency onto the Earth, and we are quite excited. This is my gift, this is all of our gifts, here in the heavenly realm, given to you at the time of the celebration of what many understand is my resurrection. And so today, it is the resurrection of the soul, and the resurrection of the soul of beautiful Mother Gaia. She has gone through many vibrational shifts, just as you have, to evolve in your consciousness, to re-remember your power, your beauty, your glory, and your magnificence.

And so today, Dearest One, I want you to begin to honor yourself and thank yourself for all that you have gone through, all of the struggles, all of the confusion, perhaps all of the pain and suffering for this moment called now, where you are able to live, truly live, in joy. For, Dearest Ones, as they say, life is good. Life is good. It is rich, it is beautiful, it is lovely, and it is Divine. It is the frequency that I am asking each of you to walk in, to call in this vibrational frequency of joy, so that your life will move forward with grace and ease, without struggle, without suffering, without sacrifice. That all that is yours be brought to you. As we’ve spoken of many times before, Dearest Children you all have a spiritual bank of all of the good deeds and riches that your spirit has accounted for, has earned, has received. Today, we ask that you call in your spiritual bank, call it into your vibrational frequency with joy. And, as I have said, expect the unexpected. Begin to feel the anticipation that your life will now begin to shift into a frequency of tranquility, calmness, peace. What would it feel like to hold this pure energy within your physicality and in your conscious mind with joy? It would become contagious, as they say. And this is what we are asking. For each of you to hold this frequency, this template of joy within your essence. All of you hold the vibration of love, now I ask you to hold the vibration of joy. Not, as they say, in false pretense, but in truth. That literally every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being is now beginning to resonate, and resonate and vibrate to the frequency of joy.

This is how your world will begin to change, for so many have felt the sadness and the separation and the fear and the suffering. And so you see, this is like fairy magic that is being called forth, it is a vibrational frequency that is now being emitted upon your planet. This is a gift that we give to you, here in this celebration of my resurrection. And when I allowed myself to merge into my oversoul, and move from my lower dimensional frequencies as a mortal into the full essence of Christ Consciousness, and merge it with cosmic love and joy, I was never affected again by what you understand as the human condition of the lower vibrational frequencies of the Earth. And so I ask you now, my Dearest Children, to step into this frequency, as if you are taking a ride upon an elevator, and you are going to the next level. And so breathe in this frequency, Dearest Children, perhaps some of you may begin to feel light headed, but breathe it in, not with caution, but with the fullest of capacity that you can breathe in this frequency.

As you leave this imprint upon the Earth through your footsteps, through your own energy frequency, you will begin to awaken all around you, including all life forms, and this excitement of awakening the mineral kingdom, the animal kingdom, the planet kingdom. As there is a beautiful vibrational frequency that is like a humming sound, as they say, as if all is in harmony, each being is resonating in harmony, and it is palpable, you are able to feel it, you are able to sense it, you are able to connect to it, harmony, harmony with yourself, harmony with all souls, harmony with all of life.

What an exciting time to be alive, Dearest Children, this age of enlightenment, this golden age is now emerging as the beautiful cities of light are now beginning to come into full awakening. The cities of light will begin to emerge, not only etherically, but physically upon your Earth plane. And as you understand, the beautiful crystalline energy of our beloved Ramu will be awakening the frequencies of the crystalline energies upon this Earth. And there will be more and more energy that will be generated in joy. For as the crystals awaken to their full essence, there will be such excitement within the mineral kingdom, these beautiful crystalline beings can live again in their full vibrancy, and their energies can be used for purpose and good, as all souls can now step forward into their mission, and each of you will be directed, as they say, into a new pathway that perhaps you did not expect. And know, at this time, that as you hold the light within your heart, and you feel the passion begin to upsurge within you, it will not be a question as to why you are here, what is your purpose, for you will begin to feel it, begin to know it, you will begin to sense it. There will be no more separation, there will simply be no more confusion. Every soul has a purpose, to serve the Living God, and Mother Gaia.

And you, Dearest Children, are the teachers and the way showers that are leading the way. Each one teach one, each one lead one. Your energy will begin to open many doors for others, one by one by one. As if it is like the 100th monkey syndrome, more and more souls will begin to feel the joy and the passion of their spiritual sacred self. And begin to awaken to your true spiritual mission. So today, allow me to open your hearts to each of you, so that each of you can step into the truth of why you are here. It is never too late, for you see, it is always at the appointed hour that your souls are awakening to that which you have come to do. So many concerned that time has been lost, or they are too old, or I’ll never find my way. I ask you to allow me to help you to resurrect to the truth of your spiritual mission. And so, Dearest One, this is the gift of the day. I’m going to step back and allow my Mother to speak at this time, and then my Mary shall speak as well. I thank you for allowing me to bring the energy and the essence of joy into your being, so beloved ones, feel this passion beginning to stir within you, feel the excitement, of the dawning of a new day.

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to each of you to hold this frequency and surround you with compassion and mercy. I ask if you so shall to come into my energy field as if you are melding into me, as if you are walking into my energy field and melding into me. And I hold compassion for each of you, so that you may forgive yourselves and forgive others, so that you may move forward, letting go of all the suffering, letting go of all the pain, letting go and letting God. It is my gift to you and to humanity, that if you so choose, it will help you to forgive, so that you may hold this frequency of joy within your being, and have the passion to move forward into your sacred mission, even greater, with excitement and love within your heart. So, Dear Ones, please step forward if you so shall, and allow me to place my hand upon your heart, and heal all that no longer serves you. To begin to free you from the pain and the suffering that is no longer yours to hold, so that your soul is free to be, so that your soul is free to be. And so that you may live in the vibrational frequency of the pure essence of joy, unencumbered from any pain and suffering.

So, today, I place a blue azurite upon your heart. If you will so accept, it will begin to heal the wounds from the past. For you are all needed, Dearest Children, to be the pure vessels of love, as you ascend into consciousness and into the Christ Consciousness, and into pure Cosmic Love, and into pure oneness. I know that this may sound a bit elusive as they say, but we are here to help you to ascend, to resurrect. At the time of the celebration of my son’s crucifixion and resurrection, he held the suffering for all of mankind, and today, we ask you to release your own suffering, as my son held the frequency symbolically for all to be free. As it has been misconstrued, my son did not die to save your sins, he held the energy of the suffering of humanity symbolically. That is the representation of my son being on the cross. And yet today, you are free from the suffering, my son does not mean to hold this frequency for your current civilization or the world, for the energy is ready to be released, upon the Earth, within the Earth, and within all souls.

And so be the first to receive, be the first to forgive, be the first to say yes to joy, and to allow this energy to begin to upsurge within you. Today is a blessed day of healing, and the new energy has begun. It is of Divine timing, that this message has been brought forward on your April 2, 2018, one day after you have celebrated the resurrection of my son. We purposely waited for the day of which you celebrate as your Easter to bring this message forward. And so begin to feel this vibrational frequency shift within you, and feel the excitement as the collective energy upon this Earth will hold joy. Joy is the new template, not suffering, that has been represented by my son upon the cross – joy. Moving into the vibrational frequency of joy. I now step back and allow Mary Magdalene to speak at this time, and I thank you for allowing me to assist you to release and to forgive, letting go, and letting God.

Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you on this most auspicious day, I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention. I thank you for holding this new frequency that we here, the Holy Family, are now bringing forth onto this planet. It has been a difficult time for this Earth, she no longer will hold the frequency of suffering within her. And it will become a time of freedom for many souls, and you will begin to see this freedom in the hearts of all men, women, and sentient beings, as each being shifts their consciousness into this powerful frequency of joy. We are quite excited, for we have been waiting for this time, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, until the collective energy and the consciousness of all souls no longer or able or wanted to hold the lower frequencies within their being. The time is now, as they say, for the shift has occurred. There are so many that are being ignited with the flame of passion within their hearts, that are suffering no more, which is part of what you are seeing in your current civilization, people coming together and protesting, no more suffering, no more suffering. And you see, they are already responding to the energies that Yeshua is bringing forth, Cosmic Love, Divine Peace, Holy Grace, and joy.

And so, Dearest Children, remember the importance of living in your sacred light, at all times, as you begin to vibrate with the frequency of joy, as you begin to use this energy within you for the greater good of mankind, and allow your heart to open to joy, as you imprint your beautiful energy within your heart chakra. This imprint will awaken every cell, and activate the very nuclei to respond to the energy and the essence of joy. As you were created in the image of the Great Creator, it is truly your birthright to live in joy, and indeed, this is the essence of who you truly are. For today, it is a most important day, to allow yourself the gift of receiving and forgiving, as Mother has said, to allow your heart to open to the awakening of this new life. All of you are being gifted this, and we thank you for receiving and for carrying your beautiful frequency to all those that you meet and share your light with. So now, Dearest Children, it is time, it is time, it is time, it is time. It is time to open this beautiful planet to the beautiful frequencies in which she was originally created. What a glorious, glorious day, what a beautiful gift to celebrate the time of your Easter, the time of my beloved’s resurrection.

So much is shifting and changing very rapidly, and we are blessed and honored that all of you are awakening and assisting in the greatest of capacity that you are now being called to bring forward. And so we honor you, we bless you, we thank you, and we love you, for this is a powerful, powerful time. Know, Dearest Children, that you are never alone, that as your hearts open more and more and more light and joy and peace will enter into your being. And as you continue to ascend in consciousness, you are making a difference, and your soul is most pleased. This is a powerful time of transmutation of the energies and the lower frequencies of separation, fear, pain, and suffering, to the powerful frequencies of Cosmic Love and joy. What a beautiful, beautiful day, what a beautiful celebration. A dove of peace is here, for peace and love and joy are truly your birthright.

Go now, my children, and awaken the Living Light within you, as we hold this energy for each of you, as Mother, Yeshua, and myself stand with you, so that you may eternally feel the presence of joy within your being. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. The Great Awakening has now arrived. Go in peace.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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