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Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

Hilarion: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Seventh Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM HILARION!

To be here today, finishing the participation in this Journey of Forgiveness, is a reason for much Light and joy. Souls are being released, becoming free, at least from some connections. As I always said, the Green Ray has the function of healing and bringing balance to every point broken in any procedure.

Every soul connection leaves a narrative. For you to understand, it's as if, at this point, a small scar is formed, and that scar is unique. I would say that it can even be magical because every time your soul looks at it, any experience with this bond automatically returns to memory. The soul forgets nothing, and nothing is wiped away. But the evolution of the soul gives it more advanced feelings and attitudes toward each point.

So if that connection was of much Light, love, and happiness, the soul would be filled with much joy. If it was a connection of pain and much suffering, the soul will still remember and be aware that it is gone. The soul has already forgiven all that it has brought and all that it has endured. Then it should be peaceful and balanced.

Sadly, the bonds you have unleashed do not all come from the same soul. Much more remains because these souls have connected to others on the planet. However, the weight of that connection has diminished. All bonds, directly or indirectly, attached to you have been broken. The soul will only look at the scars of a connection that was there before. With the evolution of the planet, followed by the process that will happen in the future, people will begin to free themselves and take on new attitudes. They will release all the other connections still attached to each other.

The most important goal is that each soul reaches the Fifth Dimension with no connection whatsoever. In this way, the soul can transform itself and move efficiently through the Fifth Dimension. Don't worry. It's going to happen sometime, but it's going to happen. Souls ready for the 5th Dimension will have all their ties cut off at some point, even if there is no intention at each end of the connection. This job will be done by the Light, by the own vibration of the soul, which will vibrate so high that these connections will not support such a frequency. They alone will dissolve, causing souls to gradually and entirely free themselves from all bonds.

So today, my Green Ray will act on these points to form these scars, mainly to make them as painless as possible; may the memories be only of good things, love, and gratitude. Any other feeling, at this point, should no longer dwell in the heart of your soul. There has already been too much forgiveness and asking for forgiveness. Therefore, for every connection released, only love, and gratitude should remain.

If your souls still insist on experiencing feelings that are no longer appropriate for this time in their journeys, we will work to free them. By the end of this seventh round, all your family connections, antecedents, and descendants will be free, and so will you, from any low-vibrational feelings inherent in deleted links.

From this moment on, as I said yesterday, you are growing powerful and getting stronger. So I can tell you today you are in a position to make significant decrees for your journeys. Decrees as an example:

  • I AM a balanced person.
  • I AM a healthy person.
  • I AM a healthy body.
  • I AM pure Unconditional Love.
  • I AM peace.
  • I AM balance.
  • I AM gratitude.

Have these words in your mind all the time, and repeat them constantly. And "n" other phrases you can speak continuously, starting with the Divine Presence I AM, for it is the One who will act to cause what you are decreeing.

  • I AM pure love.
  • I AM joy.
  • I AM happiness.

Repeat these phrases as many times as you like throughout the day. When something upsets you or you feel that you have gone out of balance, emanate "I AM balance" over and over again. I assure you that whatever energy comes in will go out. Just as it came, it will go. But, increasingly, you will learn to become more balanced and ready for whatever may come. Finally, it will get to the point where nothing will shake you anymore. Because you will always have a decree on your lips: I AM, a positive action, a positive feeling. Don't forget that.

You need to develop this addiction because it will be healthy and essential for your journey. It will always keep you in high vibration, in faith. Create your own decrees, as long as they are for your good and for the good of the Whole. Don't ask anything for anyone; it is always for you. So it's no use asking: I AM a balanced environment. No, you are asking for your surroundings, not for you. Now, you can say, "I AM capable of balancing my surroundings." It's different because you will be able to do that, and you will be helping yourself and those around you.

Then create your own sentences, and change them from the ones in the decrees. Show others what you have done; it will be magnificent between you. Every time you decree something from your heart, from deep within your heart, you are not only helping yourselves. With every decree you utter, an explosion of Light happens in you and around you. So you will be emanating waves of Light that will spread across the planet.

So create your sentences, change them, which are actually decrees. I repeat: The decrees are for you, not for others. Don't ask for anybody but for yourselves. You are the center of energy. So take the test, spend the day decreeing many good things, and then review what your day has been like and how your lives are strangely changing for the better. You will be emanating Light, and what will come back to you? More Light.

Don't complain about anything. This addiction, you need to fight. Don't complain about anything, because complaining is to ask for it to come back to you more potentized. Say what you want, don't fight what you don't want. To do that is to clamor one more time, so don't fight it. For example, saying, "I am tired," you are making a statement; you are complaining that you are tired. Say the opposite: "I AM always strength." I guarantee that the tiredness will go away.

So don't complain about anything. Stop this addiction. Create the habit of requesting and decreeing amazing things. You can decree whatever you want, as long as it is for you, not for the other; always for you. Know how to require what is good; to call for that which will bring you joy and happiness. This is healing, being in balance. Balance comes not only from what your life is, but it is the energy you put into the things you do. If you keep complaining about whatever you do, you will never come into balance. That energy that you complain about will keep coming back.

So demand what you want. Do you want it to get better? Then call for it. Don't complain about the bad, demand for improvement, decree for improvement. Start changing this habit. You complain too much about everything and everybody. Then cry out the opposite. It's not asking so-and-so to improve for you but to require, "May I have pure Unconditional Love for so-and-so." It's over. Nothing he does will upset you because you are emanating only Unconditional Love. So change the habit of complaining, demand, demand a lot, decree a lot, always starting with I AM.

Take a test, and then you will remember my words. I will always be there, healing those energies that still insist on staying with you, on returning from past complaints. I will be there as a buffer, no longer letting them penetrate because you have cried out, you have decreed, and now you are fully balanced and progressing at great speed.

Meditation 5

You can do this meditation lying or sitting down. You should be comfortable, but don’t sleep. If you do, repeat this meditation.

Take several deep breaths and imagine you are inhaling Light and exhaling everything that is not Light and low vibration feelings that you may have.

Continue breathing deeply.

I am here next to you and involve you in a giant bubble of Green Light. I put my hand on your chest and activate the crystal to emanate the Green Light.

Continue breathing deeply.

See the Green Light entering your body at each breath and taking the cure to every low vibration energy that may be inside.

See yourself fluctuating in space.

Around you is the bubble of Green Light.

Below your feet, energetic connections may exist or not. You can see them or not, it doesn’t matter.

We are here to rupture these connections; they will be eliminated if they are still there.

You are filled up with my Green Light.

Now repeat with me:

I ask my Higher Self to eliminate all the energetic connections that may be bound to my soul. These connections refer to the descendants of all my soul’s lives. My soul will keep only Love and Gratitude feelings.

You will stay for 5 minutes immersed in this Green Light bubble while I treat these connections.

Still, you may see yourself fluctuating or not; it doesn’t matter anymore.

What had to be done was done.

The Green Light bubble will remain with you until the next ray.

This is a magic bubble that takes a long time to dissipate. Still, it has a problem: each negative feeling emanated consumes a bit of this bubble. Therefore, be sure to make a lot of decrees, so each and every negative feeling that is not good stay far from you and is not emanated by you.

Breathe slowly and gradually; you will feel your conscience returning.

Don’t forget that you are powerful.

So, why not decree that this Green Light bubble always stays around you?

Yes, you can.

You just have to decree that: “I AM a being immersed in the bubble of Green Light.

You will remain entirely within the bubble until the next ray. Try it. You can.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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