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Jeshua Speaks About: Ascension 101

Jeshua Speaks About: Ascension 101

Beloved one, I have heard you asking, “What is this thing about ascension? Why should I be interested in ascending? I kind of like my life here. I mean, there are a few parts of the body that sometimes speak to me and do not make me feel exactly comfortable, but I like the physical life. I have chosen it, and why would I want to ascend out of it? And heavens, if I ascend out of it, how do I find my way back, and can I find my way back?”

Yes. If you ascend and take the particles of Light which you are and allow them to rise up, you can as well bring them back into physicality and activate the same body or, if you want, it is possible that you can change the body form. Ones have done this, so that they walk the Earth with a new body, sometimes not even recognizable as that which they have been before.

I will tell you a story of one who called to me wanting to be healed. He could not walk. He was sitting and had not walked since birth. He wanted to get up and run with the other boys when he was young, but it was not possible. He wanted to be able to earn his way working, but it was not possible, because he could not move. He could not get up and walk; he could not even use his arms.

He sat by the temple door, and as I came near, he cried out to me that he wanted to be able to move. I looked him straight in the eye and said to him, “Brother, you are able to move.” He saw through my eyes the truth of being, that he was in that very moment creating that which he believed himself to be, but that it could be changed. And in that moment, there was an aliveness within the body, within the muscles of the body, so that he was able to leap up; not just stand up and walk, but leap up in joy. The ones around who had known him from birth were amazed that this could happen.

He wanted then, because he knew the feeling of exhilaration, the feeling of activating the body and having it move, which was such a miracle after twenty-some years of sitting there begging at the temple door…he was energized to the place where for a moment in physical time he ascended the body, and ones watched as the molecules of the body became the Light that he is—and that you are—and was so light that gravity could not hold him to the Earth, and he started to ascend in joy.

In that moment he knew a feeling of love of the Earth and his fellow brothers and sisters and wanted to be with them. He knew the ascension to be possible at that moment because there he was—the particles were ascending —he knew he could do that at any time. As you, any time there is need for it and desire for it, you can do it. But he did not want to leave the physicality now that he could move the body around. He wanted to play with it for a while before he would ascend. So he descended to keep the body together for a while to enjoy—in joy— to play with the physicality as the gift that it is.

In truth, ascension is no more of a miracle than what you do every morning; no more of a miracle than what you do every time you move the body. That is in itself a miracle. You think, “Well, it’s nothing. I just think to do it, and the body moves.” That is because you have trained it.

In the very beginning when you are the small one you do not have the coordination, and you have to practice a few months or even years until you get to the place where you can balance on two feet.

In this physical reality, everything is vibration. So in ascension, what you do is to change your vibration. You do it by feeling light; light-hearted, joyful, feeling that everything is in order and is being taken care of, and you are allowed to rise up out of it; to be happy, yes, to be in love; to be in a space which feels other-worldly, and it is truly another space.

You allow, and then as with the body where you have to feed it to have the physical energy, the ascension requires some feeding as well, and you feed it with happy thoughts, happy memories perhaps to begin it. It begins in a mental stage. Everything in this reality is based upon mind. It starts with the mind, with something that is a thought. And from that, then you move into a different space of allowing that which you have brought into being to follow a pattern which you are visualizing.

Now, visualizing has more to it than just the seeing of image. Visualizing pertains to a feeling of the body as well. How would it feel to be so lighthearted that you begin to rise up and see things from a different perspective? Know you, that is ascension as well. When you are able to have a new perspective on something, that is ascension as well. You are viewing whatever is going on in your life from a new viewpoint. You are allowing yourself to ascend out of the pit of despair to a place where you feel lighthearted.

Ones will ask of you, “How can you be happy when there is so much sorrow in the world? There is so much sadness, struggle, strife; how can you be happy? Isn’t that a bit of a sin to be happy if other people are suffering?”

No. In truth, as you rise up, you will draw all men/women to you. That is why ascension is of value, the ascension that takes you out of the deep pit of despair, the deep pit that says, “Well, that’s the way politics are. That’s the way the world is, and if it’s going to be so bad and in such strife, I’m going to strive with it.”

And you have. Did you like it? “No, not really.” Did you want to stay there? “No, but I thought I had to.” Well, I say unto you, you do not have to stay in the pit any longer. Allow yourself to ascend out of the pit of despair. Know that truly you can make for yourself all of the years of this life happy and long. You do not have to follow a pattern that says, “Well, when you get to be of a certain age, then you should be walking a little bit bent over and a little bit not too happy, believing that the world is going to wrack and ruin.” You can be there if you want to be, and you have. You have tried it. It does not feel all that great.

I sometimes give homework, and the homework is to buy a book of jokes and to read at least one every day, to read a funny every day and to laugh, especially if you can get one that has a good bit of the belly laugh, where you can really put the whole body into it and feel, “Oh, ho, that’s so funny. I haven’t heard anything that funny in a long time. My God.” And your God answers you, in joy. Try it.

The feeling that goes to the body is not especially what causes ascension, but it is the feeling of wholeness, the feeling of healing, the feeling of lubricating every part of the body with joy. Many of the brothers and sisters—and you have seen this to be true—walk with a certain stiffness and a feeling of heavy weight upon the back, a heavy weight upon the heart. They feel no joy, or maybe just a small bit. They are really looking for love. They are looking for acceptance. They are looking for ones who will see past the physicality and be able to see the Christ within what seems to be the physicality.

When you allow yourself to come Home in a moment of laughter, all of the cells of the body expand. “Oh, but Jeshua, I don’t want to be any bigger. I’m trying to lose weight.” Do not worry about size and weight, not physical weight. Think about the heaviness of the heart, perhaps, and change that. Get yourself the joke book and start reading until one of the stories hits you in a certain way and you cannot help yourself; you just have to be rolling in laughter. How long has it been since you actually rolled in laughter? Probably a while. Find yourself a comfortable place if you are going to roll on the floor. Find yourself a carpeted place.

Ones think that ascension is such a holy thing, and it is. It is whole—w-ho- l-e. It is bringing all of your parts into the joy, the wholeness of joy. So it is a holy place, yes, but it is not the sanctified, church-ordained place that sometimes ones think, “Well, if it’s something religious, it must be serious.” You’ll probably have to say a whole lot of “Hail, Mary’s” to get her to pay attention. I will share with you, she actually—yes, I have her permission— she actually gets tired of hearing her name being called when ones do not really want to talk with her.

Ascension truly happens in every moment when you are in joy, when you feel yourself to be lighter than you were the moment before. Ascension begins with the mind. You have built the mind into this reality to serve you. So when ones say, “Oh, well, if I’m going to do anything close to ascension, then I can’t use the mind, because it’s beyond the mind.” Yes, it is beyond the mind, but you have to start somewhere, and you start with, “What would it feel like to ascend?”

“Well, I think probably I’d feel lighter, and I think probably….” And you close your eyes, because it’s easier to imagine with your eyes closed. “And if I am in a very relaxed state and a happy thought comes to me, and a smile comes across the face…and I remember when she said to me…and it was just so warming, and it felt so good…and relaxing…you know, that feels very light.” That is the beginning of ascension.

Then after you have ascended a few times, you do not have to go back to square one and start over. But in the beginning you will use the facilities, the faculties that you have. I’m sorry, but that just reminded me that sometimes you do need to use the facilities first; you do not have to take it all with you. Okay, I digress. I am sorry. Well, I am not sorry; it causes a laugh, and laughter is a good place to start.

Allow yourself to feel happy. Allow yourself to believe that all of the cells of the body are laughing, and how it feels when someone tickles you, tickles you perhaps not in a physical way, but with a thought that makes you feel a smile on the face, the happiness. And you felt a moment before, “I was feeling really heavy like, you know, I don’t have enough time in the day to get all this work done, and I feel really heavy about it. But, you know, he smiled at me. When he smiled at me, all of that disappeared, and for a moment I felt really loved, really happy.”

And in that moment, everything of the body chemistry, everything of the body physicality changed. That is the beginning of ascension. So many times ones have said, “Well, ascension is something really holy and is something beyond me; it’s something I can read about and I can worship, but it’s beyond what I can do.”

And yet I say unto you, in every day you have a moment, and maybe more than one, of feeling ascended, of allowing the body to feel comfortable, to feel light. And then you progress from that point. So, you see, that is why we called the ascension parties “parties”, because they were happy times. They were times when we told funny stories, the happy stories. They were the times when we allowed the body to come alive. Perhaps we did a few exercises to start with to get all of the cells of the body moving, all of the vibrations moving again.

“But Jeshua, I thought if you were going to do ascension, you would probably sit in the chair perhaps with the feet underneath in a certain way and hands over the heart chakra.” No, only if you want to. That is not what you are going to be focusing upon. What you are going to be focusing upon is nothing; in other words, if you are focusing on something, that is where your attention is going to be, and that is where you are most likely to stay.

So you allow the focus to be expanded to the place where you remember, “You know, I felt really happy when she looked at me and smiled at me, and I knew that I was the most important light in her life. At that point I felt so happy.”

That is the beginning of ascension. You feel lighter. Be happy with what you are creating. You are a great ray of light. That is the truth of your being. Allow yourself to live from that space: a great ray of light having a human experience.

You are one who is in process of ascending. You will in this lifetime—I make you a promise—you will ascend the body and join the angels that you know. Will you stay there? Probably not, unless you feel that your work is finished here. But probably you will enjoy it, and you will then activate the body again, the same as you do in the mornings when you wake up. And you will feel yourself to be lighter, knowing mentally that you are the Light of the world.

Now, are you ready for a small experiment? Allow yourself to be comfortable on the chair or wherever you are. Taking a deep breath, allow the body to be comfortable. Then taking another easy breath, feel yourself melting into a puddle of butter; very, very relaxed; into a puddle of butter; cream. Feel yourself to be without definitive form.

Imagine a grassy knoll, a pasture perhaps where there are cows and horses grazing, paying no attention to you. You are walking through the green grass feeling the vibration of life around you. You walk up the grassy knoll to the tree that grows on top of the knoll. You look around at the view encompassing everything that you are creating. For a moment or so you stand and breathe, because it feels so easy, so relaxed.

Taking another easy breath, you feel yourself alive. You feel the toes on your feet vibrating, the ankles vibrating, the calves of your legs vibrating. You feel at peace. And in that moment you remember something that happened that felt very good, when someone looked at you and smiled and you felt the smiles melding together and you felt that there was nothing to think about, just being. And you felt yourself to be the grass. You felt yourself to be the joy of the breeze passing by. You felt yourself to be alive as Light.

And in that moment you remembered love, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of loving, the feeling of knowing that you are Home, that you are held in the arms of love, that everything around you is bowing down to you. Everything around you loves you, values you, as you value it. And you breathe easily.

There is a feeling that you are now from the viewpoint of the top of the tree looking out. You have ascended to the top of the tree. You are still physical. You are still you, but you are expanded. You know yourself to be alive, vibrant, and a smile comes across your face because it feels so easy.

You feel so valued, so at-One with everything you see. You close your eyes and you still see, and you are One with everything. A sigh escapes your lips, and you feel yourself uplifted to the cloud, looking down at the tree, looking down at the grassy knoll, looking down at the pathway. Know yourself to be ascended.

The smile that comes across your face is so illumined that you are the sun in the heavens. You are vibrantly alive, and you stay there as long as it feels happy, peaceful, One, One with all vibration.

After a passage of time, you find that you want to come back to the top of the tree, to the grassy knoll, to the pathway that runs along through the pasture, past the cows and the horses, to the place of awakening. So be it.

This has been the beginning of mental ascension, knowing the peace that passes the understanding of the world. It was that place that allows you to put all of the world’s cares and vibrations aside just for the space of a few minutes and to feel at Home once again. It is what I have termed for this evening Ascension 101, because truly the body has not ascended.

In other times we will work with the vibration of ascension so that as you want to move the body out of this space of reality, you will, and you will know that you have. This time was just, as you would call it, putting the toe in the water, just trying out the relaxation and the peace before the ascension.

Now, ones have said, “Well, certainly with the bodily ascension, all the vibration, of course, is risen to a higher level,” and it is. And the way that you get there is by practice, allowing yourself to feel somewhat transported, somewhat in a different space.

You know well the meditative process. You know well to breathe a few breaths, and instantly the body calms down and you are in the space that feels apart from the hurriedness of the world. Allow yourself to visit that space quite often.

In another day, perhaps, we will take this as a starting point. There will be the going to the cloud, and then there will be the activation of the vibrations. It will not be just one more time; it will be several, because it is something that you develop.

When you first came to physicality, there were a number of years where you had to acclimate yourself to it, how to feel yourself to be separate and to make all the body parts move and not fall over each time you tried to stand on the two feet instead of the four, etc. So it was a process, and likewise with the ascension. It is something that you know how to do. You can imagine it. You can feel it. But as far as doing it vibrationally, that sometimes—most often—takes practice.

Know that the important thing is the ascension in consciousness, the ascension that says, “I am in the world but I am not of the world. The world is of my making, and all of the hurriedness of the world, again, is of my making, and I can turn it on or I can turn it off and take a rest.

It is important to allow the body a balance. It is important for you to allow the emotions a balance and to feel so loved that you cannot keep it to yourself, but you have to share it. In that space I will take my adieu—to go with God; yes, adieu—and to say that I bid you great love.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
November 2019
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