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Keep Your Vibrations Positive - Message from Sananda

Keep Your Vibrations Positive - Message from Sananda

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again, I can be here passing on some teachings. It is the will of Father/Mother God, that all people on this planet ascend, that each and every person residing on this planet be given all directions, all chances, all ways to reach ascension. In this action of Father/Mother God, it is more than proven that there is no judgment, there is no type of privilege, there is no type of separation. When we talk about separating the wheat from the chaff, it is not Father/Mother God who is doing it. There is no kind of judgment made by anyone to say that someone is tares or that someone is wheat. So why do we say this?

I always have to come back based on my Letters, and this phrase is the one that has been said the most lately: May you reap what you sow. So, this separation of the wheat from the chaff is made, based only on what you are vibrating; in the vibratory frequency of each one. Then at the moment of ascension, a great wave will hit this planet, a great wave of Light, and those who vibrate within the band of this wave will ascend. So there is no way there can be a mistake, there is no way to leave anyone aside, there is no way to forget anyone. You will simply be transported from this dimension to the Fifth. How will this process take place? In time you will know. But I insist on one point again, everything will be based on your vibratory frequency.

It is important to emphasize that you are not just this body that you look in the mirror, you are a set of bodies. Those different from the physical body are subtle bodies that few can visualize. Your vibration is also a set, it is a set of it all. You vibrate and it all reverberates to those bodies. Just as the environment reverberates from the bodies to the physical body. So the first step, we might say, is to be careful where you walk; the environments you enter; the people that you live with, because if these environments or these people vibrate low, your aura will absorb this energy. And this will be transmitted from the outer body to your physical body, causing your vibration to drop.

Even you who vibrate high, who try to keep a vibration always stabilized, will receive this wave. But because you are a balanced person, the wave will affect you, yes, but not so intensely, because you maintain a very large positive charge in all your bodies. So, this negative charge that enters is neutralized and often does not even reach the physical body. But your energy as a whole is shaken up, because you've lost a good part of that positive frequency, to neutralize that negative one. Then your frequency as a whole drops. Likewise, if you are already an unbalanced person and receive this negative charge, your frequency will drop a lot; because your external bodies will not be able to prevent all that vibration from reaching the physical body and your vibration will drop even more.

So the environment is important yes, it does affect you. So I can add that it is part of your choices to attend such environments. Once you are in such an environment and realize that the energy is bad, the correct attitude is to turn around and leave, not stay there. But many get carried away and think that precisely because they are quite balanced, nothing will happen to them. Maybe not, as I said, maybe your bodies can transmute this negative vibration; and if they can't? Your vibration will drop.

So you have to understand that your vibrations fluctuate every moment, they are not constant. You are a person who vibrates high, does everything to keep you that way, and gives yourself the right from time to time to step out of line. Very well, I agree with you, that all that positive vibration that is really very well stored and exists in quantity, will be able to transmute that there. But your frequency will drop, there's no way. You may even be able to stay in the positive range because you have just stocked up on enough positive energy. It will all depend on what you do each day.

So don't be thinking, that just a suitable behavior here, another one there, that is enough to eliminate all this, isn't it. Because you can lower your frequencies so much, that if it happens, you won't be able to ascend. Again, it's all part of the choices. Let's say you get involved in low energies, few

times, so let's put it in percentages. You are in a state full of positive energy, you meditated, you connected to the Beings of light, you kept balanced, you fed correctly, you didn't emanate bad feelings or bad words, that is, you are perfect. So you have 100% positive energy. Then you enter one of those places or you come into contact with an extremely negative person, or you get carried away by any other event that lowers your vibration.

Let's say you lost 25% of that positive energy; and in parallel, I'm going to say that to light up, you have to have at least 50% positive energy in your body. Okay, so you're still on track. And you like that little slip. And the next day, you commit it again. So, let's add 25% more? I would say no, because you also maintained some positive state during the day. So let's say it decreased by 15%. You are already reaching a critical range, you only have 10% more than what is needed in positive energy. And, then, are you going to risk again dropping your vibration or are you going to try to return to those wonderful indexes that you were before?

So what conclusion can you draw from this? Yes, you can make mistakes from time to time. If you try during the day to stay balanced, eat right, not have bad feelings, and repeat this every many days, 3, 4, 5, 6 days; I can tell you that a slipping day will not stop you from ascending. You will still be in range, but notice, you have to stay positive for several days. And I can assure you that this is impossible. None of you stay 100% positive all day, none. Because you are subjected to all sorts of setbacks unless you isolate yourselves. If you isolate yourself, don't talk to anyone, don't listen to anything, just meditate all day, think about good things all day, but that for several days,

But this is not the reality of your world. Your world is not like that, and your environment is, and was created to unbalance you. It's a surprise bill that arrives, it's a food that goes bad in the fridge, it's a trip that hurts your foot, an annoyance with someone in the family... I'll be here talking examples all day. In these moments you get bored. And this is negative energy that contaminates and diminishes that quantum of positive energy. But I'll still say, if you can emanate positive energies for most of the day, you're still going to be okay, and you can slip from time to time, that you're still going to be positive. But it will depend a lot on what you did in the previous days. Because if you lowered your energy and on the day you decide to slip, you run the risk of falling into the negative zone.

So my brothers, the process is not easy, the process is very difficult. And each day, we try to show you everything that can contribute to lower your energy. And is there nothing you can do to rise in a moment of falling? Of course there is. Concentrate and say: I AM LIGHT! is a very powerful phrase. This phrase captures the higher energies from the Universe, which leverage your bodies into positive energy.

So once again I'm going to call your attention: it's no use for you to follow negative paths and at the end say: I AM LIGHT! to neutralize. Because I'm going to tell you that at the end of the day, you'll be in the same place, you won't go up anything. Always think of it this way: they are opposing energies; positive thoughts, feelings and actions, versus negative feelings, thoughts and actions. This together gives the balance and gives the balance: positive or negative. So say: I AM LIGHT!, is that good? It works, as long as you make a few mistakes. Because if you make mistakes all day, will that I AM LIGHT! be able to eliminate everything you've done? It's powerful yes, a lot, but what about the amount of negative energy you gave off, how much was it? It can be stronger and greater than the power of the I AM.

So, you can't be too careful. Think before you speak. think before acting; I assure you that this greatly minimizes the slippage into the negative. Because just the fact that you stopped to think, words were not said, feelings were not placed and that negative thought was stopped, because you stopped to think. And then there will be one: I AM LIGHT! and of course, you will eliminate that thought. This is a learning experience for my brothers, it is a constant learning experience. Every second, take care of what you think first, because from thought come words, come actions. So take care of what you think.

Thought something negative, stop and say: I AM LIGHT! and transmute instantly. You will certainly gain nothing, because that I AM LIGHT! will fight negative thinking, but you will gain nothing either. THE I AM LIGHT! it is powerful yes, but it has a limit to transmute, otherwise it would be too easy, you would talk a lot of nonsense, for hours and at the end you would say: I AM LIGHT! and everything would go out, it would be too easy. He is a bomb of Light, yeah, a bomb of positive light, but even a bomb has a power of action. So it doesn't contain that they will do and happen, and in the end they say I AM LIGHT! and it's all right. No, it's not like that. There is a limit to the action of this word, this sentence: I AM LIGHT! But if you want to cancel a thought and since you've blocked it, the I AM LIGHT! eliminates yes. But you don't get anything else,

Do you understand? Do you see how keeping this balance in balance is not simple, is it not easy? But if you feed every minute, you can make a lot of progress and you might even slip. But you have to be very sure, about the walk you took during the previous days; because if not, with that slip, you will be taking the little bit that you exceeded from the positive zone and you will be able to throw you in the negative part.

So this, my brothers, is what will happen. This separation of the wheat from the chaff is nothing more than the Light carrying whoever vibrates compatible with it. Because if you are compatible with the Fifth Dimensional Light, you are ready to live there, then you will be taken. The how? You will know. I'm just here explaining, what this sentence is; it is separating the wheat from the chaff, it is separating you by vibratory frequencies. There is no judgment, no judgment whatsoever. You are what you vibrate.

And how do you know if you are vibrating only positive or only negative? There are many techniques, that you can know the frequency of your bodies. One is with the pendulum. For those who already use the pendulum and know how it responds, yes or no; place the pendulum above your Crown Chakra, at the height of the Soul Star, about a foot above; and ask: Am I vibrating positive? It's just a question. he will answer yes

or not. The yes is the way for you to know, that you are vibrating high, that you are on that scale beyond the negative side. And positive vibrating is definitely within the Fifth Dimensional range. This you can be sure of.

Who doesn't know how to use the pendulum: You will place your hand 30 cm above your head, your right hand. Will ask the question. If you feel your hand vibrate, you are positive. If your hand doesn't vibrate, you're negative. So I'm teaching you a way for you to police yourself. What if you find yourself negative? It's not for despair, because if you despair, the vibration will drop even further. So it's a matter of putting yourself, realizing what it was that took you off balance. You have to know: what hurt you, what made you go off the rail, what hurt you, what did you vibrate low, what thought did you have, what words did you say, what actions did you take? Take it up and find out and try not to commit any more.

And to vibrate high, to vibrate high again, balance the Chakras. Ground yourself with Gaia and ask Gaia to balance your Chakras. Or do a balancing meditation, it doesn't matter, it will automatically put you back into positive. But not 100%. It will get you out of the negative zone, but it won't be 100%. And another thing, it's no use doing this all the time. This is an exercise to be done once a day, at the end of the day. Because if you do when you wake up, you will all wake up in the positive because your souls are dealt with overnight. So you have to do this at the end of the day, almost at bedtime. Because there yes, it is the result of the whole day that you lived.

Take the action I said and you can go to sleep. “Ah, but if I'm negative and overnight I'll stay positive. I don't need to do anything." It's your choice. I'll tell you, the night takes you to 51% positive; then any slip, you will be in the negative again. However, if you prepare, if you organize, if you balance your Chakras, you can reach 75%. And if concentration and faith are too great, you can reach 90%. And depending on what there is to be transmuted from negative, because it could be just a little bit, which exceeded 50%, you could almost reach the limit of 100%.

So you realize how important it is to think positively, say positive things, act positively, move away from negative places, move away from negative people and mainly, meditate, keep your Chakras always aligned. We are giving you the conditions to improve your vibrations. And so that you can from time to time still let the ego do the talking and make some slip up.

If you do everything I said, the slip day, you will end up positive. Because I can guarantee you that even the slip will be small. Because that will no longer attract you, will no longer slide for a long time. It will be a small slip and you will be fine as long as you have accumulated enough positive energy.

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