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Lord Maitreya: Become Visible To People!

Lord Maitreya: Become Visible To People!

Commit yourself with all your strength and the power of your consciousness for the luminous change on this earth! Dare to enter the scene of the confrontation of light and unlight energies! Your power is needed now and your commitment is needed now.

Courageous and determined!

It is time for you to boldly, decisively and with full awareness of your power to usher in this world's turnaround! The time has come when man reflects on himself and on his strength!

Loved ones,

You have lived many lives, you have had many experiences, and everything has served you to wake up now, in this epochal time, and rise to full greatness.

The entities of darkness have power over you only as long as you submit to them, as long as you say YES, where to say NO, and as long as you succumb to the error of being powerless instead of powerful.

The time for your consciousness to be unlocked has come!

And so it now happens that you are awakening, that you are awakening in great numbers, and that you are now becoming aware of it.

With the fact that you lose the fears of the future and that you put aside the fears of the loss of things and people such as the loss of one's own life – all the fears that an incarnation of this density brings with it are transformed.

Now you see through this game and that's how it ends!

These days have it all! Things are moving at all levels – geologically, the earth masses are moving, politically, the system is tipping, and economically, no stone is left unturned.

Three moods prevail:

  1. Collapse
  2. Departure
  3. Realignment

We are currently at point one!

Everything that held the world together so far is losing its meaning in the eyes of more and more people! You reject the "new normal" that the old elites have come up with for you, and you don't want to go back to the "old normal" either.

These are the signs that the old edifice of this world is collapsing to the ground and must collapse due to your realignment! This cannot go unnoticed or silently.

The exam

So, it happens now that you are tested in self-confidence and trust in God. Those who connect inwardly with the Source and with their soul knowledge have nothing to fear, because they are and they remain oriented.

These people feel held and carried, they navigate through this time with knowledge and trust. They are connected to the one force that created everything and breathed it into life.

But those who cling only to the visible, who only believe what they can see with their eyes, but who despair – they can no longer find a foothold and look for solutions everywhere, but not in themselves!

Thus, humanity is once again divided into those who become aware of their tasks and their own power and power, and into those whose consciousness remains enveloped in the cocoon of the 3D matrix. They continue to sleep until they too can hear the Creator's wake-up call.

This is how the call goes out to you today:

Commit yourself with all your strength and the power of your consciousness for the luminous change on this earth!

Dare to enter the scene of the confrontation of light and unlight energies! Your power is needed now and your commitment is needed now.

Be assured, no harm will happen to you as long as you remain connected to the source of all sources and to your soul knowledge.

Rise visibly for people and shine your light into the world!

This is my mission to YOU today! This is the way to the bright future of the new humanity.

In infinite love

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translation by
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