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Lord Melchizedek: Your Destination Is Peace

Lord Melchizedek: Your Destination Is Peace

Open-mindedness, Awareness, The Desire For A Different World…

Dear souls, I greet you. I am Melchizedek, alchemist, founder of a fraternity, who on Earth still continues to work, and to prepare the ground for this conscious humanity of which we are going to speak together.

You are entering a slightly different era, still in this transformation of this cycle of a few years in which you have all committed yourself, and each one, and I would perhaps like to start with this to remind you that, whatever the hardships of the moment, whatever these moments you are living, going through, each of you has chosen to be there, to be present in these moments which, ultimately, are quite rare in the majority of time frames of existence. Effectively, what you are experiencing only happens a little more than every 20,000 years, to use your current time period, a time when humanity, embodied consciousnesses, living beings on this plane, have decided to change the paradigm of existence, and to move from an individual world to a more collective world,

So, to take up this idea of ​​conscious humanity, already try not to trust only what you see, or what you hear. Indeed, everything is done to continue, to continue, the separation between humans, from different countries, from different nations, from different civilizations.

Separatism is a plague on this Earth. A wound that some governments seek to keep gaping, open, in order to better control incarnated human souls. But it is too late, because your choice of soul has been heard, your choice to reunite, to reunite has been heard. Thus, you will pass, whatever happens, in this era of conscious humanity, conscious of who it is, conscious of its divine aspect, conscious of the possibility that you have of improving, also, your individual and community existence as well.

For this, we will continue to advise you, we will continue to give courses, we will continue to give exercises, but we are, ultimately, only for very few in this movement, which is engaged now, deep in terrestrial space, this space of this ship Earth.

Your transformation must first be physical before being spiritual. As a result, many have gone through illness, through minor or major illnesses.

Each of these diseases, for many of you, allowed the transformation, the installation of a new energy inside you. This energy is not yet fully balanced. In fact, you are between two planes, between two dimensions again. Do not think that, when I evoke the following dimension, it is enormously different from that which you are, from that where you are today. You know, when I say: of who you are, there is no mistake either, because you are, in yourself, a dimensional being, a being that generates its own dimension.

Dear friends, because most of us know each other, dear friends, this transformation of the body will continue. It is necessary that you be able to receive, through the crown chakra located above your head, it is necessary that you can receive energies that are deeper, more transcendent, more precise than your very words.

Your instinct for freedom, truth, life, peace, is the very source of the new divine message. So, in the manifestation of this world of yours, you are going to see people who are going to seek freedom, people who are going to stop believing in the truth that separation can represent, but who will place their energies in the truth that can be union, national, international, planetary.

These are the aspects that now, in the months to come, will come into play to continue the transformation, because, after the transformation of the body, there is the transformation of the spirit, of the way of seeing this world, to reflect on it, some would say – although the reflection is often misdirected, whereas to see in the Spirit is to be aware of the unity of the Holy Spirit precisely that you are, aware of the complete unity of what composes you .

I will of course elaborate my speech so that you understand better.

In the physical transformation that you are going through, you are going to be more and more sensitive to planetary aspects, you are going to be more and more sensitive to events that are taking place at the other end of the planet.

A storm, a hurricane, an earthquake, a popular uprising, all this will come back to you like waves on you, on your body, because it is your body, this unity. It's something most of you are not used to yet. Already in difficulty by the fact of receiving what happens to your family, your friends and your environment, you are going to find yourself sometimes, therefore, in a certain difficulty to understand the energies or the emotions which touch you, because they will not reach not of the world that you manifest, but of the world manifested by the entire planet. Therefore, you are, and will become, again and again, more and more sensitive to international events. So, not the ones we show you, but also the ones we don't show you,

This transformation of inner vision is so profound that it will require each of you to work on your emotional body as well.

So, when you feel a wave of energy, a wave of anger, a wave of anguish, or even a wave of joy sometimes, do not personify that to yourself, or to the other person in front of you or to side of you. Be aware that what you are feeling is a wave of energy that is going through the entire planet. It is useless to put this in your individuality, and to consider that what you feel is the fault or thanks to the other, because there is no other, there is only you, a Unit.

It's hard for humans in this current consciousness to conceive of this notion of unity, that we are One that we have already uttered. It's hard to believe and understand that a collective movement is on the way, immutable.

Imagine: you are a drop of water in the sea. Even if there is a wave that goes in one direction, it is the whole movement of the sea that will eventually win out. You can throw a pebble in the water, it will make circles, but it will not come to break the general waves, the general movement of the sea, because this movement, coming from the divine wind, will always lead to its destination each drop of water.

Your destination is peace, open-mindedness, awareness, the desire for a different world, in terms of human and interhuman relations, and even extra-terrestrial ones, of course.

Long ago we predicted the arrival of great cities on your world. These great cities belong to your intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial, which is to say to other earths. These great cities join you right now in energy first, in a conceptual way inside you, too.

This new earth, this new consciousness, comes to touch you. So today, what I'm trying to tell you is that you will be, without it going through the intellect, upset by the impression of not understanding anything, of not being in the right place, of not being in the understanding of the other, of not understanding why you are directed like this, like that, what is happening? Really, you — not all of you — might feel lost, because nothing seems like a viable and stable hook anymore. This is quite typical of the chaos generated by Shiva (*). This is quite typical of the chaos generated by the arrival of a new paradigm, in other words, a new set of rules, values ​​and concepts.

It is not a question of building these concepts, but of adapting yourselves to this new energy, of adapting yourselves to this desire of the people to be united, reunited, to no longer be hungry, to no longer be thirsty, to no longer let yourself be controlled, directed, above all manipulated. This movement, I repeat, is planetary, gigantic, immutable.

It's a movement which is — I don't know how to explain it to you — of the order of alchemy. The transformation takes place in full purity in each of you, at your own pace.

The disease will have changed the body a little, the state of mind is changing. There remains this spiritual state that it is necessary to renew, this state of humility in relation to nature and to your true nature, to your divine nature, to create the cooperating, unified and quiet nature.

I have also come to help those who, in fact, are most at odds with this world, those who are in revolt, almost in revolution, against all these changes, or who do not know in which direction this is going.

I'm going to give you some physical, physiological advice. Do not apply what I am going to tell you, unless you really feel a big gap with this world.

Inside you, the energy fields which are diffused are also electric fields inside your body. These electric fields can be disturbed, causing a whole host of more or less inflammatory symptoms. So here I am going to advise you the intake of two, of those that you call two trace elements. Copper and gold, as trace elements, will help you harmonize your energy fields.

Copper and gold are going to help you — as trace minerals I emphasize, trace minerals — to sensitize your body to spiritual energy and not to mental or emotional energy.

Many of you fail to adapt, for lack of these elements in your body. I therefore advise you to supplement with gold and copper trace elements. Those who think of the remedy with silver are also not mistaken, it will improve your health condition, but it is above all gold and copper here that are needed.

Gold and copper have functions within your body, within your energy, which are functions of connection to the divine. Gold has always been used for this in large quantities. In truth, it is necessary to have a small quantity of it inside oneself, very very small, but some use large external quantities, because that makes it possible indeed to reinforce an energy.

I remember the time when I – see, with the civilization that you call Incas, Toltec, Olmec… many of these civilizations – used gold in the form of a helmet, to capture the different energies. So, I'm not going to ask you to make a gold helmet since, I repeat, it is enough that in terms of trace elements, inside you, gold is present in sufficient quantity.

This gold color is the color of the Divine, it is the color of bonding, it is what binds you. The energy fields between you are that color too. It exists as a thread, so thin that you cannot see it, which connects every human being on this Earth. Well, it's a golden cord, a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very fine golden thread. I should say a gold energy bond.

By increasing your level of gold in the body — once again in a slight way, I'm not asking you to eat gold, but to supplement it with the trace element gold — you will be able to connect more easily to the other, to others and to Heaven too.

So, I propose it to you at this time, at this moment, for a small cure of a few weeks or a few months, in addition, to improve your physical condition and especially your spiritual condition, because it too will be undermined.

This spiritual condition will lead you to create a new religion, a religion whose god is Love.

There is no name to give to this religion, just the understanding that if you have to choose between the material and the spiritual, well, sometimes, if you want to, you will have to choose the spiritual:

  • choose mutual aid,
  • choose compassion,
  • choose the gift of self too, when you can,
  • remembering that the life that passes through you is a gift from your higher Consciousness, is a great gift,
  • remembering that you came voluntarily, even if you find it painful, is a great gift,
  • remember that incorporating a physical body into a dual world at this time is also a great gift,
  • because it offers you a possibility of extension of the consciousness enormous, enormous.

Under current conditions, everything is done to expand your soul. It doesn't extend into speaking or understanding, it sometimes extends into silence, into sitting still, into remembering who you are.

You are divine souls, beings linked to other beings in other times, in other spaces. You have come to incarnate to learn love, harmony and peace.

To do this, you decided to incarnate in a world where it was difficult. You made this choice because, going through this difficulty of love, you are strengthening your body, you are strengthening your bodies and your energy, allowing a whole dimension and a whole aspect of consciousness to rise at the same time. The drop of water, the sea — to use this analogy — everything is rising in terms of size and in terms of harmony.

I insist on this term harmony, because what is lacking in your world today is clearly harmony. Not harmonization, not the fact that everyone is the same, long live the same, that is not what we are proposing.

What we propose is the fact of being able, once again, to live in the community, not individually, but thinking of the collective above all and often.

This will be possible in a world where competition will no longer serve, will be useless.

This will be possible in a world where money will always have value, but not as much, it will not be decisive. This aspect will not be decisive or even necessary, you will see it in a few years, not now.

Find yourself. Find yourself among yourselves.

I'm giving you clues, I'm preparing your bodies, but I can't completely express everything that will happen to you, because it depends on the timeline you are going on, and some of you will take a little longer before to join this unit.

I can give you a state of the planet today. Today, today, as I speak to you, about 30% of the incarnated souls on the planet are ready for a paradigm shift, ready for a world change, ready to accept something that is a little beyond them, something that transcends them.

And the greatest resistance comes from only 10% of the beings on this planet, 10% of beings who cling to the old world, who cling to the old paradigm, who cling to money, in power. Often, I must admit, with more deviant behavior, desires to hurt, but these 10% will not prevail.

So, there are still 60% of undecided people on this planet, people who ask themselves: “what could I become if tomorrow this, if tomorrow that? What will I become?  Why are you asking the question in the future, rather than asking it now? What am I becoming now and who am I now? is the right question. What can I do now? to help, to work, for my neighbour, now, not when it will be difficult or less simple, but now. Yes, because the time has come.

This year in which you are, this 2022 is a year in which it is time to introduce changes, new values, new concepts, in resistance with what, in appearance, seems to direct you sometimes, of course.

I didn't say, I'm not inviting you to that either, acting illegally is pointless. It is a question here of acting in a real way above all, that is to say to be real yourself, not to hide yourself, not to hide yourself behind appearances, to stop playing the obligatory games of what would be what: a company, a state, propriety? Does that mean you have to forget your humanity?

When you help your neighbour, when you love him, you are helping yourself, you are loving yourself.

So, among you there are many people who tell us: “How can I amplify the love in me?  The love within you, the love of you, the love of the other, it's the same subject, and everyone will find a way to amplify the love within them, by amplifying the love of the other, self-love, too. Help every day.

Every day, find a way to help someone, with a smile, with a kind word, with a collaborative attitude, with good advice, with the exchange of positive information, not information that seeks an enemy to right or left, not information that seeks a good guy and a bad guy, but here, something that mainly brings joy. This is the work of love! This is what can amplify your love.

You can serve, when you serve love, when you serve the community, not by telling yourself I am for this or against that. There, these are practical attitudes, which obviously serve to include oneself in this world, but it is not this kind of attitude which causes real changes.

If you look at people who have truly and profoundly changed your world, you will see people who were deeply and sincerely in the idea of ​​working for the community, not for themselves, not for their families, but for the community, beings who have made a vow and oath to serve the community.

Dear souls, I think it is time to leave yourselves in the hands of the Divine Mother. It is Marie who will now speak to you.

So, I bless your listening. I insist on saying, for those who are the most "disconnected among you", feed yourself with trace elements copper and gold. You will see, it will go quickly.

I leave you, my friends.

Public channel of May 10, 2022 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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