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Love Yourself - Mary Magdalene

Love Yourself - Mary Magdalene

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua, Mary is here as well. We wish to say that Mary and I thank each of you for your level of devotion and your level of Divine Grace. It is of utmost importance, Dearest Children, that you understand that you are valued more than you truly understand. That you are supported more than you realize, and that you are never alone. We thank you for your dedication, for choosing to come to the earth plane time and time again, forgetting your oneness, and returning into the earth plane through all the challenges, through all of the life struggles that each of you are mastering in order to raise your frequency, to assist this planet and to return to oneness, back to the Great Creator.

We know that this is a challenge, we know that this is of utmost importance to each of you that are listening, that you move through this ascension process with ease and grace. So Mary and I stand with you, and we stand beside you. Mary is on your left and I am on your right, and we are holding you in sacred balance. As we have told you many many times before, we have come to bring the template of balance upon the planet, this is the reason that we have come, and it is the premise of the story of our book, Divine Union, the Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is why we have asked Lea to write the book, it is why we continue to come through her, so that we can assist all of humanity to return to balance, and to live in their humanness with grace and ease. And so as we have told in our story how difficult it was for Mary and I to find and seek our own emotional balance, in our own individual lives, we understand the struggles that each of you have during these troubled times, there is much that is even greater influence upon you, that is happening within your world, then when we lived 2,000 years ago, because of your advanced technology and your advanced civilization, there is more pressure and stimulation, expectation placed upon you than ever before. And so we applaud you for remaining grounded, centered and connected to your own Higher Self and to your own mission. We know this is not an easy task.

It is of utmost importance that you understand at this time that as you hold the energy within the essence of your being, that you feel the essence and presence of love in heart. Feeling the essence and presence of this energy within your heart, beginning to feel the essence and presence of this energy within your heart, as you allow your heart to open now into Sacred Union and the Divine Balance of all that is. So today as we commend you and we thank you, for allowing your heart to open to this beautiful frequency of love. As you have been dedicated through eons of time, of remaining committed to your true mission, your true pathway, know that Mary and I stand with you as we have said, I Yeshua stand on your right, Mary stands on your left, and we are here to bring the energy of peace onto you so you may move forward into your mission, and that you continue to remain devoted and excited and passionate about your life stream and your life purpose. So today it is as if Mary and I are cheerleaders, and we are bringing you this great sense of support for what you have done, what you continue to do, and what you have been contracted to do. So we ask you at this time to take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe into your heart, beginning to breathe in the energy of peace and tranquility, breathing into your heart, breathing into your heart, letting go and letting God. Breathing into your heart. Feeling the energy of peace and tranquility upon your soul. Becoming centered in your commitment to yourself, that there are no expectations, there is only love that is being given onto you, and so do not feel as if any of you have anything to prove, there is nothing for you to feel as if you have not done enough, accomplished enough, for all of you have done more than you can realize for this planet, we ask you to relax into this energy of love that we offer onto you on this day. We ask that you breathe in the energy of peace so that you become comfortable with yourself, and allow yourself to enjoy your life and live the rest of this incarnation in peace, and feel this sense of accomplishment, that truly all is in order and all is as it should be. That you have come time and time again with the soul’s incarnational cycle, to serve and to be served. Today Mary and I continue to support you, in our love, in our devotion. I will step back for a moment and allow my Mary to speak. Truly this is the energy of devotion, for my beloved Mary has devoted her life in service to the Great Design.

Greetings Dear Ones, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to each of you with an open heart, a tender and merciful heart, a joyous heart, a loving heart. I ask that each of you begin to feel this, and begin to feel the love for yourself, for all that you have done, and all that you have brought forth in devotion onto this planet, time and time and time again. You have served the Living God through the struggles and the strife of each incarnation, and this incarnation as each of you have struggled with the lessons and the challenges of your own soul. We know, as Yeshua said, it is not easy, for we know how difficult it is to stay centered and balanced in troubled times. For when Yeshua and I lived 2,000 years ago, we had our own pressures, but we had our family, we had our community, and we had our deep faith that guided us. And many of you are living separate from your families, facing challenges that are much different than when Yeshua and I lived 2,000 years ago. We want you to know that we stand with you and we are assisting you every moment of your waking life. Every moment you are being assisted. If you choose to listen and to feel our love, and to feel our energy upon your soul, then there you will be able to feel the balance and feel the centeredness and calmness, that truly all is in order and all is as it should be. For this is the time, this is the now, this is the moment of truth as you stand in the energy and the essence of all that is. So know Dearest Ones, that as you hold yourself in high esteem, may you feel the love, may you feel the love, may you feel the love.

For each of you are devotees, and we ask that you devote this energy of love to yourself, instead of projecting out onto the world what you need to do next, what you have not done, what you should be doing. We ask that you devote the love and the attention to yourself, and give gratitude to yourself on this day, for this is the day of gratitude. We want to honor you. We want you to feel your own specialness. We want you to honor yourself, for your devotion. It is as if today is a day of graduation, it is a day of celebration, we have come to celebrate you. We want to bring the energy of joy to you so that you may begin to feel this energy within your heart. That you have done more, and accomplished more than you could ever realize. And there is no need to feel unworthy, to feel less than, to compare yourself to another, because what you are doing each and every day is in service to the Great One. Every action, word and deed that you bring forth with kindness and compassion, and in service to another is received. These messages are going forward far and wide around the globe, you are serving this energy by holding your love and your light, and your devotion, to bringing these messages to assist another, your energy, your individual energies again are supporting this message, your frequency is being felt by those who read it and those who listen to Yeshua and my message on our weekly transmission. So you see you are serving, even when you do not realize when you are serving, you are holding the energy of devotion in service, so that others may ascend, others may receive, others may feel the divine love that you are holding for yourself and for all others who are receiving this transmission. So Yeshua and I are here holding the template holding the balance for all of you, and so you, those today supporting this call, supporting this message, are serving in a greater capacity than you can ever realize.

Dear Lea, who has been the channel, the conduit of these messages, for almost two decades, she has held the frequency for this energy year upon year, to bring forward the ascension process for those who are ready to receive and to listen. So this devotion today is being granted onto each of you, as if even more blessings are being bestowed onto you for your devotion. One by one by one. Each of you are lifting up the energy of another. This is again the frequency of what we call the 144,000. Those who are returning back to Christ Consciousness. It is you, individually who are holding the template and the energy for others to ascend. So today we thank you for your devotion, we thank you for your commitment, we thank you for your service and all that you are bringing forth onto this planet. As Yeshua and I stand with you on this beautiful, beautiful day, we ask that you open your heart like a beautiful lotus flower opening for yourself, feeling the love that we send to you. Sending and receiving our devotion onto you, as we have said we know many feel alone and separate from themselves, from the world, from their families, from God. We want you to begin to feel our energy as if it is very real for you, and indeed our energy is palpable if you so allow. If you choose to receive our love, and our devotion in service onto you, then your heart will open and you will begin to feel peace, and you’ll begin to feel loved, and you will not feel alone. You will be able to master your life stream and your life journey in this incarnation of time with greater ease then you’ve ever felt before. So truly know that all is in order and all is as it should be. As you feel the presence of our love and our devotion upon your soul.

So today we ask you to simply let go and surrender, surrender, trust, allow and receive. Letting go and letting God. Surrender, trust, allow and receive. So we ask you to feel this energy within your heart, as we begin to clear away from you any insecurities, any doubts, any fears, and emotions that do not serve you, for all of you are struggling with your own insecurities, with your own biases, with your own judgments, with your own fears, as we want to support you in love. So today as you feel this energy within your heart opening to the presence of God’s living light and love upon your soul, truly begin to feel this frequency of deep devotion and gratitude for you. Can you imagine yourself feeling this energy of devotion and gratitude onto yourself? Not in arrogance, but in truth. If you could see all that you have done in this incarnation and through all incarnations of time, and through the devotion of your spirit, you would never question yourself, you would never berate yourself, you would never belittle yourself. You simply would honor yourself. And be in gratitude for all that you have done, all that you have given, and all that you have served. Just as Yeshua had sacrificed so much in his journey as Jesus of Nazareth, and through all incarnations of time, to serve the Living God, and to serve humanity. You have done the same, you are messengers and wayshowers of the light, and so we thank you for your devotion, we thank you for your love, we thank you for your commitment, and now Yeshua and I deepen this energy within your life stream, into your heart, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, and so if you so shall receive it, receive it, receive it, receive it. As we are helping you Dearest Children with your own sense of value, with your own sense of worth, so that you may find self-love, the energy of divine love, and divine peace.

So once again breathe into your heart and feel this energy, as you begin to value and love yourself, you are supporting yourself, you are gifting yourself, this remembrance of who you truly are, and all that you have brought forth onto this planet. So many feel as if their life is not of value, and become hopeless, and many have taken their own lives because they did not feel they had purpose, they had confusion or anger, sorrow and pain. We come to bring this energy of devotion and love, so you can devote and honor your own life stream. You take care of you, you honor you, you value you, you support you. What you are bringing forth in your love is that you are loving yourself, you are nurturing yourself, you are tending to self. Then as you support and love yourself, you’re able to give to another. You are not able to give what you do not have to share. Yet Dearest Children, some of you are depleted, some of you are worn out, some of you are tired, some of you feel like they want to give up. We infuse this energy of passion and excitement, for this is the year of 2020, the year of the soul moving forward into its rightful place and path, and for those who choose to step into this frequency, may they feel the love and honor themselves. And honor all that they have brought forth, in service to the great one. You beloved children of the light are the devotees, you are the devotees, you are the devotees that we honor, so honor yourself. Because we are in need of you, we need you as the physical representation of our energy, there on the earthplane, to create the grid of light, as if you are the ground workers, the ground troops, that are anchoring the light into the earthplane and spreading the light wherever you go. So without you, we cannot do what we need to do to bring the light onto the planet, to bring the love onto the planet, you are the conduits. You are the devotees. You are the children to light that have sacrificed yourselves time and time again to serve the Living God. So Dearest Ones know that this is of great importance, that truly time is of the essence and there is no time to waste. Today do not allow yourself to waste another moment on criticizing or berating yourself, or feeling less-than or unworthy, or again comparing yourself to another and their journey. Your journey is unique, your journey is precious, as long as you stay centered in your heart with love and compassion then you are serving the Living God, and you have completed what you have come to do.

So I say to you Dear Ones, this is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful gift that you are giving yourself today, an understanding, the great devotion, in remembrance of all that you are. So today Dearest Ones we thank you for your love, and service, to Yeshua and myself, we thank you for the gift that you bring to this world, remember, you are loved and supported more than you can realize, you are free, you are free, you are free. Truly the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. You are free. Free to love, free to serve and free to be. So as you allow your heart to expand into the light grid on this day with devotion, imagine your energy of love now going into the peace grid of this planet, into the ley lines, and assisting Mother Earth in her evolutionary process, as if her energy now is lifting up this planet and assisting in the consciousness of peace for this planet, and love for this planet, because of your devotion Mother Earth will continue to ascend, humanity will continue to ascend, and the 10,000 year cycle of peace shall remain on trajectory, for yes, Dearest Children, you are now in the 10,000 year cycle of peace, you are in this frequency and it will continue to manifest for the next 10,000 years, until peace truly prevails upon this planet. So understand that you are part of this Great Design and this Great Plan, bringing peace onto the earth, each one teach one, each one lead one, you are part of the Great Conclave, and your devotion is received, for your love is immeasurable, and so we thank you once again for your time and your attention, and your devotion for this is felt within the heart, the heart of the earth mother. Mother Earth thanks you, and she brings you back into balance as Yeshua and I stand with you to bring you back into Sacred Balance, Sacred Union with all that is. Truly know that all is in order and all is as it should be, every moment is divinely orchestrated, and as you assist your life into love, and live from the heart, you shall be supported and all will remain at peace. Go now my children with the understanding that truly you are deeply loved, deeply honored, and deeply blessed with our love and devotion onto you. Go now my children and be at peace.


Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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