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Mary: Be Careful When Looking For New Paths

Mary: Be Careful When Looking For New Paths

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM Mary!

Once again, I want to thank everyone who is committed to spreading our messages around the world. Consider what is happening now in a very simple way: the reaction has started. It is as if we had been on a large table for a long time, with many different liquids, each containing an action, each containing a feeling, something to conquer, and a large container in the middle of this table, which would be used to mix all of this.

So I can tell you that we've already mixed it all up, and this great vessel, in your conception of size, is huge, it's bigger than your planet, and right now it's already been poured over your planet, that is, all the reactions are already happening. There is no reason to panic. The motto now is to trust, and above all, that each of you looks your own way, follows your own path, does not get carried away by the opinion of others, does not get carried away by the supposed wisdom of others. .

Everything that is heard, read or spoken must be filtered through the heart. If the heart reacts with joy, absorb what is offered to it. But if the heart does not release anything good, on the contrary, if it releases a strange feeling, forget, do not listen anymore. We can tell you that today many are coming forward to spread our messages, not by copying elsewhere, but by presenting themselves as “channels” of our messages. It's spreading across the planet as if suddenly we need a lot of voices to let the world hear our word.

I would say we really need voices, but we're not creating new channels. And this exactly, so that there is the trust that has been created by those who already have this mission. So be very careful, my children, with whom you become attached, with supposed new messages. We can say that not all channels are aware of what they are receiving. A good majority even believe that they receive our messages, but unfortunately, they do not come from us. And every minute the reaction spreads, it amplifies, in order to confuse you, in order to bring information that contradicts what you hear from us.

This is the time for each of you, who have been on this path for so long, to have conviction in what you believe in. Do not look for new landscapes, do not look for new paths? Now is the time to follow the path already known and confirmed to be a correct path. Don't let curiosity get to you. Remember, those who serve the non-Light are embodied, they are not energies or spirits, they are embodied and have all the prerogatives you have and can easily impersonate a Being of Light.

Those who claim to receive our messages receive messages from beings who are no longer incarnated here, and who can, by their vibrations, cause these messages to be accepted as if they came from the Light. I'm not here to accuse anyone, because the vast majority are honestly wrong; they think they are receiving things from the Light and the ego fills up quickly, because it seems like a very interesting thing to you to receive our messages.

I would say to everyone, that we can talk to everyone, not only with the channels. You will be able to listen to our messages, but they will be addressed to you, not to All. It is not a question of channeling, but of receiving messages centered on your development, not on that of Everyone. To pass messages to All, then yes, it would be a channeling. But everyone should have a preparation, he should have a mission. And why has this mission just arrived? We've been around for so long, sending our messages, and now, all of a sudden, there are thousands of channels!

Warning! Pay attention. This is all more a way to confuse than help. Don't believe in dates, don't believe in alleged events, don't believe in detailed explanations of what will happen. We could never talk about that, we can never allow Beings of Light to say exactly what is going to happen; we don't allow them. All follow our decisions. So, what you hear explaining, telling what it will be, don't believe it, because every second of your time a new timeline is created that depends on your energy. How in these conditions it is possible to explain what will happen?

If humanity has low vibrations, it will be one way or another if it is high. How is it possible to predict it then? Do not believe. We know all of the timelines, but all of them are created and followed by the vibrations of the planet; by the vibrations of the people who are on the planet. So don't believe anything that has an explanation or a date because we don't know ourselves. It's all in the here and now, so there's no way to put dates in your time.

We observe the energy of the inhabitants of the planet. The reactions are already happening, and we will see how each inhabitant of this beautiful planet begins to behave. Pay attention to what is happening on a daily basis, because you will notice that every day something is different. Reactions occur. And what will be the result of these reactions? This result depends on how you answer it. But we can't stop it, we can't go back.

Now, the path is a big…like you have in your world, these toys that you slide down and there's no stopping in the middle, and down there you fall into the water somewhere. Not that the reactions will bring you down, on the contrary, the reactions act so that the truth, the Light, the justice appear on your planet, in a quiet way. Many truths will appear. And how will you react? How will humanity react?

So everything is already underway. It is up to each of you to observe it. Write down, follow each day, something different that you have learned. So it's like you're in this sliding toy, there's no way to stop it, the reaction happens and everyone will get those effects. If you wanted it all to begin, then I say to you: It has already begun. So many will ask: "But what do you mean? You haven't done anything". Yes, we never do anything. You don't know how it will turn out. You don't know what will happen.

So, I'm just saying to each of you: I keep this planet on my knees, all the time, releasing my love, my energy, to each little heart that loves me, and I put this little pinch of love, in this heart, so that it grows and sees everything around it more clearly. Those who do not have my Spark on their chest, I emanate my energy; I can't do anything else about it, because he didn't give me permission to act on him. I emanate love and a lot of Light energy, so who knows? this heart is touched. And so, I use all my time.

I am totally focused on this planet, me and the one who was my son. We are the Guardians of this planet right now, and we are speeding up reactions where possible and slowing down a bit where needed. But they do happen. You do not see? What do you mean, don't you see? There are so many things happening on your planet, different from what happened in the past, and you see nothing? Ah, you want sensationalism; you want something big, something that surprises everyone! Calm down! The moment of the big surprise will come, we just have to prepare the ground. And what will this big surprise be?

Many imagine it, but do not know what it will be. Nobody knows it. Don't just sit around and listen to the guesses, (and) the guesses of interventions we're going to make. We are of the Light; we don't do that. We will do whatever is for the good of this planet, whatever is necessary to completely free you from the “claws” of those who have manipulated you. That is what we are going to do. Now, how are we going to do it? This is not about you. We will do it in the most loving way. We will do it in the most enlightened way, determined by Father/Mother God. And how? Wait and you will see.

So my big message today is: Stay on your path, don't look for new paths of support, wherever you are. Don't listen to the new stuff that keeps popping up. And if you're listening, if you think you're ready, then listen with your heart, and maybe you'll have the confidence to believe what we're talking about.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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