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Master Hilarion: I Am - We Are

Master Hilarion: I Am - We Are

Dear souls, I greet you, in all times and in all spaces. Today I have come into the energy of Master Hilarion. The master, the word "master", is not the essence of what I am, but the contribution of an existence, the contribution of an existence which has allowed me to transcend, to move away from it. state of matter, to return to the state of energy in a body of matter.

I am a Master of Healing, but you will see that I can also let a disease pass, because through each disease, whether it is that of a circumstance, that it is that of a country, of a world, of a universe - for each level has this notion which you call disease - there are also powerful and important transformative processes within that. So I am talking about the transformation processes here, in this channel.

There are personal, individual transformations that you are all going through. I say “all”, not just those who are listening, but all living things on this planet right now. This transformational process is recording in the memory of your body - and you are not the memory, you are not your body, you are recording within this body energies that you go through - well your body. is in the process of rediscovering the memory of these spaces, the memory of the places where your bodies, in previous or parallel lives, have been and will be. In other words, you record memories of temporal universality. You begin to be able, thanks to this, to apprehend larger, stronger energies; bigger and stronger energies, in other words new ideas.

While perhaps some of you imagine that all the solutions have already been invented, everything has been invented, everything has been described, that finally today we are on modulations of old solutions, in fact, your body is registering solutions that belong to other times and other spaces, and even to other planets .

It's interesting to know that, because some of you are going to touch the feeling of knowing without knowing, thus having a solution "at the tip of your tongue", as you are used to saying.

But it's about understanding that you are also prepared to receive new ideas, new concepts, and see, I say "new" on purpose. You are in this cycle where the habitual mind will only serve the practical aspects of your existence .

You arrive in these times of evolution when, precisely, each of you will try to touch the Master within him, to touch his divine Essence, this understanding of happiness in simplicity, because it is all the complexity that has you. made miserable, anything that made you imagine things would be difficult.

It is through the simplicity of the present moment, the simplicity of human contacts, the simplicity of exchanges, the simplicity of meetings, the simplicity of states of being, that you will find solutions .

These moments are wonderful because they lead you to your Essence, I will say, not spiritual but intuitive, the Essence of Beings of Peace and Love, the essence of beings - I laugh, because you have an expression that I perceive which is "baba cool" - but we will say more flexible in their needs and desires, less rigid, less sure, less certain. So the world itself is in this evolution which is not certain, is not certain.

Dear souls, this is the cycle of the evolution of the body, of the bodies, that you are going through. Your planet, too, is in its cycle of evolution. This cycle of evolution will cause climate change . It has already started, you know, dear souls.

These changes are regular on the planet, and not only dependent on your technology, but dependent on multiple factors. It is a question of adapting to it, not necessarily of being guilty or responsible, but of adapting to these times, to these times, by evolving perhaps, but above all by changing the way of apprehending the outside world, by not considering yourself as teachers but as pupils, because you are pupils of nature . Nature has a lot to teach you, really.

So feel how this outer nature is already evolving, changing its exercise of consciousness, too, to embrace you even more, to contact your divine Being even more, the divine Presence within. of you .

This is how, dear souls, natural energy will have an impact in the animal, plant, mineral, and ultimately human world, because what separates these kingdoms from yours is precisely your hyper-mentalized action rather than natural, rather than simple .

This complexity, which will have to leave you, will lead you to recognize yourself, to recognize yourself as a multidimensional being, to accept the ideas, which you now call irrational, as being in fact the ideas on which we can lay a base. future . This period you are going through.

So that causes changes, too, at the level of the couple for many . So many of you are not the same couples anymore. You will come to understand that it is a question of living together but, not by having the same ideas, not by having the same concepts, but by accepting differences of vision within the couple , because you will come together, you you will move away, you will come together, you will sort of move away.

It will happen to many, it is already happening. Don't take this as a sign of separation. Rather, it is an index of union, an index of acceptance of difference . The couple is a serious idea, in the sense that it is the foundation of an evolution, of the acceptance of an evolution .

It is not a question of changing for the other, but of changing by the other sometimes, and also of realizing that one can be brought to more, when one lets go of the space of the ego, the space of “I'm right”, or “I know”, to go through this portal of “maybe”, “let's look together, let's animate this”.

Love each other, too, of course. Do you accept. Be in the acceptance of the other, whatever their difference. Don't make it a war. Make it an asset. Understand how much each has to learn from the other .

To remain on these certainties, to make sure that the world remains the same, or even, becomes again as before, is a mistake, a powerful mistake .

Energy is constantly evolving. No tree wants to remain what it is for centuries. The tree continues to grow, to evolve from season to season. Its branches grow larger. Its leaves thicken a little or shrink a little. It is the same.

The only certainty you can have, dear souls, is that of the evolution and of the need for this change that you are going through .

There are also powerful galactic changes . These galactic changes are apprehended by your brothers in space, are known, recognized.

In these particular periods, which last between eight and twelve years to reach your time, and which started one or two years ago in your case, these periods are periods of planet election, in other words, periods which allow other beings, other consciousnesses, understand that they are not alone in the universe.

You are in one of these windows of opportunity, which will allow the galactic brothers wishing to see you again, I said “to see you again”, to come back to you again in greater awareness, very wisely, very quietly.

They are not the "people" who own your solutions. They are those beings who call you back to Being, who call you back to Humanity, who call you back to Fraternity .

This galactic cycle is underway. It is a cycle of upheaval for the whole galaxy; of upheaval because, without your knowing it, there are also - how to express it in your words? - parliamentary constraints, embassy constraints, commercial constraints, throughout the galaxy. It won't happen at your expense, don't worry about it. Earth has much to gain from understanding its real brotherhood.

Within these cycles, your bodies also go through cycles, you have known this for a long time. You know what you call hormonal cycles, but there are also cycles of replenishing your molecules, your energy, your skin, even your limbs. You know it. So, in fact, you are completely rebuilding yourself, steadily .

My invitation, that of the Masters and Guides who accompany me today, is not to let yourselves be transformed by fear and anguish because, in a cycle of cellular transformation, what is imprinted for two to three years ends up lasting more than ten years in the end, to use your temporality again.

For some of you, you have been steeped in fear for over a year. Don't let it register inside you . Look at the world in a more wonderful way please. Look at your solution to this new world .

Fear always comes from an outward expectation , when you will observe it. When you are afraid of the other, or the other leaves you, it is the attitude of that other to whom you grant the power to do so. An expectation.

If you have no expectations, if you do not expect, for example, from your governments anything, then you will not wait for the solution, because the solution will already be inside you, and your personal bodily changes will allow you to touch these solutions, to touch these creative spaces.

You are invited, for example, to ask yourself, to ask yourself this question: "Who am I?" This primordial question!

So when you ask yourself this question, you will hear definitions. The answer is not in the definitions. Do not listen to these "I am a man", "I am a woman", "my name is thus", "I am in this position", "I exercise such and such a trade", "I have this or that" . It is not who you are. Who am I ? Don't listen to those answers. And you're going, by not listening to those answers, or letting them go, start to touch that simple answer, "I am," just plain old.

Observe the Being inside of you. Observe that there is a Being who does not define himself. Of course, you can observe the top layer of this being, their drama mantle, their personality mantle, but mentally touch this understanding of Being in the first place. Watch, here, now, inside of you, that Being. There is in me a Being, or Life itself, which does not ask itself the slightest question. Something that is there, present, that seems to be waiting for action. It is this space that I invite you to touch, this Presence which is strong but which cannot be defined. Try to touch that while I'm listening, while reading.

You can touch this understanding, perhaps touch it or settle into it, because when you have touched this “I am” without any other definition, then you will touch Grace. You will come to the perfect understanding of who you are. You will let your body repair itself.

This will leave inside you a sort of complete silence, we cannot say it otherwise, just to be there, to be the one who at first, or the one who will say: "yes, there is has something here ”. Do not try to qualify it, to say "it's all, it's nothing", even if the words appear. You are not the words either. Let yourself be touched by that, "that which is," that part of you without definition, the watcher, the watcher.

Accept that there is no word. Accept to touch silence, because touching silence my friends is touching the Grace to let your energy infuse, because here, your energetic transformation also starts from there, from this desire, this desire for simplicity, for calm.

The times you are going through will make you realize that you are the solution, that you are at least part of it. Let go of the idea or the pressure to be THE solution. There is no chosen one. This world is elected. The multitude is chosen. Let go of the idea of ​​being the one and try to touch the “we are”. After this "I am", try to touch this "we are", to understand that this unique Being, not thinking, not really acting, that you touched, this Being is connected to all the other Beings, finally to all. the reigns. Then that "I am" will turn into "we are" , for you will feel that there is a connection within you.

And in these times of transformation, in these times so useful, whatever happens, ask yourself this sentence: “  We are the solution, it already exists. I am prepared by the whole universe, by what I am, that is to say by what cannot be defined, to place myself automatically in my right place, without looking for it  ”, I was going to say without to find it, just like that, to touch this certainty inside of you that you will be in this circle of union, united with all that must be for you, in a simple and light joy. You will have touched the energy of who you really are, united with one another.

The world of the immediate future does not prepare you for idleness, believe me, for permanent peace. There are many actions, many constructions, many deconstructions that are going and are already being implemented in these multiple modifications that you are going through.

I invite you to allow time for time. I invite you to consider that this time is necessary, useful and even indispensable, because it will be the one that will mark the old time of the new time. More words, these words separate whatever happens, but you will have understood what I am trying to establish beyond words.

By touching like this what is immutable, eternal inside you, by touching what is not defined but which is already there, you will allow your body to restructure itself in its energy, and therefore in its form .

You will understand that it was the definitions of who you are, who you were, that made you unhappy or unhappy.

The memory of who you thought you were is powerful. It is the first mask, the first mask of perceived reality, that of the sum of your definitions, "I am this, I am that" or "I need this, I need that". Leaving definitions, leaving memory and leaving desires will lead you to, not to nothing, but to peace, to calm, and at the same time, you will see, to action. Because some of you have this fear, this fear, once you have touched this non-desire, this non-need, this non-will, their fear leads them to believe that they will be vegetables you say .

In truth you will be infused with a greater desire, a greater will, desires greater than you, something inside of you, will make you touch with the finger that you can only be happy together. , together, in an idea that brings you together, whatever the distance, because some will remain in appearance, alone at home, while uniting with others. You will see, no one is really alone or has to be.

You will start to touch larger spheres, to connect to the whole, but it is true that for the connection to be right and true, you must first connect this unique link of non-will, of non-desire, of non-will, and once you have connected this "I Am" link, move on to this materialized link of "we are"  ; but there, again, in this "we are", no will, no desire, no definition , just an understanding of a fraternal union. So when you come back to your material presence, to these definitions, this memory that makes you suffer, I repeat it regularly, in that moment, dear souls, everything will be aligned around you, in other words, the events will go correspond to this divine union. What does not serve the Great Divine Work will disappear, will move away from you, and what will serve your circle of divine union will come to you. In truth, it will already be in you, planted as a certainty, a simple certainty, not super joyful, the real joys are simple joys, not temporary ecstasies, but simple joys, more everyday, quiet.

You are subject to many disturbances. Our Presence at your side can serve to calm this field of disturbances.

In truth, our Presence, currently, is there to bring you to this non-desire, or this non-sticking to the memory, to make you leave this desire that everything be as before, or even completely different, since the completely different c 'is a “like before” placed in another time, simply to say to oneself: “I am posed where I am. What is “new” will appear, by the will of the “we”, not by the will of the “I” ”.

And for that, many of you will have to touch this "us", some will touch it in consciousness in meditative states, others will touch it in outward meetings by appearance, others will touch this "us" in their dreams during at night, because they have already chosen - chosen out of choice, but there is no word to say choose out of choice, other than maybe connected or aligned, which is a word often misunderstood - those -they will be able to "wake up" during the night, during their dreams.

This will be the case for everyone. Everyone will have the choice of remaining in the apparent illusion of mastery of external acts, or of choosing a more "chaotic" mastery in the exterior, but which leads to new solutions, to renewing oneself, to also realize that you are capable of it, despite this resistance that will exist within you all.

It is for this to have confidence in this "we", not to let all those who would like to bring you back to the "I", to loneliness, to separation, not to let them take power, or even lead one. country, but go to those who want to unite, reunite.

Reuniting does not mean harmonizing conduct, behavior, it can also mean planning them, preventing extremes - it is true, extremes serve no real cause, only theirs somewhere - to leave everyone to their own. differences, but in the tolerance of the other, in the complete tolerance, not in the assimilation of one or the other, but in a simple tolerance, an act which rejects no one.

And your time is undoubtedly that of rejection, very often, but that only divides, it only cuts the circle of "us". So it is understandable in the acts of matter, and some people are not or would not be desirable in your environment. Of course this is understandable in the form, but outside of the form, when you are going to touch this "I am", when you are going to touch this "we are", it no longer has to be. The circle does not choose who is in the circle. He is the circle .

You will understand what I am talking about if you remove the definitions. The exercise that I am bringing you, really invites you to observe and, each time you feel that a definition comes up: “Ah! this is this, this is that ”, whenever you seek to define what you are looking at, or perhaps touching, let the definition go. Whatever it is, it is wrong, dear souls.

The state of which I speak, this state which however I call “I am” , for just the intellectual interest to put words, in truth cannot be defined, not pronounced. This state is experienced . A deep life, a truly profound transcendence, it is a state of pure union with what is.

And that's it, in fact, to say that the solutions are in the non-definition at first, in a neutral state, in the acceptance to return to the state of baby, not in the body but in the energy , ready to discover, to learn, and to have in this new world as much confidence in visible forms as invisible forms, by trying to introduce these invisible ones among you.

Oh, I am not only talking about Guides and angels but also about the energies around you, because in truth a tree speaks to you in energy, Nature speaks to you in energy . It respects its own cycles. She always invites you to associate with her . Reality will not be found in an apartment. It will be found in kind, whether you go physically or not, however, does not count. But it is not in a place built only by Man, that you will find the solutions that I evoke, but in places out of time, out of space, and nature is what is most suited to let yourself be built. And you can also in interior spaces build this side out of time, out of space.

I hear that some do not understand what I am talking about here. I am saying that if you are looking to find solutions within you, you will have to expand your consciousness until you enter the circle. And this circle does not only include human beings, but also natural beings, beings of Nature, beings from other times, other spaces. This is why trying to define them really would only limit yourself.

I spoke of a circle, but you will see that for some, we can speak of a sphere when you touch dimensionally stronger beings, at least in their capacity to join especially this synod of work and energy, this interior council.

All healing of time and circumstances passes through a moment of Peace, a moment of appeasement, a moment of connection to "I am" . All healing goes through this, by touching this point, consciously or not for some, one of the great keys. This is why no method can say that it heals everything, if it does not allow to touch or to make the person touch in this sensation, in an authorization to be more than any definition, and at the same time , it is necessary to meditate what I'm saying , more than any definition and at the same time, less than any definition .

Healers must leave their patients to Be and invite them to leave memory. It is the memory of the disease, it is information. It is not a memory. If you make a memory of it, you engram it, you capture it in the body. Allow yourself times without this memory, without these definitions.

Truly, stopping defining will cause you to stop judging, and stopping judging will allow novelty . These are the keys to the instruction that I wanted to give you today, to share with you.

Do not be corrupted by the gloom of these times. Don't be corrupted by the appearance, the unchanging side.

Miracles appear when they are allowed, not when you say, “  It is impossible. I don't see how that can happen  "but when you say" I allow the miracle ", not"  I wish the miracle  ", you would start from" I ". An "I authorize" enters a circle. An "I wish" does not enter into a circle, but into a will that is too individualistic.

You cannot wish for the world, the "world" acts on itself. So when you have a desire for yourself and others at the same time, and that desire goes in a positive side, you are welcomed into your request, but if that "I wish" is too egotistical, too selfish, ultimately you. you lose a little, again in a definition, in a memory, because you are going to wish for something that already exists. But when you wish for yourself and the multitude, as you do not know the multitude, you are going to allow the new to happen , again.

And my whole speech today revolved around this, this authorization to go towards novelty, by this technique, method, which consists in:

Observe, inside yourself, that you are, I repeat;

Leaving all the definitions that come to mind like that, in energy they are all wrong;

Still continue to accept to observe what is;

When you have touched it, to establish the multitude, the circle: "I Am", "We Are";

To sit there, a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours, for the greatest meditators;

Ask yourself, without desire, without will, without need, understanding that you will welcome greater desires, greater wills, greater needs, which will serve not "I" but "us",

because it is thus that evolves the Divine Nature of the Man and his Love of the human race, the man and the woman.

Nature has already understood this. She respects pause times in these energies. One of those break times is called winter. So this period is favorable to ask yourself inside these spaces, inside this will greater than yours.

Let this energy welcome you too, for what you do in one direction you receive in another. What I mean is that when you touch what is without definition, that without definition comes to you.

I could have called this without definition "God", but it is useless to make an image or a definition of it. He is. She is. I am. We are.

Thank you for listening. I invite you to this state, to this understanding.

We will continue our messages. We will continue our efforts to help you.

Leave the memory, the recording, the bad reflexes that you still have, dear ones. You won't have to defend yourself anymore, you will just have to be . This is a wonderful time, isn't it, to take these steps?

Observe the outside world as a temporary event. The revelations are present, and the more you reveal yourself to yourself as undefined, the more you force the outside world to take off all those theatrical coats, to reveal yourself. And you too will reveal yourself, but do not be afraid to reveal yourself, for your real Nature is powerful, loving and risks nothing.

Dear souls, my beloved, the will of God is with you.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

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Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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