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Master Paul the Venetian: The Love Within

Master Paul the Venetian: The Love Within

Dearest Ones I come to talk with you today to encourage you all to find the LOVE within your own hearts and to send that LOVE out to all of the world.Those of you who are reading this are learning to become MASTERS in your own right and your greatest lesson at this time is to learn to LOVE yourselves enough whilst many around you may not be feeling that LOVE within themselves.

This Ascension time on Earth is causing much division within friends and families and many are being sucked into this division.In Truth if everyone learned to believe in themselves as a part of the one true GOD there would be no divisions amongst you. You are all a unique part of the essence that is GOD. Fear is the opposite of LOVE.The darkness around you is only created by a belief in Fear. If everyone turned to LOVE there would be nothing to fear.

The darker elements on Earth have instilled much fear inside of you for millennia in a way to divide and control you.As you move into the 5th Dimension this darker element will have no place on Earth and will either have to transform or leave. This has been decreed.

You are all learning so much about the Ascension that the darker elements are now beginning to see that their time of control is over and they are in fear .This is why they are trying to divide you . They cannot control a connected humanity and as more and more people wake up to what has been going on ,they are trying to keep you under their control.Their last ditch stand will have no power now as more and more humans awake to their own SOVEREIGNTY .Once awoken they will not go back to sleep.

To be awake now is to KNOW that you are a part of the DIVINE and as such YOU have the power within you to heal yourselves and in so doing to heal the world.

Much of the dis-ease in the world was created by the darker elements for them to profit from the so-called cures. The latest so called pandemic was created by fear. Fear and stress creates much of the dis-ease that affects humans . Believe in your own body’s capacity to heal itself and no-thing will ever affect you. Learn to LOVE your body and its own innate capacity to heal itself.

Some of your Doctors have been misguided into thinking that dis-ease comes from without ,when in fact it comes from within.If your body is completely at ease with itself it will not attract or “catch” anything. Viruses and bacteria are always inside of your body and the normal bodily processes will let them go as the cells die. It is only when your body is out of alignment with your mind and spirit that things start to go wrong.

Much has been written on this subject by many enlightened souls and much more information will be coming to LIGHT as the medical establishment also wake up.

The most important thing that you can ever do is to learn to LOVE every part of yourself .However hard it maybe learn to love your illnesses for these are only your body’s way of showing you that you are out of alignment in some way.Your body can heal itself if you can just learn to listen to it. Your body will tell you what it needs so learn to connect and listen to what it is telling you. You may need to rest, you may need more supplements ,you may need more or less food or water.You may need to avoid certain substances.You may need to connect with the Earth or water.

Every body is Unique and no one can tell you what your body needs but yourself so learn to LOVE every single cell in your body ,connect with your body and just ask .Your body will know what it needs..

LOVE your body.

LOVE your mind

LOVE your spirit.

As you learn to LOVE yourself ,you will then be able to send that LOVE to the world.

Everything is a part of GOD and as such is YOU.

LOVE your family.

LOVE your friends

LOVE your enemies

LOVE all of humanity.


LOVE the flora and fauna.

LOVE the Universe.


Many people were so busy living their lives in the 21st century that they had forgotten to LOVE themselves and this so-called virus,lockdown and a fear of death has actually awoken many to appreciate their ownselves and to look into other less stressful ways of being .

However hard it maybe ,learn to LOVE the virus, whatever it might be or not be, for it has changed the world in a good way forever.

LOVE is empowering ,hatred and fear are destructive and so Dear Ones it is my honour to help you all to find that DIVINE LOVE within yourselves.

Call on me to help you to ASCEND to a new way of being.

I am your servant.

Paul the Venetian.

I send you much LOVE and many Blessings.

Channeled by Thea Grace Sirius 27.11.2021

Credit: Thea Grace Sirius

To all Lightworkers who love Angels and Sirius . This Website will assist your Ascension with loving, hopeful messages from the Angels on Sirius.

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